1. Randy says

    It’s about time people started to put the dagger in the heart of that stupid dinner. It’s a tradition that is way outlived its purpose, for any purpose whatsoever then to self congratulate everybody. Glad that someone realized it’s a worthless event.

  2. Carmelo says

    Ernesto, you jackass, it’s for the state dinner, which is paid for with tax dollars. They may have done it during their downtime, but it certainly wasn’t free. She should be pressuring boner every chance she gets.

  3. Mike says

    Boehner’s cameo was priceless. “Hey girl”. Honestly, I don’t care if tax dollars paid for this or not. This skit worked better than Congress.

  4. pete n sfo says

    What a bunch of farts… it was great! How much do you people think something like this costs anyway? Get a clue; there’s so much waste. At least breeds a little goodwill between the parties.

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