1. Rich says

    I’m trying not to watch any trailers because, having never seen True Blood, I’m in the process of streaming the series on HBOGO. Currently we’re on season 5 episode 3, so I don’t want any spoilers. We should be caught up in time to watch season 7.

  2. Matt27 says

    Final season. I’ve seen every episode. Started well, some low seasons, hopefully this one will be good. I’ve enjoyed the male beauty of the cast the most.

  3. alex says

    For me, so many of these supernatural shows (including True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy) lose the way when they go meta. They work when they are about a small group of people because they are relatable. I’ve never fallen in love with a vampire; but, I do know what it’s like to fall for someone I know is not right for me. And everyone can relate to having secrets about themselves…although it’s rarely as extreme as being a shape-shifter or werewolf.

    But, I start to lose interest when conflicts get enlarged. It’s hard to relate to a centuries-old Vampire Authority or a secret government agency attempting to create a super (monster) soldier. And when the fate of the world suddenly rests in the hands of former small-town waitress or college student, I end up giving up.

    If this last season of True Blood is really about Bon Temps without all the extraneous political nonsense, I might go back.

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