1. Gary Bebout says

    Warren Beatty had a quote about Madonna in “Truth or Dare” about her always being on camera. It went something like, “She couldn’t live off camera.” And to imagine one day these two won’t even speak to each other.

  2. Haner says

    Too many self hating gay male commenters…gross …learn to love yourselves before you kill yourself or someone else.

    This couple is golden.

  3. Mike says

    I was at a fraternity party with Mark last fall and man is he self-absorbed. So critical of ppl’s looks. Within 5 minutes of meeting him I had to excuse myself and move on.

  4. Jay says

    ANON: Are you still peddling that ridiculous link around? You hold on to that one now. There could be a fine line between a Matt Bomer and a Jeffrey Dalmer — but relax, it’s only really an Andrew Sullivan!

  5. Haner says


    Isn’t Andrew Sullivan that greasy, bald pig bottom who has nostalgia for sex in the bushes and self-hate?

    Lots of them dudes in the big cities.

  6. Jay says

    @HANER The boys must be mascots for this site. Obviously from your surface description of Sullivan, he can’t be. And I’d watch throwing around that “self hate” cliche. There are plenty of gay bashers who would love to show you what that really means.

  7. NW Indianafan says

    Keep having a fun time with those great smiles, Mark and Ethan. Too bad haters will hate, oh well. But great to see another Ball State’r on the beach with his love, so just keep smilin’.

  8. Håkon says

    I’d love to see these two fools name the current Supreme Court justices. Or describe the Big Bang theory. (Yes, if they went to college, they should know the basics.) Now THAT would be entertaining.

  9. etseq says

    Is Any trying to bed these guys? He publishes a “news” story every few weeks highlighting their videos…Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  10. BlahBlahBlah says

    Sometime I read the comments just to see what horrible things will be said about the most innocuous of posts and I never cease to be amazed.

  11. Tyler says

    I don’t know these guys personally, and I can’t hate them for any reason because they don’t appear to be bad people and are harmless. But past videos from them go on about how obsessed they are with appearing masculine (and perhaps even straight) to strangers. These two are probably sweet but I do think they have some shallow and rather inhibiting understandings of gender/masculinity. But they’re young and I’m sure they’ll grow up and expand their views.

  12. BrokebackBob says

    I think at least Ethan must be a Hoosier-boy because I’ve seen him in Ball State and Indiana University tanks. Go Hoosiers!! The best are in the Midwest!

  13. insipid says

    I think either 1. Some of you don’t know what the word narcissist means or 2. Just love to throw that insult at anyone who is good looking in order to make yourself feel superior.
    I’ve seen all of Mark and Ethan’s videos and there isn’t a one that can be described as narcissistic. First off, most of their videos are about their love for each-other. If your giving your love to someone else that is the OPPOSITE of narcissism, which, by definition is self-love.
    Secondly, the ENTIRE point of this project was to make OTHER people smile. It’s not just of a guy taking selfies of himself, it’s WITH other people to force a smile out of them.
    If you think this is a colossal waste of time, fine. If you would like less good-looking couples highlighted to show more of the gay spectrum, fine. But there is no point whatsoever in throwing an insult at the person which you either do not understand or did not think through. It makes you look like an idiot. Maybe if YOU were that good looking that’s how you’d be. But that’s your hang-up, not theirs.

  14. A says

    What’s the purpose? Maybe I’d smile more if I knew that, say, this was an organization that helped poor kids get food? All I see is two guys who just smile a lot.
    (And yes, maybe it is a little bit of self-hate going on.) Just giving my opinion…

  15. insipid says

    Well, what’s the purpose of posting on a forum? They’re trying to spread a little happiness. Not save the world.

    But thank you for not liking the video without all the name-calling.

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