1. Bryan L says

    I am confused and dismayed by people like Tony Perkins and his ilk. They try to humiliate and ridicule and demonize and deny us legal equality at every opportunity…and all of it in the name of God. Oh…and for whatever bit of fame and fortune they can reap in the meantime. This war they are waging is undeniably cruel, immoral and inhumane.

  2. woodroad34 says

    It’s hilarious that they consider themselves (through their heterosexuality and dubious morality) the pinnacle of what’s right. Talk about egotists and sociopathic numbskulls.

  3. disgusted merican says

    I often wonder what Perkin’s Older kids say when asked..”What does Your dad do for a Living”??? How utterly embarrassing!!!

  4. CJK5H says

    Why do all Southern crackers sound like such mama’s boys? Is it just the Southern accent? Craig James couldn’t sound any gayer if he had Michael Sam’s penis up his bum.

  5. Mike says

    Duh. That is because he so desperately wants to FEEL Michael Sam’s BIG penis up there CJK5H. The absolute horror of even wearing pink because it is somehow not masculine. What transparent idiots from a bygone era.

  6. Scott says

    If you made a Family Guy sketch satirizing the juvenile, ridiculous antics of the religious right to always appear so manly, or whatever, you wouldn’t have to exaggerate anything- just print transcripts of their speeches verbatim.

    Uneasy jokes about pink shirts? Weird comments about not kissing each other?? Are you 8????

    The F#$* is wrong with these people???

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