1. Samwell says

    She is just sensitive because her now ex husband was constantly rumored to be gay and she his beard.

    That said, the Bible puts homosexuality in the same category with all of those things, so why is anyone surprised someone who believes in part of that fantasy world doesn’t believe in all of it? I think a lot of Christians who pretend to be our friends (and often are our family) secretly think the way she does.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    She says the message wasn’t included. Was this not the message? “We’re supposed to be trying to save them and tell them ‘You are worthy! God can use you, God can use me.’ He gonna use humility!”

    That YOU have got it all figured out, and YOU can save others with YOUR words is more the use of arrogance than humility.

  3. TampaZeke says

    She fauxpologized for gay people being hurt not for hurting them. And she certainly didn’t hint that what she said was wrong. In fact she actually doubled down by saying that the problem is, we didn’t hear the rest of the sermon.

    Why is it that anti-gays always seem to find ways to be even more offensive with their fauxpologies than they were with the original offense? And why is it that none of them have learned, after all this time, how to take responsibility and offer REAL apologies?

  4. sjorgl says

    I don’t understand how people can worship a god who sends his only son as a human sacrifice, and then sends you to hell if you don’t worship him.
    But hey, that’s just me.

  5. Jack M says

    Woman preaches sermon, is later arrested for alleged assault on fellow reality show cast member = total and complete loss of credibility. For life.

  6. GregV says

    @samwell: SOME modern altered versions of English Bibles added the word “homosexuals” in 1946 where it had never existed before, in a trandlation of a letter from Paul (who had previously PERSECUTED Christians) written in Koine Greek expressing his opinions to the people of Corinth.
    On so many levels it is nonsensical how some people who consider themselves “Christians” do not pay any attention to who is quoted saying what in the Bible (putting the words of some characters who not only sometimes disagreed with Jesus but even had a history of attacking Christianity on par with some kind of divine orders). Added to that, they pay no attention even to what THAT person actually said in the language in which they said it.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    To add to what GregV said, Paul was the Jerry Falwell of his day, a man getting off on the fame received by claiming to speak for God.

  8. GregV says

    Also: I’m glad she apologized. But the person (Paul) whose words have been MIStranslated to add “homosexuality” to a list in which he didn’t mention it is the same person who said that women should sit down and stay silent in church and let the men do the talking.
    If she really believed in Paul’s ideas of what is sinful and took his ideas as on par with divine orders, she would have never spoken and wouldn’t have dressed in jewelry and uncovered, styled hair that would have appalled Paul.

  9. Moretruth says

    Andy Cohen better gets some balls and fire that heifer Nene Leakes for her doubled-down RHOA Reunion comments where she non-apologized for labeling Kenya’s friend a queen — and then suggested to Andy Cohen that she needed to hold a gay “funkshun” or parade to apologize to “them.” Her disdain for the”gay community” is really quite transparent (and her husband’s is even more so). She thinks of the gay community as her mincing minions. Her minions that she has been told (by her gay bosses on RHOA and Glee, etc.) she must play to; however, she clearly does so just above all the Georgia-bred anti-gay baggage in her.

  10. Timothy Kincaid says

    I suspect the word is “iniquities”, which means immoral behavior, rather than “inequities”.

    Whomever it was that prepared the transcript likely has a somewhat limited vocabulary and an unfamiliarity with religious speech.

  11. Randy says

    So a sky daddy sent himself to die so that he wouldn’t feel the need to punish us so much for being the way he knew we would be.

    Is she on crack?

    By the way, the New Testament is pretty clear on this one: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.” 1 Timothy 2:12

  12. pork says

    she can barely even read what someone else wrote for her.
    heavy heart my ass. it’s called backtracking. jury’s in on this one: trifling.

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