1. Michael says

    Poor Perry, if you had bothered to take two minutes to actually WATCH the story, you would know that the restaurant’s owner, Earl Cheney, CONFIRMED it to local media and on his establishment’s Facebook page.

    Perry, you are just as sick and bigoted as Big Earl. Woe to you.

  2. MIke says

    Did you watch the video? The restaurant owner says his daughter did everything they alleged, and used “f+g” because she was “flustered” and THEY were harassing HER. SO it’s not a bogus story.

  3. says

    They didn’t think they did anything wrong because they didn’t do anything wrong. I’m so sick of reading stories like this but you have idiots like Bill Maher believing their is a gay mafia.

  4. TigHeart says

    All I can say is that I’m glad that EVERYONE I know in life is against this kind of behavior and that I live in a society which is pro-gay. This type of story is ineffable to me.

  5. JimmyD says

    To all the posters who asked if Perry had watched the video… Did any of you read the comments above yours (with the exception of the first person who made that comment). I’m gonna say that you’re just as lazy as the person who didn’t watch the video before posting a comment.

  6. the other Ken says

    It’s Texas for god’s sake. Tea party command central. What else would one expect?

    It’s why I feel uncomfortable just in a layover in Dallas or Houston on my way to the east coast.

  7. Hansel Currywurst says

    @Pancho Lopez – Dallas and Pittsburg are 120 miles apart. You do understand that things look closer together on a map than they are in reality, right?

  8. Alan says

    I assume there’s no law against this in Texas? It didn’t get mentioned in the video.

    On the lighter side, I read the victim’s name and the comments from the diner owner and all I could think of was “Dubarry was a Lady”.

  9. Ken says

    Why would someone like Perry be so quick to put down his fellow gays, who themselves had just been put down? Homophobia isn’t limited to straight people.

  10. Håkon says

    “…to live up to it’s reputation.”

    Well, there went the ability to take anything this guy says seriously.

    “It’s why I feel uncomfortable just in a layover in Dallas or Houston on my way to the east coast.”

    I would imagine that that has a lot more to do with your issues than with the Texans like me around you.

  11. David says

    Remember the movie, “Rat Race?” I have visions of a busload of Lucy female impersonators showing up at Earl’s for lunch! But seriously, while the actions are inexcusable, if handled properly, this could be a teachable moment for Earl and his daughter.

  12. Sergio says

    “…and the draw to move to Texas is what, exactly?”

    You sound like a very sheltered white guy, Rad. Lots of Mexican-Americans enjoy living here, as our families have been on this land for centuries. You can hear Spanish just about anywhere. Do you hate Hispanics?

  13. the other Ken says

    Hey Hakon,

    sorry, your neighbors provide me enough ammo to say what I said.

    And Texas does does everything it can to be proud of the reputation it has with the comments here. Rick Perry anyone?

    My sister endured 5 years in Waxahatchie, outside of Dallas. Her description to me was there was a church on every corner, but try and find a bank.

  14. Sergio says

    Wait, so you haven’t lived in Texas yourself, The Other Ken? Visit a Texas city yourself before you take your sister’s small town account as gospel. Give people a chance – they could surprise you in good ways.

  15. crispy says

    “Why would someone like Perry be so quick to put down his fellow gays”

    Because “Perry” isn’t a fellow gay. He’s a notorious troll who likes to use common male forenames (Jason, Adam, Brian, etc) to post homophobic and misogynistic comments. He’s been doing it for years.

  16. gregorybrown says

    @the other ken: It’s not a situation peculiar to Texas. There are plenty of places where vital services aren’t easily available Some folks would say that all those churches make banks unnecessary. Remember, putting up treasures in this life is SO much less important that what the churches offer. Besides, all the money everywhere should be given over to preachers–especially if MEGA church is involved….

  17. Frank says

    I don’t have a problem with being able to hear Spanish anywhere. I have a problem with what I hear in English from white locals. At M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, my mom expressed shock that a doctor at an abortion clinic was murdered and some of the locals attacked her for showing the doctor sympathy. The same locals who were dependent on doctors to save their relatives with cancer endorsed terrorism against doctors.

  18. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “He’s a notorious troll who likes to use common male forenames (Jason, Adam, Brian, etc)”

    You hit it right on the button, CRISPY.

    And we also have/had David Hearn, Hagatha, Litper, Jaker, Enchantra, Homo Genius, and now, Petey. (Dan Corn Cobb and Tank, I’m not sure about, but they’re racists they might as well be creations of the right-wing Rick)

    What fascinates me (AND IT SHOULD NOT) is when he (Rick) creates these different blog aliases he gives them different personalities. Sometimes they even argue between each other.

    There must be some psychologists who visit Towleroad who could give us some insight into why this lunatic does this.

    The b.tch is crazy!

  19. Chadd says

    Everybody knows that Jesus himself refused service to fags. It’s right there in the Bible, right after the story about St. Paul and his guns.

  20. Stephen in Laguna says

    To all the Texas bashers, read the story about Annise Parker and the Houston (that would be a city in Texas) HERO ordinance. Remember Barack Obama garnered 41% of the Texas vote in 2012. I have liberal family living in the same vicinity as Pittsburg and they find this as disgusting as we do.
    Rural areas all over the country are like this, even in my left leaning California. We still have a long way to go in educating and changing minds.

  21. Lee says

    Can you imagine if it were an interracial couple being treated in such a horrific manner? It would be the headline news across the nation, but anti gay discrimination is brushed off as no big deal

  22. anon says

    Is this national news? Nope. Should they eat there? Nope. Even if the restaurant were forced to serve them, the animosity would preclude eating there. Is there some larger point here? Nope. It’s not clear what anyone can get out of this or hope to get out of this. What do people want to see happen?

  23. Dodgers says

    When the mozilla guy left, the conservatives rallied abd made that a national news story. Why are we not rallying to make these prime examples of discrimination we face more visible in the news? It’s stories like this that will make people realize homophobia exists and to reevaluate their own homophobia

  24. LongByNight says

    You guys have degenerated down to being a group of bullies worse than those I grew up with. Maybe if we just cry a little louder the conservatives will be quiet. They’ll still hate us, but if we don’t hear them, it makes it all better.


  25. Chuck Mielke says

    Big Earl and his staff may claim that they don’t serve “fags,” but you can bet they have gay customers whom staff can’t identify and, therefore, can’t show their prejudice toward.

    The last laugh, of course, is on Big Earl and his stoopid ignorance.

  26. Since You Asked says

    @anon: “What do people want to see happen?”

    Since you asked, I’d like to see a flash mob of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, queers, questionings, progressives, and other fair-minded people from all over East Texas descend on Earl’s around lunchtime (or whenever he’s busiest), occupying the tables, ordering v-e-r-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, sending the food back with complaints, declining to finish the meal, declining to pay for the meal, declining to tip, and leaving when Big Earl and his staff insult them. Close him down for a day, cause him to lose a day’s receipts. Rinse and repeat, as necessary.

  27. I wont grow up says

    All this story does is give this joint a lot of free publicity. You can’t buy that kind of advertising.
    I’m not saying they shouldn’t have said anything about their experience, but judging from past stories like this….

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if it turned out the whole thing was an advertising stunt and the two guys were actually straight.

  28. verbocity eric says

    although some municipalities have enacted them, there is no public accommodation law in the lone star state. there is only the federal protection of the civil rights act of 1964.
    those denied public accommodation.

    the fact that there is no comprehensive public accommodations protection in Texas demonstrates that SCOTUS was premature, to say the least, for declaring racism dead (re: overturning parts of the voters’ rights acts)

    in the meantime, dust-off the SNCC playbook.

  29. Drummond says

    There are despicable people and wonderful people in Texas, same as every other place. I know of a hetero married couple who trusts no one else but a gay couple they know to babysit their child.

  30. Terry says

    Texas disses itself. It is a constant embarrassment to the US. To many Americans and in most European countries Texas is a punchline to a joke about bigotry. And the good ole boys in Texas elect Rick Perry while others tell us how progressive Texas is.

  31. Ken says

    I called the restaurant to see if it was true that they don’t accept gays. The woman I spoke to was pleasant, but later I got a call back from Deputy Huggins of the Camp County Sheriff’s Department telling me not to call them again. He said they had received a good 1000 calls today, some with death threats. Now that’s not right folks. Lots of teasing is occurring at review sites like yelp, but I sure don’t think death threats are called for.

  32. Chicklettz says

    @Shipshaper… If some hillbilly waitress calls me a fag i could care less as that word has no power over me. I’d laugh in their face and say “ohhh but you just did serve a HUGE faggot and now you ain’t getting a tip, hussie!”

  33. Ken says

    So I got a second call from the Camp County Sheriff, this time a different guy. Can you believe that they are calling all over the country telling people that they can’t call that restaurant? Must be an otherwise slow day in Pitsburg.

  34. azm says

    Nothing would surprise me about Texas and the knuckle-draggers that love that place. I have gay friends that deliberately moved to Texas and agree with that type of attitude. All I can say is that if you are so naïve that you choose to eat at a place called “Big Earl’s” you deserve what you get. Here in Arizona there’s a place called the “Feed Bag” and the name pretty much speaks for itself. Money talks and BS walks so they say…so go where you are valued and let Earl take a hike!

  35. Anon says

    Ken is a liar. This — “…but later I got a call back from Deputy Huggins of the Camp County Sheriff’s Department telling me not to call them again. He said they had received a good 1000 calls today, some with death threats.” — Is some of the most absurd s*** I’ve read today. But I guess if it suits your “bullying gays” narrative then go right ahead and lie, right? What a troll. Speaking of, ENCHANTRA, you’ve been named here already, if you haven’t noticed.

    @SHIPSHAPER False analogy. You clearly NEVER watched RuPaul’s Drag Race.

    Wait until the place is empty and burn it down. When insurance rebuilds, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. (((You delicate anti-gay whiners don’t even know what bullying is)))

  36. Anon says

    @AZM Provided you’re telling the truth, which I highly doubt you are (like 99.99%), you must have some pretty WARPED friends. 00.001% of me feels sorry for you. But you’re probably lying so whatevs. “I have gay friends that deliberately moved to Texas and agree with that type of attitude.”

  37. Bill says

    @Anon: How do you know Ken is lying? Did you tap his phone? Now, if you can show that there is no one in the Sheriff’s department with that name or a similar name, or if there’s no Sheriff’s department with that name, you could claim that the Sheriff’s department didn’t call him. But that doesn’t mean that someone didn’t call.

    If it was a call from the Sheriff’s department, Ken should have told them point blank that he called to make a legitimate, politely expressed complaint to the owners of a business, and that if the sheriff didn’t like it, he should re-read the U.S. constitution, and that telling him not to call them again is a violation of his rights under the U.S. constitution.

    He should also ask the sheriff why he is working as a phone-call screener for a private business and that as a taxpayer, he was very curious about the possible misuse of public funds.

  38. emjayay says

    Because the men patronizing the restaurant habitually stand up and prove themselves to be leaders when eating their burgers and pancakes.

  39. Diethra says

    This is really embarrassing for anyone who, like me live in Texas and have been here for most of their adult life. With that being said, I think it’s fairly closed minded and ignorant for someone who doesn’t live in Texas to make comments like “Texas never fails to live up to it’s name” or “what do you expect, it’s Texas”. To me, putting an entire group of people in one category based on where they happen to live is no better than someone assuming I’m uneducated and ghetto because I’m black.

  40. Randy says

    This kind of mentality is why my partner and I will never ever live in a gay unfriendly environment again. We are tired of being treated like second-class citizens. We just moved from AZ because of this very type of mind set! Now we can be married (after 20-years) and live where gays are treated like humans. I would never live in AZ again, or Texas, or Florida. It will be a long time before these states change, and even if they do, it will be begrudgingly. Life is short, I recommend gays stop living in gay-hostile places when there are gay-friendly states where they can live. Austin is the only gay-friendly place in Texas, but it’s an island. Not worth it when you can’t venture outside of town. We are all fortunate that we live in such remarkable times, but gay rights have a long way to go. No more sitting at the back of the bus!

  41. Stephen in Laguna says

    @Randy – Austin is certainly a gayer friendly city than some others in Texas but Houston and Dallas have HUGE gay scenes – like most other metropolitan areas in the US. My freshman year in collecge (way back in 1974) I used to go to Dallas nearly every weekend, home to some of the biggest gay dance bars you’ve ever seen. When I moved to LA in 1979 I thought the scene was rather tame.

  42. Steve Talbert says

    Maybe the sheriff thought Ken had a nice voice??!!

    I would also have said that I just called with a question, and since they are a business, I have every right to call and ask. It’s too bad about the death threats, and I would suggest he get in touch with the NSA to get copies of the past phone calls so they can pursue the terrible ones. Or if not available, then tap their phone directly. Ask him if they would be billing the business for the problems they caused themselves?

  43. Steve Talbert says

    Is it terrible of me that I probably wouldn’t invite Collin Dewberry and his fey friend to any party I would have either??!… unless they were super funny and had a routine they promised to do.

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