Morrissey Lectures Dog on Artwork for New Single: PHOTO


Morrissey's new single "World Peace is None of Your Business" is out tomorrow and the former Smiths frontman has released the cover art for the single, which fits nicely in the Moz collection.

See the tracklist for the upcoming album, AFTER THE JUMP...

World Peace Is None of Your Business tracklisting:
1. "World Peace Is None of Your Business"
2. "Neal Cassady Drops Dead"
3. "Istanbul"
4. "I'm Not a Man"
5. "Earth Is the Loneliest Planet"
6. "Staircase at the University"
7. "The Bullfighter Dies"
8. "Kiss Me a Lot"
9. "Smiler With Knife"
10. "Kick the Bride Down the Aisle"
11. "Mountjoy"
12. "Oboe Concerto"