1. Elsewhere1010 says

    So what? A self-driving car?? I was promised a FLYING CAR for the 21st century, it’s 2014 the tires on this little sucker don’t even leave the ground?

    Get with the program and get me my damn flying car!

  2. Rick says

    There will always be situations where manual control will be needed, so not to include a steering wheel or brake/gas system is just…dumb. Things break.

  3. Merv says

    Eventually, self-driving cars will change everything, especially after there are enough of them to allow making them mandatory on most roads at most times. At that point, the accident rate will drop to almost nothing. Traffic congestion will disappear, as will stoplights and stop signs. Fuel efficiency will increase. Searching for a parking spot will be a thing of the past.

  4. says

    Perry, the few accidents Google has dealt with since testing and mapping self-driving vehicles have all been due to the fault of human drivers around it.

    I’m not saying there will be no accidents once self-driving vehicles is more of a thing, but accidents will be far less likely once we can get humans away from the wheel.

  5. gregorybrown says

    Success and production of this vehicle will make it possible for everybody to spend ALL the time texting, tweeting and whatever folks do already.

  6. anon says

    This reminds me of the Segway, a geeky toy for the rich that bureaucrats all over the land are going to ban as a potential menace to public order.

  7. Hansel Currywurst says

    This will help with sales of their self-driving ambulance and self-driving hearse. They’re also working on a self-zipping body bag and a self-burying casket.

  8. tinkerbelle says

    Looks physically like the love child of a recent VW Beetle and a Smartcar. But the idea is good, although a lot of drivers who actually enjoy driving are not going to take too easily to this. Will going from people-driven cars to these be like prohibiting cigarette smoking in all public places? Or would this become a new form of public transportation (like a personal bus… or chauffeur-driven limo)? Love the idea that an unsighted person (or other handicapped people) would discover a whole new freedom with this.

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