Topeka City Council Narrowly Approves LGBT ‘Equality Package’ Proposals

Chad manspeakerWestboro Baptist Church sure isn’t going to be happy about what their city council approved this week…

Amid emotional testimonies and a standing-room-only crowd Tuesday evening, the Topeka City Council narrowly approved both parts of a pro-LGBT “equality package” proposed by Councilman Chad Manspeaker [pictured].

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports:

Manspeaker said the votes send the rest of the world a message “that Topeka is an open, inclusive community and that we welcome all people here and we look forward to grow in that direction.”

The council heard at-times emotional testimony — in which both advocates and opponents claimed the moral high ground — before voting 5-3 to establish a city domestic partnership registry, which will be open to both same-sex and opposite-sex couples. […]

The council then voted 5-3 to approve a proposal banning discrimination on the basis of gender identity in the city’s employment and hiring practices. The measure also requires the city to make a good faith effort to contract to provide health coverage for any city employees registered with the city as being part of a domestic partnership.

Both measures were decided after the council voted 6-2 to reject a motion seeking to give the public a ballot question vote on them.

Topeka is now the second city in Kansas to have domestic partner registries, behind Lawrence.



  1. Gaiboi says

    Um…yeah, right. As well as this all sounds, you’re way too late for a simple partnership registry. Perhaps this city should have attempted to pass this when all of the bans were firmly being put into place.

    Now they are trying to appear as if they are allowing some crumbs to fall from the table of equality? Sorry bigots, too late.

    Marriage is coming!

  2. Savio says

    Happy about the registry, but couldn’t give a damn about the gender identity bill? That is a trans issue, not a gay issue. They are not the same. I wish that had been voted down, just to piss off anti-gay, homophobic trans activists.

  3. Alan says

    Congratulations Topeka! Miss Lawrence KS but I ain’t stepping foot back to this state…. Baby steps to total state equity!

  4. Javon T. says

    How many trannies are there in Topeka? 1? Its insane that LGBs let themselves to be tied to this tiny group of strange people, who ARE NOT GAY.

  5. BrokebackBob says

    Who CARES what the Westboro Baptist Upchuck thinks about it? The ones who are escaping are trying to make the evil vortex that was their “father” look like he “recanted” all of his hate. At death he went back to the place of all evil from which he escaped. Short of a total brain transplant, his children and their children will be haunted by that man for all their lives. Recanted, ha! I’ll be there was an interesting conversation in purgatory recently.

  6. JakeAZ says

    @Savio, I’m sure glad Topeka passed the trans part of the law if only to piss off the trans-hating “LGB” people (which fortunately isn’t everyone). What a thing it is when the hated become the haters.

    a gay and hardly homophobic transman

  7. Arianna says

    Kind of sad when there is hatred in OUR OWN COMMUNITY.
    There can be no steps forward until we stop fighting amongst ourselves. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    I’m glad the trans part of this was passed. If not to piss all of you off then to ensure that my girlfriend isn’t discriminated against. Not directly, at least.