President Obama Congratulates Michael Sam; Miami Dolphins Player Tweets His Disapproval

President Obama has released a statement praising Michael Sam and the St Louis Rams for making history yesterday.

6a00d8341c730253ef01a3fd05e1d0970b-500wiThe President congratulates Michael Sam, the Rams and the NFL for taking an important step forward today in our Nation’s journey. From the playing field to the corporate boardroom, LGBT Americans prove everyday that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are.

The news about Sam made quite an impact across social media. ABC News reports:

Sam may also make history for being the most tweeted-about draft pick. Just 40 minutes after being drafted, there were already about 110,000 tweets referencing Michael Sam or @MikeSamFootball, including tweets from the Rams, the NFL, and supportive teammates.

But the news was not all good in the world of social media. A player from the Miami Dolphins is in hot water for a tweet he sent out right after a celebratory kiss Sam shared with his boyfriend was broadcast on live television.

The Miami Herald reports:

Second-year defensive back Don Jones tweeted out "omg" immediately after video of the kiss aired. And when someone asked if he was referring to the embrace, he responded: "horrible." Within minutes, the tweet was taken down. The Dolphins plan to address the matter with Jones in the near future.


According to ESPN, Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey is none too pleased with Jones.

"I was made aware of it and I was disappointed in those comments," Hickey said Saturday night. "That's not what we stand for as an organization. The draft weekend is a culmination for so many players, their lifetime achievement of their dream to achieve a goal for Michael Sam and all the other players.

The Miami Dolphins passed on Sam during the NFL draft.


  1. Mike says

    I’m old enough to remember the exact same things being said about ‘mixed-race’ kissing in the US. To have anyone complain about the kiss is bad enough, but to have black players do it is incredibly disturbing.

  2. Rick says

    He just tweeted what 95% of the players will think. Sam’s best chance of making it in the NFL was contingent on his ability to make other players comfortable with him….and he did himself no favors with the way he behaved yesterday.

    I hope he did not ruin his chances, but he very well may have.

  3. Bésame Mucho! says

    @Mike: “I’m old enough to remember the exact same things being said about ‘mixed-race’ kissing in the US.”

    It’s still being said today. Maybe not so much publically, but definitely in private conversation. Usually with people who are 70+ y.o., and in my experience, more in the Southern states than elsewhere.

    I can easily imagine the hisses of disapproval and scowls of derision emanating from my parents’ living room last night if they happened to be watching ESPN last night (unlikely), or if FoxNews decides to show footage of Sam’s draft news reaction (more likely). A samesex trans-racial kiss may well leave me an orphan.

    On the bright side, that generation is dying, faster rather than slower.

  4. Rick says

    For example, I was able to make my father a little less ashamed of me by always insulting and denigrating other gay people in his presence. And, most importantly, I told him that I’d never become one of those stereotypical gays who dates other gay guys and falls in love and has relationships. So while some of you minced around like stereotypical queens, I sat at home doing nothing and would call my dad to tell him that I wasn’t going out and being gay. Do you know what that meant? It meant that he tolerated me and didn’t insult me anymore. Sure, he never loved me, and never accepted me, but I think the lesson we can all take from my story is that if you behave the way that a bully demands you don’t get beaten up as much. And I’m sure everyone will agree that I’m the most well-adjusted commenter on this site, who clearly is the strongest man of all.

    Michael Sam did what I would never do – kiss another man. Now, I’ll never kiss another man because no other gay men would ever lower their standards but that’s besides the point.

  5. Rod says

    @Rick: Originally, I was thinking that Sam didn’t respond the way I think I would have. Even as an out gay man, I’m pretty private about showing affection to my partner, and the cake smearing was just white-trash tacky.

    But the more you yammer on about how he ‘didn’t do himself any favors’ and how he made a mistake, I’m beginning to reconsider. I’m coming to the conclusion that Sam did EXACTLY the right thing, by being himself and not holding back. Let the bigots and cowards and haters out themselves sooner rather than later.

    Sam is basically saying to people like you that you don’t get to dictate how he acts anymore, and that you can gag yourselves with your own disapproval. He’s not asking for your approval, and he’s damned sure not asking for your permission.

    When you’re in a position to be competing for a roster spot on an NFL team after having been named SEC Defensive Player of the Year, and after having come out as the first ‘openly gay’ active player in the NFL, perhaps your opinion will carry some weight. Until then, Rick, you and people like you are just Touretting your own demons for the world to see.

  6. Eric Saferstein says

    Instead of congratulating Michael Sam, Obama should be admonishing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Fans have a fundamental civil right to know that any emergency stadium evacuation order would NEVER come from your personal cell phone. If you were to get one, it’s a hoax designed to create a stampede. Goodell, and Obama for that matter, have a moral obligation to make this information available to the general public. Find out why neither will speak about this national security issue:

  7. Rick says

    “Sam is basically saying to people like you that you don’t get to dictate how he acts anymore, and that you can gag yourselves with your own disapproval. He’s not asking for your approval, and he’s damned sure not asking for your permission”

    And your response just demonstrates how little you and other gay men understand the male sports culture, especially football culture. It is a militaristic culture built around strict adherence to protocols and conformity to certain norms–and those who do not abide by those rules will not be accepted in that culture. Your “I’ll do anything I want to” philosophy will get you nowhere in such an environment–it will only get you excluded from it.

    You don’t see straight guys making out with their girlfriends in front of the camera after a game–maybe a quick kiss, but not the kind of display we saw yesterday.

    I think many, but by no means all or even most, NFL players were willing to give an openly gay guy a chance, but only if he shows discretion–the same discretion they have to show to be a part of the club.

  8. Brad says

    Wow, the internalized homophobia in some of these comments is truly disturbing. He just got picked in the draft. I’d be ALL OVER my love if I got picked in a draft, after having spent SO MUCH WORK over the years to get there. Congrats to him!

  9. says

    “You don’t see straight guys making out with their girlfriends in front of the camera after a game–maybe a quick kiss, but not the kind of display we saw yesterday.”

    Heterosexual displays of affection. No, we never see those, especially among athletes. They’re all about discretion, 24/7.

    Oh, Rick, your response says so much about you, yet so little about Michael Sam.

  10. Arrow says

    I think it’s time we all traded in the old boyfriends and husbands, for the bigger, sexier on trend African Americans.

  11. Rod says

    “And your response just demonstrates how little you and other gay men understand the male sports culture…”

    I’m a former NCAA decathlete. I was out when I competed, but low-key. My teammates knew for sure, and were either accepting or indifferent. My younger brother played college basktetball, and I have been around him and his teammates with zero issues. I’ve spent pretty much my entire life since the age of 13 involved in athletic competition, much of it at elite level. I’m sure that I understand more than you can ever even imagine about male sports culture.

    You think you understand hetero-male culture, but you only see one part of it–the negative, rejecting, caustic side, probably as a function of where you live and where you grew up. You’re over-generalizing that to the larger, contemporary world where younger males are much, much, much more accepting and supportive.

    I’m sorry that you had such a difficult experience, and that it has left you so scarred and scared. But not everyone shares your pathological fear of being Out in sports culture. Your own sad experiences have stunted your ability to understand that things have changed. I hope you can get with a competent therapist at some point and work toward greater self-acceptance, but at this point, your perspective is less and less relevant.

    Get well soon, Rick. If not soon, then someday.

  12. Rick says

    I hate blacks and fems because my dad made me dress up in blackface drag while I rimmed him. I wanted to wear football gear, so you can understand how angry I am that a football player who is black is being loved and accepted and has a boyfriend while I’ve never even made a real friend.

  13. Rick says

    @ROD Try to control your emotions and resist behaving like a teen-age girl.

    The issue here is not Michael being out, but his behaving in a flamboyant way by making the display that he did. He had stated that he just wanted to be a member of the team and not be treated any differently because of his sexual orientation…..and not cause disruption that would hurt the team by engaging in attention-grabbing behavior.

    And so what does he do on Draft Day? Do exactly what he promised not to do–engage in attention-grabbing, controversial behavior.

    THAT is the issue–and you, yourself, no doubt understand it or you would not have felt compelled to be “low-key” about your sexual orientation around teammates.

    Finally, team sports like football are nothing like individual sports like track and field when it comes to the issues we are talking about–for obvious reasons.

    And if you dare to expose yourself to the real world, go read the sports blogs all over the Internet and see how much “sympathy” is being accorded to Michael on account of “the kiss”. Very little from any quarter, other than gay blogs like this one.

    Live in this bubble if you like, but the real world is the real world and it is the world I inhabit….

  14. Rod says

    “…no doubt understand it or you would not have felt compelled to be “low-key” …”

    Nope. Wrong again, old guy. I’m “low-key” because that’s who I am. I’d be “low-key” if I were heterosexual. The FACT of the matter is that I was OUT, when I competed; “openly gay” if you want. I brought my boyfriend(s) to socialize with my teammates and coaches and their families. We shared hotel rooms together, we shared beds together. Nobody thought we were just “friends”.

    And that is EXACTLY my point: that Sam and his boyfriend should be who they are. If Sam is extroverted and exuberant, then be that.

    That you use the word ‘flamboyant’ to describe his behavior reveals your own archaic perceptions about what it means to be an OUT gay man in 2014. ‘Flamboyant’ is your own internalized self-hatred. For Sam, he’s just being himself.

    Also, yeah, I’ve seen straight athletes with their girlfriends after ballgames (football and basketball), and they are every bit as exuberant as Sam was. (Do you think Manziel would’ve hesitated for one second to lip-lock some bimbo, if he’d been at home instead of NFL headquarters? Not to mention if he hadn’t fallen to 22.) Sam was AT in a private residence, not a public place. The cameras were out of place, if anything. But I’m pretty sure they told him not to hold back, which may’ve accounted for the cake. Memo to Sam: Never let a heterosexual tell you how to act. (Or a repressed, bitter, aging queen like Rick.)

    Are you out, Rick? Have you ever been in pro football locker room? In the last 20 years? I’m certain that the answer to all of those questions is NO.

    Do yourself a favor, old man. Go get yourself a younger boyfriend (assuming you’re not as physically hideous as you are psychically) and see how the younger generations relate to confident, out, unashamed, unafraid gay men. You’ll feel like you’re on a different planet. And in fact, you’ll be in a whole new world.

    To a degree, I feel sad for you, man. But younger gay men like myself are more than willing to let an older generation of pathetic closeted gay men like you die off along with the old hardcore bigots and homophobes. You don’t HAVE to let the generation from 50 years ago that you grew up with dictate your mindset, but I’m the more I read of your self-hatred, it seems like you’re a lost cause. Younger gay men know better.

  15. Richard Harney says

    His Twitter account was probably just hacked like all the other ones.

  16. simon says

    Can’t you read?
    “Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey is none too pleased with Jones.”
    Sam is not in trouble. Only some bigot called Jones is. The proposition that you know better than a NFL manager is entirely absurd.

  17. Markus says

    This site is infamous for it’s trolling, it’s probably why traffic on here has decreased so much and all other gay blogs have hundreds of comments in each story. Andy, you need to bring your comments section to the 21st century….

  18. Jeremy says

    The kiss was perfect. It helped start a dialogue for heterosexuals to see directly the double standard and homophobia in society. There were hundreds of pics shown on twitter of drafts kissing their girlfriends next to pics of Michael kissing his boyfriend to prove a point that gays should be allowed to as well. It drew the point home and made many people think.

  19. Two Dads says

    I actually think we need to be MORE open with our relationships and be proud of them. THAT should be the new frontier. Hold hands in public, make mention you’re in love on social media, hug or subtly kiss when it feels appropriate. That’s authentic living in your truth, because LOVE is the most basic human emotion there is.

  20. Klien says

    I agree with Two Dads. We’ve come out as individuals in the gay community. Now it’s time to come out with our relationships and not have them hidden. That visibility of people seeing a same sex couple holding hands (just like every other couple) is what leads to them realizing first hand that we’re just the same, that we exist, and that we’re in fact everywhere (as they love quoting how we’re such a small percentage of the population)

  21. Ricardo S. says

    I live in Los Angeles now but am originally from Tennessee. The difference between the two is striking. In Los Angeles, you see gay couples holding hands in public everywhere you go, and it’s a beautiful thing. No one bats an eyelash. They keep it moving, and it helps foster a sense of normalcy for gay relationships. In Tennessee, it’s the exact opposite. No one knows we’re gay until we’re coupled up and identifiable in a relationship. I always hold hands with my partner, be it in TN or Cali, and there’s something so liberating about it. Not to mention romantic too.

  22. Rixk says

    “To a degree, I feel sad for you, man. But younger gay men like myself are more than willing to let an older generation of pathetic closeted gay men like you die off along with the old hardcore bigots and homophobes”

    I have been out all my life and if it were not for people like me, little boy, you would be in the same boat gay people were in 40 years ago. But your response is not surprising, given what a bunch of under-achieving ingrates most of your generation consists of–the first in US history to actually be less well-educated and less affluent than their parents…..and with the kind of social graces you just displayed, to boot.

    Regardless, you are still wrong about the point in question–the fact that Sam was the next=to=last player taken in the 7th round, a far cry from where he was projected to be drafted before he came out–no lower than the 5th round–just shows that there was already apprehension on the part of NFL general managers, apprehension that he would do something just like he did and cause precisely the kind of disruption that they want to avoid……so my guess is he will not even make the team now with the Rams and will not be picked up by anybody else either….and he will have damaged the chances of any future out players by behaving the way he did.

  23. Arrow says

    When I saw that kiss, it looked like someone had given Michael some love drug. That lucky little boy! Then I realized that this amusement park was really open. I’m sure it made a lot of women jealous, while their angry gerbil husbands searched for Bible quotes in vain.

  24. Anon says

    Dear Rod,
    Thank you for taking the time and energy to write those posts. While the troll who calls themself Rick is undoubtedly a lost cause, your words will benefit the general reader by helping deconstruct the troll’s tangles. Keep in mind part of a troll’s game is to posture with a strategically selected false identity. We don’t know who “Rick” is, but we know at least they have had LOTS of practice trolling from the standpoint of a gay man. They may be a mentally deranged relatively young woman who’s shut-in and eats nothing but pizza and ice cream.

    @Rick, you’re sadistic, psychopathic, narcissistic, and Machiavellian. If visiting and wasting your time here keeps you from killing neighborhood pets and escalating from there, then in a sense, good. Incidentally, this post is about you

  25. Bill says

    Just to point out the obvious, when “Rick” wrote, “You don’t see straight guys making out with their girlfriends in front of the camera after a game–maybe a quick kiss, but not the kind of display we saw yesterday,” there might be a good reason for that – they’re tired and possibly in dire need of a shower.

    Plus a kiss between a straight couple is not news so of course they don’t bother filming it.

    BTW, if they are as homophobic as “Rick” claims, that kiss could help Mr. Sam’s career: I’m sure anyone running while carrying a football in one of those games would really, really like to see guys on the other team be kind of scared to go near him!

  26. Esteban says

    @ROD: You are EXACTLY correct. Michael Sam is being exactly who he is without shame and is refusing to the alleged disapproval people like Rick.
    Rick, on the other hand is a tired, bitter old coward. Has he ever been right about anything?

  27. Liam says

    Rick: That was a quick kiss. There was no making out. Stop projecting your insanity on this. Watch the video again. There was no making out, no tongue. Just a quick kiss on the lips between two loving partners who just go wonderful news after hours of tension. I feel so sorry for you Rick. It must be hard to walk around all the time being constantly vigilant about your behavior around other people. Never being able to express a true emotion because it might seem too gay.

  28. Jeremy says

    Andy/Towleroad – I’M BEGGING YOU! It’s 2014. Update your commenting system to allow for community moderation in the comments. That way trolls get voted down, real comments get voted up, and I don’t have to scroll through two pages of Rick and Rod to read something that is actually adding to my experience of this site. The current out-dated system is negatively impacting the quality of your work, regardless of what you post. You really, really, REALLY need to get on this.