‘Picture Perfect?’ A Memoir By Gay Dad Who Rocked Social Media

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Kordale Lewis, who, with his partner, faced severe social media backlash earlier this year after he posted a picture on Instagram of the two of them with their daughters, has written a book about the incident and his life. 

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Picture Perfect? is an honest, soul-bearing memoir that pulls back the curtain on the story behind a family picture that went viral after a Facebook post. With inspiring candor, Kordale Lewis describes his struggles with childhood sexual abuse, a drug-addicted mother, suicide, the trials teen fatherhood, and more. His story provides a bold challenge for readers to redefine their own meaning of a perfect family.

Despite the intense backlash after publishing the original photo (seen below), Lewis and his partner continue to post photos and speak in defense of their family and others like it. 

Lewis spoke to the Huffington Post following the release of Picture Perfect?, saying:

Truthfully, I never thought that I would write a memoir at such a young age; I never thought that I would write one at all. After speaking with close friends, as well as my fiancé, they encouraged me to share my story because they knew about my abuse, my Dad’s incarceration and my mother’s drug addiction. After going viral, I took that as a great opportunity to let the world into my life. I decided that openness and honesty might be helpful to others. While we were confronted with so much negativity, initially we chose to focus on the positive remarks about our lives and how we raise our children. Letting people into our lives will help shed light on our beautiful home life and hopefully counter negative attitudes about homosexuals and raising children. I believe my book will help the average person overcome obstacles life throws at you. This book WILL help people achieve a better understanding of the gay community as well as the life Kaleb and I live. Kaleb and I are more than thankful for the people who have taken interest in us and our story. Just wait, there is more to come!



  1. says

    Having just watched “The Normal Heart” on HBO wherein the leaders of the gay community fought as fiercely for anonymity as they did for a government response to AIDS, I applaud Mr Lewis for standing up for himself & his family in the face of the haters – and for talking more, not less.

  2. Troy says

    That picture needs to be blown up on a t-shirt to be worn by every individual in this world that is about and for FAMILY. Kordale Lewis and his partner epitomizes the word love and hard work and the STRENGTH it takes to truly make it each and every day. Don’t worry about the haters Lewis Family God’s gonna work it out. Keep on keeping on!

  3. says

    Oh don’t forget the inspirational part of the story where Kordale tells the girls that the other guy in the house is dads “good friend”. Touching..whoopsie. I mean empowering #BringBackOurGirls #YesAllWomen now I feel better.

  4. Kim says

    HeLisa G ,Kordale and Kaleb came out to their kids last year.The interview you are talking about was an old interview.Kordale had three kids with his girlfriend.Since the kids were so young when he started dating Kaleb they decided like many Gay parents to know be completely honest with the kids about their relationship. Now they are out to everyone neighbors,kids teachers,grandparents.Everyone.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Houseboy ? Is that another word for Manny?”


    did you say a Manny or a Mammy? According to that f.cking Rick the latter would my appropriate position. LOL

    Two weeks ago that b.tch called me an “old black queen” Yes, he did…I mean, yes, she did.

  6. Dback says

    Show THIS to those African-American pastors who’ve jumped on the “one man one woman traditional marriage” bandwagon, in the name of “what’s best for the children.” These children look a helluvva lot happier, healthier, etc. than kids whose dad ran out on them, whose mom is a drug addict or neglectful or abusive, etc.

  7. GEB says

    Kiwi would rather name drop my brother. I’m helping to pay the light bill over at Towle. I contribute a lot of stories. They are sucked up and regurgitated as theirs.

  8. Liam says

    GEB I seriously doubt you write anything for a living if this illiterate scrawl is any indication of your work. Seriously, is it so hard to re-read a four sentence post for grammar, spelling and syntax? Your last sentence doesn’t even make any sense. You, my friend, are a fool.

  9. GEB says

    @liam Your not my “friend” Liam. You are an ass—-.

    Kiwi said he knew of my brother, but never supplied any point of reference. I was insulted by this exploitation of my brother.

    “Paying the light bill” referred to Ru Paul’s comment made to Bravo –if you had read that story — when he was not happy with the “tranny” name change controversy, and said he was keeping the company afloat.

    I contribute numerous links, as I find them to the Towleroad comment line. They are gay related stories found online for other sources, to keep the site current and relevant. Towle does not credit for my contributions. I guess he acknowledges them as “charity.”

    The last message was too much code for you. Don’t be so quick to judge and label. I make the site better numb nuts.

  10. Gary Bebout says

    If Andy didn’t find the invisible route so necessary, he could validate. He is not Edward Snowden, guarding government secrets. He runs a gay news regurgitation blog. Where’s the risk? I’m sure the Ruffalo character in “The Normal Heart” would have eaten him alive.

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