1. MFinBH says

    And we in the US have to wait a week, because BBC America has an inexplicable 8-day delay on the Graham Norton Show. This episode will be on May 10.

  2. URPerverts says

    Why must gays always do this? This is why most straight men avoid gay men. You couldn’t just do a story, you have to put a sexual conotation to it. This really makes you look like sex starved pervs!!!

  3. anon says

    Apparently some straight women don’t get enough man-on-man action in their doughty romance novels to satisfy their needs, while in Japan this is an entire genre of professionally written graphic novels.

  4. Bronxboy47 says

    I’ve thought of Mcavoy as one of the sexiest men alive ever since that first nude scene he did in the British “Shameless” series. Absolutely breathtaking natural body, i.e., not a gym bunny. He has exuded a strong, nasty sexual vibe in everything else I’ve seen him in.

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