1. Bill says

    Another ignoramus tried the same recall ruse here in San Antonio last year when one of our City Council members pushed through the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance. Went nowhere. Irate locals banded together to fight the blatantly homophobic petition. Fear not Annise, Houston’s better angels have your back!

  2. JOEYW says

    @Jason MacBride, Being bigoted is a waste of TAX PAYER energy and money.

    If it were their own money, their own time on their own dime, you can bet most of this bullcrap hate speech would not be going around. But hey, they have to keep us busy with trying to control our personal lives, instead of course of facing real issues and dealing with you know, Politics.

  3. thom says

    …Wow..Simon, you are so right!…This fool is dumb enough to say that this is payback to those who supported her in her run for mayor.WTF???..Isn’t that exactly what happens in most political whirlpools? Wasn’t that what happened in
    2000-2008 under Bush’s “Reign of Error” ..THOSE paybacks were pure hell and affected ALL of us.S. He desperately wanted in and Rove engineered a win..twice…The corps and the oil giants got their payback and most of us became worse off than before. This fool needs to drop this..N.O.W.

  4. Richard says

    The religious right has officially lost its mind over gay marriage and televised gay kisses. Now that they realize they’re losing the culture war, they are desperate and more dangerous than ever. We need the gay mafia to stay vigilant and bold.

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    With Fred Phelps dead, other equally ridiculous haters are creeping out of the woodwork. Keep at it, boys. Decent people flee you in droves.

  6. Disgusted says

    No she is not all that popular. She is dangerous!!! Instead of infrastructure upgrades, she is pushing her perverted, deviant agenda. Streets are AWFUL, murder rates are SKYROCKETING. But this is a by product of the deviant mind that has sunken into full out perversion.

    Oh and Chuck, you will find out personally who will win the “culture war” in the very end. Laugh and squawk now, but answer for it on judgement day. Trust me, you WON’T win. And you think Houston is hot!!!

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