Justin Bieber Feels Inspired to Do Something Good, Donates $545,000 to amfAR


Justin Bieber made a $545,000 matching pledge to amfAR at a celebrity gala in Cannes, TMZ reports:

People started making huge pledges of money — one wealthy gent pledged $545K and Bieber — quietly and without fanfare — matched it.

We're told the crowd — which included Leo DiCaprio, Heidi Klum, John Travolta, and Sharon Stone — was stunned. Justin was asked if he seriously wanted to pledge such a huge amount and he said yep.

Biebs said he just felt inspired to do something good.

(for a change).

(image via instagram)


  1. TANK says

    I know that some of the bitter, pathetic middle-aged queens around here aren’t going to like it, but Tank thinks the irate comments are really enough to make a person laugh. You guys who are bashing Bieber would give him a go at the drop of a hat if the opportunity arose… sorry guys, but Tank has to keep it real!

  2. says

    So, why can’t he just donate the $545,000 and be done with it? Oh, wait, what’s the point of donating money unless you can get tons of publicity from it.

    “People started making huge pledges of money — one wealthy gent pledged $545K and Bieber — quietly and without fanfare — matched it.”

    Interesting how they slip this quote in there. If he wanted no fanfare he would have insisted his donation was contingent on being anonymous.

  3. Tony says

    Bitter queens, party of three.

    I applaud him. Who cares if he’s otherwise a mess right now? He did something good and if you people can’t pull the turd out of your mouths long enough to acknowledge it, then maybe just keep it zipped.

    Good job, Bieber. I tip my hat to you.

  4. Tony says

    Sorry, bitter, party of four.

    Who cares about the motivation? Money is money is money. If you’re giving half a million dollars to charity, you can damn well do it however you want to do it.

  5. Hrm says

    You know when you see a homeless person asking for money, and you give them a dollar, and then they complain that it’s not more, or that the bill is old? Yeah, I hate that too. Bitter queens.

  6. franco says

    Justin started out as a good kid but something went wrong somewhere along the lines. Hope this is his first step to the right direction.

  7. Gord says

    Ok — I have always enjoyed Bieber’s music and don’t really care about his antics. Him giving that money is a great thing period.
    Plus if I was a billionaire at 18 – I would have done a lot of stupid things too. My ass and several other guys in Rio would be sore for years after the parties I would throw.

  8. parkrunner says

    I agree with some of the comments. If I gave half a mil to charity, I’d make sure people knew about it. Especially if I had a run of bad publicity. I wasn’t a saint when I was his age. I’m sure he never had a Mexican border cop chasing him down a deserted street with a screwdriver or fired upon while making a run for the Rio Grande bridge. The stories of my escapades in La Zona Rosa would straighten your pubic hair.
    I grew out of my wild days and so will Bieber.

  9. Matt27 says

    So much bitterness here. I think he did a wonderful thing, something to be proud of. Hopefully it felt good and he donates more and gets his life in order by thinking others.

  10. Merv says

    He has tattoo sleeves on both arms now? What a horrible fad. At least the long shorts fad is coming to an end after decades, and it didn’t involve permanently disfiguring your skin.

  11. busterla says

    Even if you dislike his music or disapprove of some of his behavior or presume that you have some right to criticize how someone chooses to make a half-million dollar donation to charity, I’m reasonably certain that the appropriate response here is:

    “Thank you, Mr. Bieber. That’s very generous of you.”

  12. Profe Sancho Panza says

    Charity events like this are occasions for positive reinforcement: if Bieber does something that’s good and if he’s applauded and respected for it, then maybe he’ll enjoy that feeling and do more good things. This would be a good outcome.

    Snark is not positive reinforcement and doesn’t encourage anyone to repeat the good behavior.

  13. David From Canada says

    Justin Bieber is a true blue good guy inside. The recent crazy things he has done are just a part of growing up in the public eye – difficult. Good for him for his generous financial contribution.
    And yes, he looks great – and -handsome – in that photo!