1. David From Canada says

    Jimmy Fallon was very nice to him, but they tip-toed around the fact that AIDS affected gay men in the beginning – you can feel the tenseness there.

  2. Bebout says

    Gay life before “Glee” and “The New Normal,” which has attempted to provide a template for today’s gay world has missed the mark for me. Curious to see how Murphy tackles this project. We will know because we lived it, when being a gay was a more risky adventure — taking more guts and bravery, in the quest to find contact, and perhaps love, in a “straight” world. No doubt AIDS was a horrific tragedy for us–coming just after the “gay golden age” of the 1970’s. I lost many friends, and my older brother. Yet, I wouldn’t have wanted to come out at any other time in history. The music, the courage and the energy of our youth did not belong to the “Rock Generation.” The new gay culture was ours alone, an identity that would give rise to even greater societal changes, as witnessed today. Murphy does get 1981 right, and it brought a tear to my eye–but not marriage tears.

  3. prick#4556 says

    Can’t wait for the movie, but one note of criticism – it’s always the suffering of white gay males that we’re supposed to cry over it seems.

  4. Arrow says

    Well, he probably has smelled a few things offensive. Women and men? Like how Fallon calls him “Buddy.” He seems 10 minutes from gay himself.

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