1. Kev C says

    The prop 8 case was showboating from start to finish. It wasn’t effective but stalled marriage in CA longer than necessary while power egos strutted around rasing money for themselves. And now it’s a movie.

  2. Keppler says

    Haven’t read the book, nor seen the documentary, but the first obvious difference between the two is clear from the title of the documentary: it’s about Prop 8. It doesn’t appear to claim to be about a languishing movement, peopled by timid, clueless “activists,” in need of a savior. Seems like a fairly important distinction to me.

  3. Felix says

    Gay so-called activists and bloggers sometimes fail to realize the difference between complaining and taking action, and unfortunately history only remembers the latter.

    If they don’t like Becker’s recount of events…write your own book!