GOP Rep. Charlie Dent: ‘Life is Too Short to…Stand in the Way’ of Gay Adults Who Want to Marry

Representative Charlie Dent (R-PA) has come out for marriage equality in a statement to the Washington Post:

Dent"Life is too short to have the force of government stand in the way of two adults whose pursuit of happiness includes marriage," Dent said in a statement provided first to The Washington Post on Wednesday.

Quoting from the Pennsylvania ruling, "in future generations the label same-sex marriage will be abandoned, to be replaced simply by marriage," Dent said that in "conversations with my family, I have come to realize that they already see the world through that lens."

Dent continued:

"As a Republican, I value equality, personal freedom and a more limited role for government in our lives," Dent said in his statement. "I believe this philosophy should apply to the issue of marriage as well."

Dent's announcement comes following a federal judge's ruling striking down the state's ban on gay marriage.

Dent joins GOP Senators Rob Portman, Mark Kirk, Lisa Murkowski, and Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Richard Hanna in voicing support for marriage equality.

Dent is one of seven Republican co-sponsors of ENDA and was a co-sponsor of the Uniting American Families Act.


  1. Sergio says

    I’m certain that this has nothing to do with his district being the most Democratic-leaning of any currently held by a Republican. Sucks when the pendulum starts to swing the other way, huh, Charlie?

  2. RonCharles says

    Kudos to Representative Charlie Dent! His support not only helps solidify gay marriage in Pennsylvania, but it will, also, help persuade middle-of-the-road citizens and rank-and-file Republicans that supporting gay marriage is the right thing to do. Public announcements such as his are a major reason for why support for marriage equality in this country keeps rising.

  3. simon says

    Isn’t that obvious? It is all politics. You think he did it out of principle? As George Will said : “the opposition is dying.” Where are they going to get votes when supporters like you die off.

  4. Clayton says

    To all the people expressing suspicion and cynicism : why can’t you take yes for an answer? Regardless of their motives, every time a politician comes out for equality it becomes harder for those who oppose it.

  5. Gary says

    Simon, we won’t be replaced. Two moms or two dads can’t reproduce. So enjoy your false feeling of superiority now. Supporters like me are the ones that are going to survivor. Not that LGBT nonsense.

  6. simon says

    Even if you can reproduce, your children can still be gay. They probably won’t be a supporter. It is just stupid to say gays can’t reproduce. If you are that stupid, my advice is you better not to produce another stupid child for the sake of humanity. That may be good for your stupid party.

  7. gary says

    Simon, I don’t need queers explaining logic to me, thanks. Is it logical to engage in same-sex activity? Nope. Not decent or moral, either. You really don’t have much of a leg to stand on.

  8. Bryce Ageno says

    Gary, who made you the person who decides what is moral or not? Morality is relative to the time period. Thankfully your side is losing, state by state we are completely owning you in court.

  9. simon says

    You are just to stupid to understand what logic is. There is no logic in same-sex activity. It is just what it is – an activity.
    Of course there is no correlation between a person’s logical thinking and sexual orientation. You are a living proof of it.

  10. Jerry says

    Back in 1998 , I attended a Candle light event at the Lehigh County Government Center after the murder of Matthew Shepard and Charlie Dent was there. As I recall he was the only elected Official there. I don’t recall seeing any Democrats there

  11. simon says

    Don’t be ridiculous. Your life ends when you die. If you are a loser in this life, you are a loser period. It is better to deceive yourself in believing that you are winning even you are losing now than to pin your hopes on some groundless belief.

  12. geb says

    What idiots. Really unfortunate AIDS impacted those who’s primary education took place in the 1960’s. They got the best America had to offer in terms of education. You are are represented by selfish little hetero-bots, moving their perceived utopia state by state. I wonder when your Elliot Rodger will reveal himself, when he discovers he hasn’t been included in your pipe dreams.

  13. simon says

    Thanks. I don’t want to be there, the kingdom of what? Because the “kingdom” seems to be a Republican haven full of idiots like you.

  14. Gary says

    How dare you wish me death! Where’s all the tolerance you always harp about? If people need an example of the way religious people are being persecuted these days, I’ve found one in the form of Simon. What a a queer little bigot.

  15. simon says

    I am just saying if you like it. You seem to have doubts about your imaginary heaven. If it is such a nice place, why are you afraid to go there?

  16. jaker says

    oh look, gary representing the twisted sadism of xianity. smells like “on the wrong side of history” butthurt. we drink your delicious tears of impotent rage.

  17. DC Insider says

    To everyone who is decrying “it’s all politics” I’d ask you where the hell have you been for the past decade. The fight for marriage equality WAS ALWAYS about politics, in that to succeed you had to change the hearts and minds of people. We did that. The fact that [politicians of both parties joined us later than we would have liked is not something to get upset about.

    Good for Charlie Dent and the rest of the GOP who have recognized the trend and caught the wave.

    It matters not how they got there. It matters that they got there.

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