Towletech v.110: Roller Coasters, Drinkable Books, Prehistoric Bugs, Nintendo



A round-up of the best tech, science, and geek-related news from around the web.

Road (1) 5 new "record-breaking" theme park rides that will make you s**t your pants this summer. The 17-story Verrückt waterslide [pictured above] is taller than Niagara Falls and shoots raft-riders down at 65 mph. Verrückt, German for insane, seems like an apt name for the jaw-dropping plunge. 

Road (1)  FrankenSenator Al Franken has a new petition you can sign to help "save the internet" and net neutrality

Road (1) Google launches same-day delivery service for household items and non-perishable goods in New York City and Los Angeles.

Road (1) Speaking of Google, if it really only costs them $80 to make Google Glass, then its $1,500 price tag is quite the markup.

Road (1) The humanitarian org Water is Life has come up with a revolutionary new way to combat the 3.4 million worldwide deaths due to waterborne illness each year – The Drinkable Book. Basically, it's an educational manual for safe water habits that's also printed on technologically advanced filter paper designed to kill diseases like cholera, typhoid and E. coli. The paper costs only pennies to produce and each book is capable of providing someone with clean water for up to four years. 


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 8.53.09 PMRoad (1) Retro gamers who grew up with the Nintendo Entertainment System can now preorder the gorgeous Analogue Nt machine to play old NES games on your hi-def television. 

Road (1) Virtual reality company Oculus VR wants to build a billion person massive multiplayer online (MMO) experience with its new owner Facebook.

Road (1) Roku’s new Streaming Stick gives you access to your HBO, Hulu, and Netflix content on the go. 

Road (1) Cosmos takes a look at the terrifying and enormous insects of the past.


MicroRoad (1) What should consumers expect from 3D printing in the near future? “Beyond the hype, [current] consumer 3D printers can’t make anything your heart desires—they mostly make junk, and there are only so many synthetic orange dinosaurs in top hats one person can collect. While this argument is true, after a fashion, the field is continuously improving. And not so long ago, affordable consumer 3D printers didn’t exist at all. The selection of desktop machines is growing. Desktop printers are increasingly available for around $1,000 or less. And setup is easier. Whether the printer connects by WiFi or USB, more printers are nearing plug-and-play."

Road (1) Your cell phone can now alert you if you're near a store that sells items or products you've searched for online. So excuse me while I go delete my browser history…

PhonesoapRoad (1) And lets face it, your cell phone's screen is probably a dirtier surface than even your toilet seat. Just think about all the random door knobs and body parts you touch in-between your Candy Crush play sessions. Luckily, the folks over at Phonesoap have developed a combination sanitizer and charger that uses ultraviolet rays to zap all manner of gross bacteria. It's like a mini tanning bed for your phone!

Road (1) Scientists can now reprogram skin cells into sperm cells. The tricky question, however, remains whether or not they should.   


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Isn’t it something how you can change with age? I used to love roller coasters, but now I’m terrified of them. I used to the ocean, but now I’m terrified of it. I used to love large penises, but….well

    I’m just a terrified ol’ queen, I guess.

  2. Jeff says

    That is a water slide in the picture above, not a roller coaster. And Zumanjaro is a drop ride, not a roller coaster, it is attached to a roller coaster that has been there for quite some time.

  3. UFFDA says

    I’m on my way to ride that roller coaster (or whatever), but the most important news item in Towleroad’s history is The Drinkable Book. Thanks for giving us that information so that we can all support the cause and prevent others from an agonizing death while we ride roller coasters.

  4. Moz's says

    a billion person MMO is delusional

    WoW, the most popular MMO ever, hit 12 million subscribers in its hay day and is hovering around 9 million now

  5. Randy says

    Skinny sperm cells: If this technology becomes available to the public (I was surprised to learn some people already have genetic labs in their garages, so this may not be a stretch) this will add a new level of deniability to paternity test results. Some women already commit fraud by using sperm from condoms their partners thought were disposed of. Skin cells avoid the sex act (or perhaps even any form of relationship) entirely. The law should be that a father is someone who has affirmed responsibility for raising a child. Genetics should be irrelevant, as far as the law goes.

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