Man Who Shot Gay Pride Attendee with BB Gun While Yelling Homophobic Slurs Gets 6 Months


Cornelius Davis Jr. shot a man with a BB gun at St. Pete Pride last June while yelling homophobic slurs at a group of marchers.

The Tampa Bay Times reported:

According to a police report, Davis yelled a derogatory term for gay people at the man and a group of friends who were walking to the parade. He yelled that they should "put some clothes on" and that "this is a disgrace, there are kids around here," according to the report.

One man was hit with the BB but did not require hospitalization.

Davis was sentenced yesterday to six months in jail.


  1. Gregory In Seattle says

    Who wants to bet that, had the assailant been a white man, he would have been acquitted and then praised for having stood his ground? I mean, this DID happen in Florida.

  2. MIke says

    How did he just happen to have a BB gun at a gay pride parade. This is one of those acts that I guess has to be explored further to see if it warrants “hate crime”, he may have been on his daily bird hunt.

  3. MIke says

    Maybe it’s because we are nearing the end of this season’s Drag Race on Logo but I sure see a future drag queen hiding in Cornelius’ facial features. Maybe he’ll find her in prison?

  4. John Freeman says

    If he’s your typical closeted gay homophobe, prison is going to be an eye opener for him, especially with that pretty face.

  5. jdb says

    I can’t believe racist comments like Gerry’s are tolerated around here…

  6. SpaceCadet says


    I agree but I guess it’s also a strong reminder that human race is still full of vile scum.