1. Gary says

    Good for Jane. I felt like a fly in her shrink’s office. I’m sure the renewed show, and her bank account, also add to her sense of validation, satisfaction and freedom. I can’t help but be amazed at how opposite the experiences and interests of gay boys and girls differ.

  2. jexerer says

    In an industry packed with ‘types’, clones and plastic dolls, she’s unique and refreshingly different. I can’t think of anyone even remotely like her on television or in movies, and I love watching the characters she portrays. =)

  3. bobbyjoe says

    I love Jane. She’s got a much more satisfying gig right now with the fun “Hollywood Game Night” than she does with the floundering mess that’s now “Glee.” We can certainly say “it got better” for Jane, but not many people will otherwise use the words “Glee” and “it got better” in a sentence together anytime soon.

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