1. says

    Before the folks who are determined to ignore nuance can have their pro typically insane hissy-fit – this is appropriate. The comments did not represent “a different of opinion” – they are explicitly, inherently hateful and harmful. No different than hate toward any other group of historically-targeted minorities – be they outcast due to their skin colour, ethnicity, cultural background, or religious belief.

    She started off by explaining that she didn’t really know/understand who and what Trans people are – she should have stopped there. It’s 2014, folks – there are no more excuses to simply Not Know these things. Education is available at the click of a button. Get on youtube – view the countless testimonials from tradespeople and their families – get educated.

  2. Qj201 says

    Yes you have the freedom to offend others…and pay the consequences for your behavior.

    First amendment is about GOVERNMENT, not your employer.

  3. Tony says

    Agreed. Expressing confusion or ignorance is one thing, but mocking and berating something you already admitted you don’t understand is inexcusable. Even if you think it is a mental illness, as they seemed to, mocking someone for a mental illness is okay? It’s not excusable even if you share their views.

  4. says

    Well, there was the carefully penned apology, but I honestly believed the station would try to keep them — under the logic of “no publicity is bad publicity.”

    Can’t say I’m disappointed. Allowing hate speech beneath the guise of constitutional rights only gives bigots a protected platform. The more they talk, the more they’re able to influence people who are already confused and misinformed about the LGBT community. And that’s not good for any of us.

  5. Glen says


    oh wait the first amendment has nothing to do with saying what ever the hell you want……

    Carry on.

  6. jonnathewoodswoman says

    Their pointless rant now has them seeking employment elsewhere. Pity. They do have faces made for radio, maybe McDonalds is hiring?

  7. Rad says

    Yes, they are free to say whatever they want, but if your employer tell you that you crossed a line and your terminated, then the fault is your own ignorance and inabilities, not the general population that you are serving.

    We have a Code of Conduct at our company that is explicit about these things, and derogatory comments in any vein are considered a fireable offense.

    I am just waiting for the anti-gay christians to pipe up that the ignorance is all our fault.

  8. parkrunner says

    Morning DJs must have clauses in their contracts that state they must be incredibly ignorant and have voices and laughs that make dogs bark, sea turtles hurl, reduce human behavior to road rage and make toddlers soil their Huggies.

  9. Sue M. Quick says

    Termination is not enough.

    These kind of remarks could simply be a way of terminating a contract with a station.

    The station should sue them for monetary damages for lost listenership and ad revenue.

  10. Walter says

    “Lost listenership and ad revenue?” The lost listenership will come from those who have listened to Kimberly and Beck for years, and no longer will now that they are gone.

  11. Legal Scholar With a Dollar says

    “The lost listenership will come from those who have listened to Kimberly and Beck for years, and no longer will now that they are gone.”

    That would be Exhibit A.

    Exhibit B would be listeners who were so put off by the pair’s remarks that they will not in good conscience continue to listen to the station.

  12. Tony says

    And Exhibit C would be advertisers who agreed that they would have pulled their revenues from the show for the comments. Listening to a radio show is not money. Advertisers are money.

  13. IEatCereal says

    Wherever you stand on this issue its the right decision.Since the station has had to suspend them so many times I think that everyone should agree they should be fired, if only from the perspective that if you had to discipline your workers that many times its probably not worth employing them anymore.
    The only question is why it took them so long?

  14. TANK says

    Tank for one is glad to see that these two hate spouting, middle-aged creeps are toast. I think Kimberly is a closet case… just look at his face. He is a self-hating gay man with a lot of emotional problems. And Beck looks like she once worked as a truck driver in the Yukon. The comments that these two made were viscous and cruel and truly reflected a deep ignorance. Yep… self-hatred is truly an awful thing.

  15. RATBASTARD says

    I agree voiciferously with Little Kiwi. But I hope he is just as vigorous in protesting against transphobia in Australia as he is in the USA… just sayin.

  16. Debbie Nanni says

    Good riddance. Freedom of speech…blah blah blah. New York State also has an “at will employment ” policy. Good Bye, we no longer need you! There is a huge difference between voicing your opinion and showing your complete ignorance through belittling and judging others. I for one have tried to listen to the station, but could not stand to listen to their show, so I never listened for long. It’s about time they got knocked off from their virtual pedestal and now have to look for jobs. This is 2014 and we are in America, get yourselves educated to what is really going on around you . Entercom has been around a long time and has a good reputation, they don’t need Kimberly and Beck and their utter ignorance. Believing you are bullet-proof can prove dangerous. Good job for doing the right thing.

  17. DC Insider says

    Ignorance of what the First Amendment does and does not protect is really harming our bigoted friends. For some idiotic reason, these nitwits have it in their tiny mind that it is their Constitutional right to say anything they wish, no matter how offensive, and that they are immune to consequences because of the First Amendment.

    Either our public schools are failing to teach civics on a basic level, or these people are as dumb as rocks, or both.

  18. anon says

    I’m gratified to hear that the station does support all the other inane things that their DJ’s have said over the years and that there is no chance bottom-of-the-barrel programming is coming to an end on FM any time soon.

  19. jjose712 says

    Walter: It’s pretty obvious that some of their listeners weren’t exactly happy, the fact they mocked people who called to complain didn’t help they cause either

  20. Jim says

    At last, adults have taken away the radio microphone from two obnoxious, loud-mouthed middle schoolers. Good. Let’s see if the adults at 98.9 can keep it going by hiring other adults to replace the brats.

  21. says

    For those two to comment hatefully about transgender people should really look at their own lives that obviously seems to be without the correct companionship they are entitled to. For one, the man looks as though transgenders wouldn’t get with him; unless he paid for it- which he probably does, and the woman is probably going through some divorce because she caught her husband getting banged by a transgender with a bigger phallus than her boyfriend’s or husband’s….if she had the opportunity to have either.

  22. ChadSF says

    Freedom of speech includes the freedom to offend others. Really?! Okay, well why don’t you make me dinner and wash my clothes woman! Offended yet??

  23. Jesus says

    @Marc Bernstein, a radio station is not public commons, but a private enterprise. These two twits are free to spout whatever they want, pretty much anywhere they want, so long as it is considered public commons or their own private property. There are PLENTY of other venues who are probably tripping over themselves to offer these two a chance to spout more crap elsewhere, so put the pitchforks down. Free speech is still free.

  24. Rose says

    Sorry to see these two go. They made me laugh and I enjoyed listening to them in the morning. Hope they return to Rochester on a new station.

  25. Dan Vike says

    This is just like Orwell’s 1984 and Big Brother. The mind police are forcing us all to say the same thing and believe the same thing. These people do horrible radio and they should be fired for being terrible. They should not be fired for sharing their opinion of Transgender. I don’t care what anyone says, a person born with male parts, male bone structure, male muscle mass will be stronger than the girls. PERIOD. The attacks on people for not understanding or agreeing with the beliefs of transgender people will only cause more resentment.

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