1. Jack M says

    In Europe, sex and romance is a fact of life; in America, they are obsessions and sources of guilt and self-loathing, and craziness in general. When will we grow up?

  2. Lu says

    ^JACK M is spot on.

    It’s not unusual nor does it turn heads in Europe to see men (straight or gay) walking down the street holding hands, hanging all over each other, grabbing each others as*es, etc.
    Young straight guys kiss each other (yes, on the lips) all the time in moments of excitement during sporting events. No one flinches.

  3. SFshawn says

    I actually feel that the intimacy of a male on male kiss is MUCH MORE threatening to the hets than even actual gay sex!!!
    I love seeing guys holding hands, touching affectionately and kissing tenderly.
    The haters don’t(and won’t) see the incredible beauty(AND LOVE)in these small actions since their focus is on being hateful, judgemental BIGOTS.
    Kissing is HOT.HOT.HOT.

  4. SeattleMike says

    The announcer says something about “a beautiful kiss at the moment of fusion/mixing that reminds that there are also some precedents…”, more or less.

  5. jjose712 says

    Yes, Spain is very pro gay and yes, that kind of kiss is not uncommon on the fields but and it’s a big but, there’s absolutely noone out of the closet in the spanish league, not even retired players.

    And i doubt we’ll see a Michael Sam on soccer in europe anytime soon

  6. Markt says

    American sports stars have kissed on the field before – notably Tim Tebow and Damaryius Thomas (unforgettable). The thing about Michael Sam’s kiss is that everyone knows it’s his boyfriend.

  7. Rick says

    Gross. Don’t they understand the damage they’re doing to the gay community? We don’t want to come off as entitled, uppity hooligans with no respect for common decency. Some of us are normal and wish our enemies knew that.

  8. Bruce says


    LOL. You’re such a homophobe. Those were two straight guys kissing. They aren’t gay.


    Why do people still make these generalizations about Europe? France had massive anti-gay protests and has seen a 78% increase anti-gay violence.

    You are not going to see tons of straight guys holding hands and walking down the streets of most European countries. There is not one European culture.

  9. Matt27 says

    @Rick, I disagree with you. No harm done to so called gay community. Simply a nice kiss. Are you telling you’re normal? Are people like you normal? What is normal anyway?

    Lovely kiss.

  10. gregorybrown says

    Here’s what got left in the ether:

    Those Europansies don’t even play REAL football–the manly kind with a line of giants grunting and pushing each other while somebody behind them tries to find someplace to throw a ball between long pauses for commercial breaks or prayer huddles..Oh no–they run around the field wearing shorts and maybe shin guards, keep in constant motion nearly the whole game, and actually kick balls to make scores. What can we expect from them but some lip locking?

  11. Melvyn says

    Jack M totally nailed it. I also doubt this kiss is all over the European gay blogs because TWO STRAIGHT GUYS KISSED!!! OMG!!! It must mean they are gays in the closet!! They are outing themselves! OMG clutch your pearls!!

    In conclusion, everyone needs to get a grip. Male on male affection will never be a non issue here in this country while hets and gays keep overreacting to it.

  12. PolarBeast says

    I don’t think any of you who think that all Europeans are blase about homosexuality know what you are talking about. Homophobic attacks in France are up by 70%. There is a very active right wing in Europe (can you say Marine LePen) that would put us all in camps given the opportunity.

    Many of my friends remain closeted professionally because of the attitudes of conservatives. It’s a bigger deal to be gay than to have a mistress.

  13. johnny says

    The comments under the YouTube video are very telling, there’s still a lot of homophobia in Europe by sportsnut bottom feeders.

    Jesus kissed his disciples all the time.

    It’s just love, why can’t men love each other without it either becoming sexualized or something to irritate homophobes? I just don’t get this planet at all some days.

  14. JackFknTwist says

    Yikes ! @ RICK :

    I guess I am an “entitled uppity hooligan” !

    I have been so deluded to believe that I am entitled to do what hetros do, that I am entitled to believe anything or nothing ; that I can show love and affection when and where I want.

    if someone wants to stop me, bring it on….Right Wing, Golden Dawn, Neo Nazi Skins, England Defence League, and all the little spite filled cowards.

  15. Andrew says

    @ Matt27 I totally agree with you! there should be more kissing and hugging in general, that way people wont get all up tight if its the norm.

  16. BobN says

    There were large protests in France, hundreds of thousands of people, bussed in from all over the country of 65,000,000 people. So, really, not much opposition. And, yes, homophobic attacks are up 78%. But that’s up 78% from not very many. Way less anti-gay violence in France than in the U.S. per capita.

  17. Michael says

    This is awesome but there is homophobia everywhere so it’s not really appropriate to just make generalizations about a whole continent. This shouldn’t matter to anyone and yet here we are.

  18. Hank says

    The headline is misleading. That wasn’t on the lips, and definitely doesn’t count as a ” passionate kiss, ” – or even read as gay- in Europe, where straight men routinely greet each other by kissing on both cheeks. The reactions on here, cheering on, or vicariously ashamed, (“Rick,” please get some help…) are both the result of total cultural misreading.

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