Rochester Radio Hosts Kimberly and Beck Suspended Indefinitely for Transphobic Show Segment


This morning we posted a hideous radio segment on Rochester New York's 98.9 'Breakfast Buzz' show with Kimberly and Beck in which the hosts unleashed a tirade of disgusting remarks about transgender people in a 'discussion' of the city's new trans health benefits. Read our report HERE.

The story prompted reaction from the Empire State Pride Agenda which denounced the segment.

98.9 Buzz has now suspended the hosts.

The station tweeted: "As a result of Kimberly and Beck’s hateful comments against the transgender community we have suspended them indefinitely."



  1. Ryan says

    I’m sure they’ll soon be crying about the intolerant LGBT community’s denying their freedom of speech on Fox News, before landing a spot on some horrible Christian station.

  2. AdamTh says

    and here come those BuyBull lovin’ Christians for the defense…. in 3..2..1….

  3. petey says

    Why should people have to approve of transgenders? The approval police will get you if you don’t like transgenders

  4. Larry says

    These two have been suspended several times before and always are allowed to return. If the station had been serious they would have been fired.
    Keep the pressure up.

  5. LiamB says

    I don’t know, Petey, because it’s the right thing? Don’t have to understand to treat people with dignity, and not give into vile, ignorant and hateful rhetoric, smearing others with fear mongering. As it is, this was hardly the first ignorant crap these two have engaged in. They have a long history of proving their douchbaggery to the world. Frankly, the world is a better place with them gone.

  6. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Petey – there is a colossal gap between not approving of transgendered people and hate speech.

  7. says

    So relieved the station did the right thing, and swiftly. Looking forward to a society where trans people can know that they are respected, valued, essential, and recognized as part of the normal spectrum of human difference.

  8. Randy says

    Transgendered people are in the same spot gay and lesbians were 15 or 20 years ago. In both cases we were easy to mock and make fun of. And if we fought back, people claimed it would only make straight people hate us even more.

    But over time, the tide turned. Sure, we had to endure a lot of crap from people like these two idiots. And I heard every excuse for their behavior, from Cant guys just take a joke to it’s what everybody really thinks, to this is what the Bible says, to you’re just freaks please go away.

    Transgendered will have to endure this crap as we did, but it certainly does get better.

  9. Randy says

    May is shaping up to be the worst month of all for NOM! I’m sure most of their employees who really know the situation are fairly demoralized at this point. You can full the donors especially the mom and pops who give five and $10. You might be able to assuage the major donors because they are such hard-core believers they may not see with the reality. But it is really difficult to keep reality away from employees whose job it is to monitor all these events. They must understand that their jobs have a finite time limit at this point, and are I probably already sending out resumes. They are likely more spending more time searching for job offerings then updating the website or organizing protests.

    And boy, am I gloating over that!

  10. Jack says

    Enjoy your victory Transpeople because you guys are just making a rod for your own backs.I can see the world growing far less tolerant the more the LGBT hardliners put people’s noses out of joint.There’s a storm brewing with far-right parties around the world appealing to the straight conservatives who feel they’re being forced to shut up & keep quiet. You may have shut down 2 local disc-jockeys, but this is gonna blow up and as a gay man,i’m worried about the backlash.The LGBT women don’t care -as women often don’t- about instigating fights for other less vocal members of the community to have to deal with.I’m saddened by this and can bet this site will soon be reporting on an increase in attacks on transpeople.

  11. Tigernan says

    This is getting ridiculous. We can’t keep getting people fired to get our rights – we used to stand up and defend ourselves, not just get people fired. What good has that done?

  12. Shauna says

    I just want have my say.I am a Trans-Woman who lives in England.Not all Transsexuals are quite so militant.I was angered by the whole RuPaul controversy as i didn’t feel that the vocal minority should claim to speak for us all.I personally wasn’t offended as i thought it was done with humour & no malice. Unfortunately it seems, some in the Trans Community don’t have much of a sense of humour & managed to agrivate a lot of our gay brothers & sisters who (rightly) thought it should have been taken in context.I’ve listened to the radio show and yes, i did find the hosts offensive.Do i think they should be fired? No.When we get to the point when we are seen as confrontational & the aggressors, i don’t consider than progress.The comments that most offend me on here aren’t the moronic haters, it’s the people gleefully sending e-mails to the station to complain & trying to get those two fired.It’s so easy to start a fight guys, but it’s us who don’t live in big cosmopolitan cities who are going to get even more resentment & name calling.By painting us hypersensitive,people now know that words DO affect us & rather than them thinking they won’t get a rise out of us, they now know they will.I’m so angry that you shortsighted Women don’t see the bigger picture instead of celebrating the suspension of 2 people who had the right to disagree with your point of view.I feel very depressed & afraid now.It’s easy for you people who have a Transsexual community around you, but try & imagine how it affects those of us who don’t want any trouble.I just want to live my life without any more damn stress and this whole thing is making me so angry.Just think of others who are Transsexual but not aggressively offended by every silly thing.In the scheme of things,is this really a fight worth having?

  13. Shauna says

    Can i ask a question TYLER? Are you Trans? I’ve read your comments and i find your glee in all this angers me.You seem the type of person who hypes up a fight just for the fun of it. Calling people uncle toms, really?

  14. Thedrdonna says

    Shauna: first of all, I think it’s important to point out that the only way to work for change includes fighting against hate speech. People like this who generate misinformation and make fun at trans people’s expense propagate that attitude, and make it more ok for transphobes to publicly spread their hate speech.
    Secondly, regarding “don’t want any trouble”: I don’t care. There’s so very much crap that this world gives trans folks, and I’m not afraid to rock the boat to improve conditions. As that saying goes, well-behaved women rarely make history.

  15. Jamie says

    Why are some of you insisting they got fired? They got suspended. There’s a big difference there.

    Also, freedom of speech does not mean that you can say whatever you want and not deal with the consequences. It means you have the freedom to say what you want without government interference.

    It always seems to me that when someone bashes LGBTs, so many insist that it’s really no big deal and we should just get over it. If these 2 idiots were bashing a particular race or religion, they would have likely gotten fired and not suspended, and no one would question it.

  16. Sean Maloney says

    Jack, there’s nothing worse than a lily-livered gay apologist. Sorry you feel the need to say, “I’m sorry” to every straight person you encounter for your being gay. Do us gays who have a backbone a favor: Disappear.

  17. Jim says

    Kimberly tweeted that freedom of speech lets her insult people. OK. Freedom of association lets her employer can her fat ass because she insults people on her employer’s air time. Ain’t freedom grand!

  18. Sean Maloney says

    Like the bullies and cowards they are, these two shut down their Twitter accounts. #nobackbone

  19. Shauna says

    “well-behaved women rarely make history”
    I’ll remember that when i read about your murder on this site.There will always be people out there who will name call, are you going to argue with them all? Are you going to police the media or are you going to grow a thicker skin & learn to turn the other cheek.If i responded to every name i’d ever been called, i’d be black & blue from fighting.My mum told me as a kid to pick my battles & i do.2 idiots don’t bother me same as the morons on social media calling me a she-she don’t.Bills being passed that deny me equal rights, THAT bothers me.The key to acceptance is tolerance, not screaming at people who disagree with us.That just antagonizes people & it’s women like me who get the brunt of it.Just because i don’t support this, doesn’t make me weak.It means i’m looking rationally at the bigger picture & the implications this will bring.

  20. Shauna says

    “there’s nothing worse than a lily-livered gay apologist”
    You seem very angry,why are you attacking your gay brothers? Just because they choose not to be as confrontational as you, doesn’t mean they they are any less committed to equal rights.They choose to take a different road & who the hell are you to judge them?
    Not everyone feels that aggression is the way forward.Anger just breeds anger.

  21. Thedrdonna says

    Shauna, I still haven’t heard a good reason why you don’t think this sort of crap directly hurts people. Laws are great at removing de jure prejudice, but when people are given a free pass at hate speech by people who should know better, that only fixes part of the problem. These people are free to spew their ignorance without fear of government interference, but so am I free to call them out on it and to point out their bigotry to their employers. I seriously doubt anyone is gonna go out and kick some trans person’s ass because a couple of blowhards got suspended, but I know for a fact that people spreading the idea that trans folks are inherently mentally ill, deceptive, and “weird” makes it okay for people to dehumanize trans folks, and dehumanizations leads directly to violence. Feel free to not rock the boat, but don’t try to tell those of us agitating for change what to do.

  22. Shauna says

    Go on any social media platform like youtube and see the hideous words being used, see the violence.That’s the real worry, not 2 idiots taking the piss.If you want to be the big woman,out to kick some ass to prove yourself then go ahead, but don’t be surprised when they kick back.Glad that you don’t think this will make a difference against transphobic violence.I feel so comforted.I don’t know where you live but i live in a small town with a racially mixed community.The amount of hatred i’ve had to encounter is depressing as it’s a known fact that muslims hate “deviants”.I don’t have focus groups & a trans-community to protect me, i don’t have a local gay bar to go to.Me & my mum have to live with the fear of bricks through the window daily.To fight these people would result in me being killed, i’m sure of it.Try & be a bit more considerate before rocking the boat, you’re not the only one in it.

  23. RICK says

    Y’all are really carrying on when it’s the bigots we need to educate and makeover, seriously.

  24. AuthlimofXvim says

    We live in societies where freedom of speech does not equate to saying whatever you want.
    Should they be fired?
    I have no idea
    They seem to thrive on controversy though and it may be that the network is just waiting till things blow over.
    My point though to everyone bemoaning how unfair this is, is to ask them what would have happened if they had spoken about things that you cared about and demeaned those issues.
    Some would have shrugged and others would have taken offense. In that are we any different? There was no own goal here. People express their displeasure at the most meaningless and meaningful things. Why should the LGBTI community be excluded from being able to act democratically? Morality is something that has changed over time, and its also something our societies have forgotten when it was convenient to do so.Look around you. Ignore the LGBTI community for a second and you’ll see a world where we’re still committing the same sins and disenfranchising the same groups of people because of traditions like the dominance of men and certain race groups.
    To look at the world today and only see the good we’ve done allows problems to fester indefinitely

  25. AngelaChanning says

    I call BS on Shauna and Jack. Nothing better than trolls going undercover in an Internet comments board. ::rolling eyes::

  26. Sean Maloney says

    “Shauna,” is it? Do the rest of us a favor and go stick your head in the sand. #anothersimperingwhimperinggayapologist

  27. Shauna says

    You’re pathetic Angela.As soon as someone disagrees with your logic & breaks rank you start attacking them.You’re nothing but a bully.Why the hell would i spend hours on here leaving (too)long messages if i was a troll? Trolls get straight to the point with the transphobic slurs.Maybe you should spend less time trying to read people & read their opinions instead.You might learn some tolerance.

  28. Shauna says

    You’re pathetic Angela.As soon as someone disagrees with your logic & breaks rank you start attacking them.You’re nothing but a bully.Why the hell would i spend hours on here leaving (too)long messages if i was a troll? Trolls get straight to the point with the transphobic slurs.Maybe you should spend less time trying to read people & read their opinions instead.You might learn some tolerance.

  29. Sean Maloney says

    And “Shauna,” keep meeking in the shadows while the rest of us who have the literal and figurative balls get the work done. #fail

  30. Shauna says

    You sound such a nice person Sean.So comforting to know that arseholes like you are out there fighting & “getting the work done” whilst us simpering whimpering gay apologist’s are working within the system of government to implement changes to LGBTQ legislation.I’ll have to bring you a coffee on your picket line. P.S.I’m not gay for the record, i’m a Straight Transgendered Woman thankyou.

  31. bendskier says

    who the f listens to radio anymore, anyway?

    Also, Rochester.

    I do feel sorry for them because they live there, around people like this.

    These DJs are the lowest of the low on the totem pole. May they reap what they sow.

  32. L G. says

    “indefinitely” means no freedom of speech which along with money is valued so highly in the States? hope forever suspended without severance

  33. Tyler says

    Eventually, this duo will find another gig. Their fortunes go down and then up. But transgenders will always be mentally ill, homophobic thugs.

  34. Ernie says

    Just wanted to weigh in here and thank Shauna for sharing her views. This blog is dominated by really awful people who posture themselves as rebels. This includes a small number of gay quasi-men who think they are being progressive by taking militant stands on behalf of transwomen. It also includes a very malicious and deceitful self-identified transwoman who makes bold demands of the world but who hides like a coward under a fictitious name from Dr. Who.

    All in all, it is a miserable and tiny clique of trans activists and allies who try to dominate comments on any trans story. So thank you for coming here and wading into these toxic waters. You made very good points.

  35. Rowan says

    Have to agree with you Shauna. As a British person where where we have more rights then you guys, yet we never would’ve made a big deal of this and fired them, I hear where you are coming from. I’m just shaking my head and trying to figure out this very new trans focused strategy in the US that is more about silencing and punishment, then conversation and change.

    Now as a black person, not sure what it’s like in the racist free US of A but here, just cause you fire someone for being racist, it doesn’t mean they are not racist anymore whatsoever and I often cringe when they try and behave like that because it has NEVER worked.

    We’ve just had a very popular figure say some really racist stuff and his just been given a suspension. If he had a smaller job, he would’ve been fired.

    My points that don’t pretend you are doing these so called fights against racists for me, when it’s all BS anyone.

    Now the prick is a martyr amongst the disgruntled white straight male for people being over sensitive.

    That was worth it!

  36. EchtKultig says

    “Making fun of their appearances is a bit ironic. Should you be fired too?

    Posted by: Knock | May 21, 2014 10:43:40 PM”

    No it isn’t. Learn what irony is before invoking it. They both look like closet cases, especially the woman.

  37. EchtKultig says

    “PR stunt.

    Boring and entirely predictable.

    Posted by: Really | May 22, 2014 2:46:52 AM

    who the f listens to radio anymore, anyway?

    Also, Rochester.”

    Both of these comments are the most important here. They are probably happy to be suspended, gets them in the local news…maybe some like minded locals who hadn’t heard of them will tune in now.

  38. oncemorewithreeling says

    Nothing brings out the Trollroad trolls like the LGBT community winning on trans issues.

    All of the “it’s so terrible that we’re winning!” posts are particularly hysterical.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  39. RexTIII says

    Their Employers took the appropriate immediate action, not at all unlike is done within this industry. Suspension, is NOT termination, and most likely they are suspended WITH Pay pending a through investigation by Station Management. The Business which has been impacted by the behavior of these two employees is responsible for following their own internal policies with regard to whatever outcome. It would seem quite likely they’ve violated Employee Rules of Conduct considering it’s 2014 and their behavior on Air, representing their company, is most likely – disconnected. Speaking up Was, Is a Civic Responsibility!

  40. Jay Michaelson says

    From reading the comments ONCEMOREWITHREELING,i don’t really get where you are coming from.Yes there are hateful comments but most seem to be happy with the reaction.Some commenters appear to be apprehensive about taking action over this and you should respect their viewpoint in the same way you expect respect from the media,but i don’t get any “it’s terrible we’re winning” posts.I’m glad you’re finding this issue “hysterical” because i don’t.The radio presenters were out of line & deserve to be suspended, but you shouldn’t be so gleeful about “winning” because the Transgendered community still have a long way to go, as do us in the gay community.

  41. Jay Michaelson says

    That said, i am pleased that people are being held accountable for slurs,i’m just cautious of us policing free speech as i know it’s being used to silence our brothers & sisters in Russia.

  42. says

    I fully support an individual’s freedom of speech, but I also support the right of a business to impose disciplinary measures when an employee engages in hate speech while representing that business in an official capacity.

    This instance has little to do with policing speech, and a lot to do with a company trying to protect its reputation. In that vein, it is probable that a station referring to itself as “The Buzz” encourages (and benefits from) a bit of controversy here and there, hence very likely that these two hosts will be reinstated after a short hiatus and carefully penned apologies.

    As much as this might seem like a win for “trans rights/protection,” that is a distant secondary issue here.

  43. bobbyjoe says

    Here’s a tip for trolls who want to pretend to be LGBT Uncle Toms– transgender folks don’t tend to call themselves “transexuals” these days, and it would be even more odd if they strangely capitalized the word “Transexual” every time they used it in a post.

    Learn to act. If you’re going to try and pretend to be a minority to somehow work out long term psychological bigotry issues, you must do better than sub-blackface levels of mimicry.

    We must insist on a higher class of trolls here at Towleroad. From now on, we must insist you do at least a little actual research before pretending to be a minority, and if you’re gonna post multiple times under different screen names, you must at least try and vary them so they don’t all obviously come from the same person. Seriously, an acting class or two might help– consult your local community college.

    Also, if you’ve flunked middle school– as some trolls seem to– or, more, are IN middle school– as other trolls seem to be– then please go troll a less classier joint.

  44. Thedrdonna says

    @Cran: I believe she follows the “pretend they don’t exist and they’ll go away” school of thought.

  45. Jay Michaelson says

    BOBBYJOE. Who the hell are you to speak about how transgendered people refer to themselves? When did you become the voice of the Trans community? You’re speaking for a diverse group of people, not a cut and paste version of yourself.I remember when the rupaul thing blew up & remember chatting about it with a transgendered friend & also reading the different viewpoints online.Don’t dismiss everyone who disagrees with you as a troll,it’s ignorant.Just because you don’t refer to yourself as a transsexual, don’t assume that all transgendered individuals share your terminology.I find the idea of you dismissing the opinions of trans people who have commented on here as “trolls” or “uncle toms” as really offensive & ignorant.I’ll be sending this link to my friend as she can speak for herself better than i can.I’m so mad right now at your arrogance & your dismissal of the opinions of others.YOU are what is wrong with the LGBT community right now,with your agree with me or shut up attitude.Learn that your opinions are yours only.You do NOT speak for the LGBT community.

  46. Thedrdonna says

    @Jay: There are those, especially people who transitioned a while ago, who do still use the word “transsexual”. That said, most newer transitioners and most of the younger folk these days don’t use it, because it’s too clinical sounding and it’s not particularly accurate: there’s debate as to what constitutes “sex” and at what point one has changed theirs. As a result, many use transgender, trans, or trans*. Of course, this is my own experience and doesn’t constitute the full breadth of the trans community, but I’ve never known anyone who considers themselves a transsexual.

  47. Josh says

    “This morning Entercom fired Kimberly and Beck effective immediately. Their hateful comments against the transgender community do not represent our station or our company. We deeply apologize to the transgender community, the community of Rochester, and anyone else who was offended by their comments. We are proud of our past work on behalf of the local LGBT community and we remain committed to that partnership.”

  48. Jay Michaelson says

    Thedrdonna. Nice.You’re dismissive of Shauna because she isn’t as pro-active as you are? So much for the we’re all in it together viewpoint.I found her comments upsetting & am pissed that you have so little empathy for her struggles.I may disagree with my gay brothers and sisters but i’ll always have their backs even if we disagree.

  49. Liam says

    Shauna: Here’s and idea: why don’t you worry about whats going on in England and let us worry about what is going on in our own country and how we combat bigotry? How about that?

  50. Lauren Elyse Herndon says

    “”This morning Entercom fired Kimberly and Beck effective immediately. Their hateful comments against the transgender community do not represent our station or our company. We deeply apologize to the transgender community, the community of Rochester, and anyone else who was offended by their hateful comments. We are proud of our past work on behalf of the local LGBT community and we remain committed to that partnership.” Sue Munn Vice-President/General Manager Entercom Rochester
    Much love and thanks,
    John Lukach”

  51. bobbyjoe says

    @Jay Michaelson I’m not speaking for the transgender community; I’m speaking for those who know the difference between reality and a sham. About trolls who aren’t good at trolling, and make numerous mistakes that make it majorly transparent that they aren’t who they say they are. Try to keep up.

  52. bobbyjoe says

    And, oh by the way, Jay, highly interesting that you took such offense at a post that’s obviously referencing a different troll.

  53. says

    The management’s statement says it all.

    P.S. The other “Ernie” on this thread obviously wasn’t me. I haven’t the slightest interest in hearing what the fired moron radio hosts have to say about anything, or in troll games.

  54. bobbyjoe says

    Also, Jay, that your post has the same exact punctuation mistakes as “Shauna’s.” What a remarkable coincidence. Will you still “be sending it to your friend”?

  55. Jay Michaelson says

    BOBBYJOE LOL.Let me guess… i’m a troll too, right? You’re pathetic! I refuse to waste another minute trying to talk to you because you’re so damn arrogant & condescending.Any time anyone disagrees with you, you come up with some convoluted response about how the site has been infiltrated by trolls passing themselves off as trans & gay commenters(why exactly would they care about some stupid thread on a gay web site?)You obviously need to get off this board occasionally & talk to people who don’t share your opinions, but, you won’t do that cos you don’t wanna hear it. Don’t bother responding, i’m leaving.

  56. Thedrdonna says

    @Jay: I’m not dismissing Shauna’s experience, I’m dismissing her call for trans folks to sit back and let the hate speech roll over us. She can live her life the way she wants to, but I’m not about to change what I’m doing to suit her head-in-the-sand outlook.

  57. susie says

    This is a dangerous and slippery slope…now anyone can be fired for having different opinions? and for all of you so outraged, why no outrage when Obama is constantly bullying and demeaning Conservatives who don’t agree with him? Do you want to live in a world that polices personalities? I don’t agree with what they said, but I agree with their right to say it….

  58. Sean Maloney says

    I don’t care what you are “Shauna.” Keep trying to “affect” change within the “system” as you so call it. See where that gets you. Bullies know only one course of action: A direct shot right between the eyes. #noballs