1. johnny says

    Wait… are we all done with equal rights for gay people so it’s on to the T’s rights now?

    I wasn’t aware that gay rights were all sewn up yet, Time Magazine….

  2. Little Twatti says

    Isn’t it strange how people who claim to be transgendered only talk about their own issues and exclusive organizations, but gay people have to say LGBT to be “inclusive”?

  3. crispy says

    We’re also not done with women’s rights, African-American’s rights, or immigrant’s rights.

    But no where on that cover does it suggest we can only address one group at a time.

  4. TigHeart says

    Personally, Laverne Cox is the Star of the 21st century. I’m a cis gay dude, but this woman does it for me. I love her direction and wisdom. She’s also a effin great actress.

  5. Mikey says

    Thank you, Crispy. The anti-trans sentiment in these comments has gotten disgusting. Grow up, people.

    Also, who else is excited for season two of OitNB?!

  6. GEB says

    TIME magazine covers do not a revolution make. I’ve seen too many.
    They are created around a big table for perceived shock value and sales. Gays want heads to explode. That’s what it’s really all about for them.

  7. Junior says

    Trans community and trans ‘queer’ activists are militant and homophobic! Do not trust these sharks in sheeps clothing. Look at their tweets, nothing but disrespect for gay rights

  8. Klien says

    Trans people are the epitome of hypocrisy. They are ALL about themselves. They not only do nothing for LGB, but often they oppose gay rights and vocally.

  9. Thedrdonna says

    Funny how the people who claim that trans folks as a class are homophobic and fight gay rights can never back that up with any proof. Yeah, sure, you could show some randos bitching on tumblr, but there’s never anything substantive. It’s almost like they made it up because they wanted to smear trans folks due to their own ingrained prejudices, or something…

  10. Dyssonance says

    You can tell from her face that she was a man. You can slather on 2 inches of make-up and slice off 8 inches of dong, but you still look like a man, Ms “Cox”

  11. Lynette says

    Um, isn’t this the person who is championing a killer?

    This transgender thug in Chicago gets into a fight with a woman. During the fight, the woman’s father steps in on the side of his daughter. The trans thug kills the father in the street, stabbed him in the chest with scissors and left him to bleed to death. The trans thug is arrested and lies repeatedly to the police, then admits it. She is convicted and goes to prison. And this thug is being championed as a hero by Cox. What a sick bunch.

    I can’t believe that Time would put someone like this on their cover. I really can’t believe that any gay or lesbian person would support violent people.

  12. Nazreel says

    This dude must have spent like $50,000 to look like a lady. But he still has man hands and man feet. They can’t do anything for that.

  13. GEB says

    But TIME magazine won’t protect anyone. How many Americans actually know a transexual? I’m gay and i’ve only one real one. It’s the rights game today.

  14. says

    I think it ironic, and perhaps ultimately confirming, that a number of Laverne’s critiques attack her for her looks, since this is often the tactic applied to women in order to sidetrack the conversation and silence their message.

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