1. Leroy Laflamme says

    I saw it in one of those huge Cineplex theatres in Johannesburg, SA, back in 1982 when it was first released. You could have heard a pin drop throughout the movie, but only very few walked out.

  2. says

    well, the original stage cast of The Boys in the Band were all dropped by their representatives for taking on the roles. as creaky as some modern day auds may find Making Love – it was a groundbreaker in its own way.

  3. Mikey says

    I’m really sure this movie I’ve never heard of is the reason this actor I’ve never heard of continues to be unable to get movie work…

  4. Cd in DC says

    kind of like Kate Jackson saying she didn’t work after Charlie’s Angels. Interesting thing is why his child with Ursula Andress he refers to in this clip never worked. Dimitri, where are you? They are cute together though, HH and the lips.

  5. Gary Bebout says

    This film was really bold. I saw it when it came out in Miami. Reading comments here about the pre-AIDS gay world and film as “creaky” is laughable to me. The fact of the matter is that if you were not born, or too young, you missed that boat. What ever you want to believe, you will never understand that time. Work with your perceived acceptance today. Others will replace you.

  6. Matt27 says

    He was one the first actors, who had a strong appeal to me, when he was in LA Law. Handsome, hairy chest, what else could a teenager ask from a man?
    In the 80s taken a gay role was not an easy choice for an actor.
    HH has aged very well.

  7. terry says

    Ontkean was in the series Twin Peaks as a sheriff. I don’t think his career ever really took off either. He made some movies in the late 1970s to the early 80s. Maybe Making Love had an adverse effect on his career too.

  8. Alan says

    It was a pretty significant movie; not that it was great, but that it was a feature film dealing with homosexuality. I recall sneaking out to see it.

  9. Alan says

    It was a pretty significant movie; not that it was great, but that it was a feature film dealing with homosexuality. I recall sneaking out to see it.

  10. Gary Bebout says

    I failed to mention the 1960’s as well. Another formidable time missed and misunderstood by today’s generation. CNN is running a series on it now, “The Sixties” It led the way for gay rights to come.

  11. TB says

    Michael Ontkean was in Slapshot. A comedy about Hockey. In the end he skates around the arena in a jock strap. Very Hot, worth watching just for that. Harry Hamlin, also very hot in the Clash of the Titans.

  12. Elsewhere1010 says

    Dear Mikey,

    Thirty years from now (which will pass far more quickly than can ever imagine) you will be standing beside a fresh batch of 21-year-olds who will never have heard of what you consider to be the defining pop culture event of your life.

    Remember this. And top it off, I would like to let you know that not only will the 21-year-olds never have heard of the defining pop culture event or your life, here in the present day his/her parents have not yet met.

    Best regards,

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “Why do they have that department store mannequin propped in a chair next to him?”

    CRISPY, you’re not supposed to make people my age laugh so hard. We may pee on ourselves.

  14. slippy says

    YES YES -Harry Hamlin’s nips in Clash Of The Titans and Michael Ontkean’s butt in Slapshot-two of the defining moments in boner making American Cinema ….

  15. Moretruth says

    Making Love was a great movie. And the title song sung by Roberta Flack was amazing. Love everything about it — except the corny old neighbor and a few lines (“P&G floors” and the entire scene at the bar singing the showtunes with Kate). Michael Ontkean’s journey, while trite in some spots, was really quite similar to many I know (even those that didn;t actually get married to woman first).

  16. says

    “Making Love” was a very sophisticated movie in many respects. Consider the title. It wasn’t called “Having Gay Sex.”

    Ontkean’s character is an adult, married to a very nice woman (Kate Jackson) who has an affair with an out gay man who is quite sure of himself. Because of this affair Ontkean realizes that he’s gay d has to end his marriage. Yet he doesn’t hook up with Hamlin. Rather after other sexual affairs he finds a man to settle down with. This was all before AIDS hit.

    A few years back there was a special screening of the film here I L.A. with Hamlin in attendance. He fielded questions afterwards. A very smart man.

  17. disgusted merican says

    That Movie was so sexy for me as well, I was 21… a matter o fact my best and I brought Our GF’s at the time to see it in the movies, and well…needless to say – we’re Both gay and have been OUT since mid 80’s….LOL…. HH and MO were so dammed sexy, as was Kent McCord, James Bolin, and Chad Everett, and Robert Conrad…..Hot dammmm…

  18. M2 says

    Loooove him…..but Andy’s like that needy mouthy kid in class that won’t stfu. Tone it down a notch or 10!

    mmmmkay guuuuurrrlllllL??????

  19. Hue-Man says

    There aren’t thousands of gay-themed movies to watch to get caught up on gay cinema. Quick check of Amazon shows two DVDs available, the cheapest at $6.99…

  20. Brian says

    Hamlin’s feature career ended because he and the movie are just bad. I saw his Hamlet in Princeton years ago. It was one of the most painful productions I’ve ever seen. “Ham” is the perfect word for him.

  21. Travis says

    He never said his career was over nor was he trying to say that it was a bad thing that he wasn’t able to do film again he’s just saying what happened that led him to television where he is still employed to this day.I think people are quick to be offended thinking he’s blaming the gay role on why he isn’t in movies so they feel they need to bash him when he’s really saying that’s the best thing that could have happened to me

  22. jon m'shulla says

    He’s right.It’s wrong but, he is right. He wasn’t forgotten though. He was very brave.

    Who can forget his earlier movie Clash of The Titans? Yum!

  23. Je m'en souviens says

    Ontkean and Hamlin: two small-screen actors who never quite transitioned to the big screen? It happens.

    Stylistically “Making Love” is as dated as you’d expect a 30-year old film to be. (Didn’t everything look like an ABC Movie of the Week back then?) But for 1982 the content was 30 years ahead of its time.

    Re: the Roberta Flack title song, I seem to recall that the song had a little whiff of tabboo to it, because of its association with the film. It’s easy to be oblivious to things like that in 2014, almost easy to forget that it was ever that way.

  24. Paul R says

    He’s said this before; it’s not news. A couple other actors have blamed gay roles for killing their careers, and that’s not what he’s doing. Just stating the facts, and his career has gone swimmingly.

    I actually didn’t know that’s him on Mad Men, but I’m atrociously bad with faces.

  25. Rich says

    I remember that the movie was very controversial when it was released. I can believe that it had a negative effect on his career as well as that of Michael Ontkean. Now, of course, it would not generate any controversy, unless trumped up by one million moms. Just as aside, Harry Hamlin was at his hottest as Perseus in the original Clash of the Titans.

  26. Jerry says

    Hamlin keeps going back and forth about it. I’m never sure what to believe.

    I do like to think that he was really amused by his gay turn in Shameless, though.

  27. Steve Talbert says

    Not many people want to look at 20 foot tall face of Hamlin…. his style is TV, just like lots of other actors… some can do both, but most are either TV or Movies. It has something to do with the camera, scale, film type, acting style… etc.. but it’s a common occurance. Same with Theatre. That’s why there is a special name “triple threat” for people who can do all 3 (although I think the 3 actually is stage, screen, and song.

  28. Houndentenor says

    Neither Ontkean nor Hamlin were stars at the time and the movie was not that big a hit. I can’t imagine it technically hurt either of their careers because it wasn’t seen widely enough. I do remember seeing previews for the movie. There was just so much resistance to anything like that at the time, in spite of how tame it was, to prevent it from becoming a hit even if it had been more than a creaky soap opera. It’s worth watching as a period piece but it’s not a great film. I think the audience is supposed to sympathize with Jackson’s character and not Ontkean’s anyway. And I still remember people booing any guy Jody was seeing on Soap (which they left in when editing the show). *sigh* We really have come a long way in my lifetime.

  29. simon says

    Did Martin Sheen also played gay in a 1972 TV film called “that certain summer”? It seems that he was doing all right. In 1985, he was in “consenting adults”. This time playing father of a gay teenager.

  30. simon says

    I remember that 1972 film by Martin Sheen was rather tame, as expected. At least it doesn’t seem to have any “sex scenes” as in “Making love”. May be that is the reason it didn’t hurt him that much though the subject matter was still controversial.

  31. says

    Maybe?? Hamlin didn’t do many films prior to Making Love, none particularly good. And it did make Blue Skies Again a year later. From the start of his career in 76 to 82 (when he made Making Love) he had 5 projects, or which two were TV oriented and 3 were not-so-great films (Clash of the Titans). In the six years after Making Love he had 7 projects, 6 TV and one film. He got the LA LAW series which was successful and ran for 5 years. He is also forgetting the films Save M and Ebbtide both done in 1994 and the straight to video film Under Investigation as well as films Perfume, Shoot of Be Shot, Immigrant and 3 films in that are yet to be released and are in post production or just completed. I think Mr. Hamlin exaggerates.

  32. John says

    He has had quite a good career actually unlike many actors who have a fleeting presence. His trouble is he is not a good actor. I still feel for Kate. But the boys were a hot couple.

  33. Kyle says

    I remember going to see it in the theatre as well. It was controversial at the time and I recall people booing at the love scenes and people walked out. It was ahead of it’s time as well. After watching the movie, I walked into a gay bar for the 1st time in my life. It was because this movie gave me hope. Yeah, looking back it wasn’t the best of films but it did have meaning for me. Making Love is to my generation is what Brokeback Mountain is to your generation. IMHO

  34. Charlie says

    The script was by Barry Sandler, who was openly gay. He was very hot prior to this, but this film killed his career as well.

    The TV movie “That Certain Summer” was unusual because TV shows typically had reruns in the summer. This was only shown once and not rerun, possibly because they couldn’t get any sponsors.

  35. jeff says

    Harry Hamlin was not ever going to be a huge film star anyway. Making Love was done with TV stars because no big film stars would play in it. Harry is a great guy and a great TV actor who got lots of press by doing this role. I felt it was poorly written and the actors looked terrified most of the time.

  36. says

    One of the coolest things he did was reprise his role of Perseus from the original Clash Of The Titans in God Of War II. It was a real treat to see him portraying the character again 25 years later, albeit in voice only.

    It’s nice to know that Harry went for the role, despite knowing that it was going to put a damper on his then rising career.

  37. Dback says

    Folks who’ve never seen “Making Love” should spend the two hours. It’s somewhat dated and a little soapy, but it’s also intelligent, sincere, straightforward, and doesn’t pull punches at the end (none of the characters winds up 100% happy, just more or less content). Ontkean and Hamlin are both very good, and definitely have chemistry together (unlike some gay film couples), and Jackson gives a fine, unsparing performance as the wronged wife even if a couple of her “bigger” line readings are on the stagey side. (She’s better in her hushed moments.) And yes, I’d concur none of these actors–all of whom had some prior film successes–really made a successful big-screen picture in a starring role again, so it was especially gutsy of them at the time to take the risk–though only Hamlin’s been ballsy enough to go back to the well via “Shameless.”

  38. L G. says

    a bold film for certain and the cast was quite fine
    as to never another role in film? have not a clue as to why
    sincerely doubt JUST because of that film and that role
    VERY sexy film. LOVED it

  39. Bill says

    It was a fine film and correct, director Arthur Hiller was way before his time in bringing this out when he did. Life-changing for many of us who saw it at the time. The real crime is that Michael Ontkean disappeared from the scene. What a man!

  40. Ian says

    I remember going to see this movie in the middle of the afternoon when I knew the fewest number of people would be there. In the cool darkness, I looked over at the only other person in the room, and dimly saw the face of the manager of the small comapny I was working for while attending college in Jackson, MS. Neither of us ever acknowledged being there or seeing the movie. My how far we have come.

  41. ratbastard says

    He is correct, that film was ahead of it’s time, and it would be considered too un-PC by current standards. An interesting movie, all gay and bi men should watch at least once.

  42. RichB in PS says

    His film career may have stalled but my married life immediately stalled and to evolve into something nothing planned. Now 35-yrs later, you can only imagine just how much my life changed and involving into something of a great journey not so planned.

  43. BrokebackBob says

    He didn’t work in film because he has limited talent that only works in the “mass” market which is television. What a whining queen.

  44. NwYrkr says

    I find this hard to believe. In 1972 Martin Sheehan and Hal Holbrook along with Hope Lange were in That Certain Summer an ABC movie of the week , same story line as Making Love and that did not have an adverse effect on their careers. I think Harry Hamlin is good sporting television actor but not strong enough to anchor major films. He was good on LA Law kind of so-so in Mad Men

  45. leprechaunvict says

    I’ve never seen this, but when I was a kid I watched Clash of the Titans over and over and over and over. He was so damn hot in it.

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