1. Geno says

    Saw him a few years ago, same thing happened. Half way through the show some guy rushed him on the stage. Security pulled them apart, Morrissey walked off stage. Show over.

  2. James says

    This is not a new thing at his shows. he released a show in the 1990’s on vhs and the concert ends the same way…

  3. Dave says

    I don’t blame him – all that cray cray there – I would have left too – good on you Moz – saw your last Smiths concert in London 1986- love you!

  4. Jack M says

    People have been doing that to him throughout his career. I think at this point he’s a bit too old to be taking that kind of enthusiastic body contact.

  5. Bosie says

    Ugh why anyone keeps going to his concerts is beyond me…I was at the Coachella show and he was acting like a bitter queen so the Bf and I left and went to see someone else…someone who’s there for the fans and not just for his rants.

  6. Steve says

    I was there – he handled the first 5 or 6 very graciously – and they were all very respectful – one even just shook his hand. When they started getting crazy during the encore (several people at a time) security couldn’t keep up. I think we all knew then it was over. It may have been a liability issue at that point too. Stupid really – and typical – a bunch of drunk kids ruining the end of the show for the rest of us.

  7. unruly says

    If they were young latino males, he would have stuck around. (Full disclosure, I’ve hung around Morrissey both in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. And I’ve watched him aggressively hit on my straight, latino friend who was being nice and courteous.)

  8. Paul R says

    I almost wonder if he stages this stuff. I stopped seeing him because it happened every time. If it’s legitimate, then hell yes I’d leave the stage–who wants to be rushed by aggressive strangers? He gives warnings, yet security never seems able to control the onslaught. So he could hire twice as many security guards.

    He used to rip up his shirts and throw them to the fans. It’s part of his persona, but it’s tired.

  9. La Garza says

    I was there and in all fairness, what I saw was a bulky, aggressive security man pummeling the fans into Morrissey when he was knocked down by the force of the guard. Up until that point he was being very gracious and even giggling at the support and love. He always allows his fans to get up there if they can and continues to sing, despite. its expected. It was awesome, regardless, and the perfect song for the melee. I left thrilled and not disapponted at all. It was worth every penny.

  10. bitter says

    I guess this is common. Saw him sometime in the 90s in L.A. and he cut the show after 2 only songs. Everyone was pissed!