1. Alex N says

    Such a try hard. Why does she lie all the time? It doesn’t even sound authentic.

  2. Marc says

    I don’t even care if it’s a lie, it’s hilarious and makes one helluva story. I burst out laughing. Kathy, I love you.

  3. ATLJason says

    Used to absolutely love her. Been to one of her live shows, watched all the specials on Bravo. But if you’ve seen her act 10 times then you’ve seen her act, well, once. She changes the content but it is essentially the same act over and over again.

  4. northalabama says

    i still love kathy, too, and just can’t help it…she makes me laugh!

  5. Daniel says

    Alex, she’s not “lying” she’s telling jokes. I know that if you don’t have a sense of humor you don’t find it funny but you do need to learn the difference.

  6. Travis says

    How exactly is she an awful human being?
    Insufferable at times? Yes probably. A one trick pony? Sure. But she’s been very good to the gay community. She’s got jokes. BFD.
    You’re probably one of those clowns who says that Dan Savage, Anderson Cooper & Tyra Banks are monsters & bad for the gay community. Read a news paper every once in a while & separate yourself from political correctness & pull the stick out of you ass…

  7. Maverick69 says

    Travis, you’re completely correct but I think BFD likes the stick in his ass…just saying;-)

  8. FRC says

    She’s pathetic. A shill who panders to the only community that will have her. I guess no one ever saw her glowing praises for Sam Kenison, one of the most vile human beings to the gay community who blamed the spread of AIDS on gays.

  9. Andy says

    I’ve met both her and her mother through my work, and they were both sweethearts, and the farthest thing from “pathetic” and “awful human beings”.