1. Boston says

    I guess I didn’t have the same take away from this ad that the headline in this posting suggests. Seems like a fun and lighthearted ad to me.

  2. Lu says

    The people behind Las Vegas are smart. It’s always been about the money. And they won’t give a fiddlers f*ck if One Million Moms or Two Gazillion Christians don’t like the ad.

  3. Judge Niemayer says

    So what if a man wants to check into his hotel room with a dog? Or what if 3 men want to check into a hotel room? It’s a slippery slope.

  4. Oh vey says

    Lol “heteroflexible.” I’ll start using that the same week I refer to myself as a “cisgender male” instead of a guy. About the Wednesday after never.

  5. BRAINS says


    What is the relationship between two consenting adults have to do with a man and his dog? You might sleep with your dog, but the rest of us will stick to an adult human partner of no direct blood relationship.

    Keep your sick mind to other websites like “Alternative”. The rest of us are decent humans!

  6. excy says

    Kind of cute….maybe Visit Las Vegas wants to up the ante. A few years ago the Vegas tourist board thought it would be a good idea to appear as a “family-friendly” destination. I guess that didn’t work out too well. So it’s back to “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Probably a wise move!

  7. SeattleMike says

    First, the straight couple isn’t married, as pointed out by some commenters.

    Second, although I do think the commercial is cute, it does rely on the “gay men will have sex with any other man” stereotype. In the real world, there’s no way the hot guy would have sex with the schlubby guy unless the hot guy is a prostitute. Having said that, I suppose the prostitute angle could be valid since we are talking about Vegas.

    Carry on.

  8. gr8guya says

    I guess the news is that neither one goes,”…whoa….” and pulls away.
    That would have been the cliched thing to do, if you recall the Snickers commercial with the two guys in the garage, who almost kiss.

    By the way, the comments so far are about the guy on the right. What about the guy on the left. Are we meant to assume that he is gay? Why? And I find his reaction a little hard to read. Is he indicating, “No way with a guy,” or “No way with THIS guy”? His slight smirk almost says, “I am hot and there is no way that I am with this loser.”

  9. EchtKultig says

    “In the real world, there’s no way the hot guy would have sex with the schlubby guy unless the hot guy is a prostitute.”

    LOL – you haven’t seen about 1/3 of the gay couples I’ve seen in my life.

  10. EchtKultig says

    Take for example, former pro baseball player Billy Bean. He’s hot. For about 13 years he dated a guy who was 15 years old (looked even older), was probably 20 lbs heavier, and 6 inches shorter.

  11. Russ says

    Interesting. Back in the early 90s, my BFF & I drove from LA to LV to visit another friend. We stayed in that black glass hotel @ the end of the strip. The 1st day there, he & I were @ the pool. We took elevator to our room, met a nice looking guy. He came back to our room with us for a safe 3 way. After we finished & showered, as he left he asked us not to acknowledge him if we saw him anywhere, as he was on his HONEYMOON!! I often wonder if that marriage lasted

  12. Tristram says

    I don’t think this ad is cute at all. The idea that gay sex is something ‘kinky’ OR something you’d be ashamed to tell the guys back home does nothing For gay men. It only makes the closet legitimate.

  13. shawnthesheep says

    You guys that talk about “no way that hot guy would ever go for that schlubby guy” must lead very sheltered lives. Newsflash: Not everyone finds the same type of man attractive. Some “hot” guys like nerdy guys or chubby guys or older guys or average looking nice guys.

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