Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1576

JULIA ROBERTS: On The Normal Heart.

BRYAN FISCHER: Equality is a totally bogus word. They are not equal," Fischer said. "They are not equality in morality. They are not equal in worth. They are not equal in procreative power. They are not equal in their consistency with God's design. There is no equality between homosexuality and heterosexuality."

THIS WEEK: In unnecessary censorship.

JAMES FRANCO: Explains his weird Instagram behavior – "It's what the people want."

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  1. Gary says

    Like the new format with videos. What’s really amazing is watching “Ellen” on her little tuffet, attempting to explain what I remember hearing about live, in a doctor’s office in Miami in 1981 What it would become, and how it would later consume. Above all I thank the writer the “Normal Heart,” Larry Kramer. Ryan Murphy wants kudos Franco suffers today’s head up own ass syndrome. Ted Bundy was cute too.

  2. Mark I says

    Could you please quit following Brian Fisher? Seriously who cares with that whack job thanks? His approval is not necessary for my existence.

  3. emjayay says

    Well, I’m quite sure no one except the most ignorant hillbillys watch Mr. Fisher on the teevee. But a little dose now and then is instructive to get an idea of how the ignorati think. I read a few Yahoo!News comments now and again to keep my finger on the pulse of ‘Murrika.

  4. CPT_Doom says

    “There is no equality between Protestant and Catholic. One is a normal expression of faith (Catholic) & the other is an abomination in the sight of God.” Bloody Mary circa 1557.