What To Watch This Week on TV: ‘SYTYCD’ and ‘Derek’ Return – VIDEO

— Ellen Burstyn and Heather Graham are back in Petals On the Wind, Lifetime’s follow-up to Flowers In the Attic, tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern. See what the Dollanganger clan is up to now that they’re out of the attic, and if it’s nearly the campfest the first film was.

— Ricky Gervais’ Netflix original series Derek is surprisingly sweet considering its often acerbic star and the easily gloomy subject matter. The offbeat comedy follows the titular’s continued misadventures while working in a nursing home. The entire second season hits Netflix this Friday.

— KISS fans won’t be rock n’ rolling all night for the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. (They didn’t perform.) But you can see some excellent performances from the other inductees Saturday at 8 p.m. on HBO, including Nirvana (with Lorde, St. Vincent and Joan Jett subbing in for Kurt Cobain). Get a sneak peek above.

— It was tough not to love Lee Pace as the adorable piemaker on the quirky (and sometimes musical) series Pushing Daisies. On AMC’s new drama Halt And Catch Fire, premiering Sunday, he trades his lovable puppy dog routine for hardened business edge. The show follows a group of Texans in the ‘80s trying to revolutionize the PC. It premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. Eastern on AMC.

What are you watching this week?


  1. daws says

    I stopped watching SYTYCD years ago between the nasty judging and berating some of the male dancers for being effeminate.

  2. bandanajack says

    @daws, then you missed the complete evolution of the show wherein the audience, the dancers, and most of all the talent, took the show to task enough times to create a celebratory atmosphere, and lionize as its greatest product a gay dancer choreographer. you are spouting old and pretty petty news.

  3. Jerry says

    You mean the Lee Pace who made his 2011 Broadway debut playing Bruce Niles in the revival of The Normal Heart?

  4. says

    BandanaJack, you mean they stopped being bigoted and offensive? Yes, you should certainly attack anyone who’s reluctant to jump on their new bandwagon.

  5. TANK says

    I wish that Nigel Linlithgow would go back to the UK. He is extremely opinionated, annoying, and obnoxious. He is often featured on some website dedicated to men who look like old lesbians and he really fits the bill. We have enough idiots in this country without importing them from the British Isles, says I.

  6. L G. says

    so SO tried of these so-called who can dance
    why do they not die out a FAST death?
    nothing more than the graveyard of professionals

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “you are spouting old and pretty petty news.”

    Talk about petty. DAWS simply said why DAWS stopped watching. I stopped watching for the same reason. What else has changed? Is Mary still doing her ear-splitting screaming? Does the audience still scream and cheer every move as if they were watching circus tricks instead of dancing?

  8. Liam says

    Dastius: He said he stopped watching because of the dancers being scolded for not being masculine enough. That changed when the dancers and the audience took Nigel to task. Since then, the show has celebrated gay dancers and their partners often having male dancers dance together. It is a completely different show than it was when you both stopped watching. The judging is much better and more constructive. You should give it another chance. It is a good show if you like dance and dancers. That I believe was Bananjacks point.