1. Rick says

    Oh, no, it just can’t be–these things only happen in the Deep South, as so many Towleroad commenters will tell you, not in “blue” states that border oh-so-enlightened Canada. And they certainly are not committed by young people in such places…..No, it just can’t be….

  2. Fiat says

    Something similar happened at my school to the openly gay kid. They caught the guy who did it and he was a senior on the football team and his dad was a preacher. And he identified as a christian too. Gotta love the compassion of Christianity

  3. Jordan says

    What a brave young man coming forward on camera to speak of this and pursue catching the a hole who did it. Completely admire his courage!

  4. Two Dads says

    I agree. I applaud him for coming forward and not just brushing this off. Ignorance like this needs to be exposed so these piece of dirt who did this knows it doesn’t go unnoticed and the penalty will be heavy.

  5. The Milkman says

    Anyone who knows anything about the midwest will tell you that Michigan has just as many crazy bigots as any other place.

  6. Marty says

    I’m a Chicago native, but my Mom retired to a small town in Michigan. Unless you’re in Detroit, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, or Saugatuck (A bit of a gay getaway spot), gay people are completely isolated and surrounded by very Christian, right-wing communities. I wanna send this kid a bus ticket. Even if common decency does prevail here, and it seems it might to some degree – his life must be wracked with despair, every day.

  7. Danny says

    It must be so terrible living in that nasty Putin’s Russia. Oh, wait. This happened here in America. Nevermind.

  8. Victor says


    While MI votes Democratic in national elections, our state’s internal election borders and dynamics are such that both houses of legislature are in the hands of Republicans.

    People are talking of bigger cities here in MI being blue, and it’s true. It’s true even in Detroit suburbs, though it’s gotten better over the last decade here too. Even the last fight in my city (which is quite gay friendly) over the anti-discrimination ordinance got ugly with the usual scare campaign of men using women’s bathrooms, religious groups not being able to discriminate, etc. But it has gotten better.

    Outside of that though, MI is filled with religious nutters and conservatives.