1. Acronym Jim says

    Bachmann continues to forget that the Apostle Paul told her and all women to shut up, sit down and do what your husband tells you to. In her case, instead of gimme a sandwich, it would be gimme a street hustler. Oh, and cover your hair you stupid harlot.

    It’s also obvious in her “cursory” review of the website, she missed the exhibits celebrating motherhood and influential female state legislators. Two exhibits to which she could presumably relate.

  2. kdknyc says

    I think she’s crazy and a little bit evil. You can have both in the same person. And she definitely knows about Marcus. Even she’s not that stupid.

  3. Jude says

    This is all her husband’s fault. He is in charge of her. Why did he allow her to run for office? So he could dress up in her clothes while she was out of the house? Smart man.

  4. Kieran says

    Why don’t they build a McDonald’s restaurant on the National Mall too while they’re at it? Leave the friggin’ National Mall alone already.

  5. graphicjack says

    yah, that horrible feminist movement that enabled you to vote, run for office, own property, get equal pay, give you control over your body… yes, Michelle, you definitely should vote against promoting women’s rights…. oh, except you’ve benefited from all the woman who were brave enough to fight for your rights. Entitled, ungrateful witch.

  6. SpaceCadet says

    That is sad and disturbing but also a very good reminder that here in the U.S. with many states going towards gay marriage that that doesn’t mean all is well and dandy for gays. It will also increase the animosity and vitriol with the gay community. So be smart and learn how to protect yourself and not put yourself in dangerous situations whether it be traveling home alone after a late night at the bar or an online hookup where you’re going to home of someone you don’t know at all.

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