1. David From Canada says

    Interesting clip. They were talking about fashion, but the outfits these 2 ladies were wearing, especially S.J.P. – that gawdy yellow skirt with the tacky blue sweater. Where’s the circus?!

  2. jamal49 says

    Anna Wintour looked like she was wearing a shower curtain she bought at Target. She has NO right to criticize anybody on their style of clothing. Anna, honey, you looked TACKY at the Met Gala.

  3. kdknyc says

    That Anna Wintour–like a clenched fist, that one. I can only imagine what she’s like when she opens up and rips someone’s head off.

  4. iban4yesu says

    I am relieved to see there is no love for the Devil herself and the insufferable horseface. Shut your traps, you overprivileged and entitled hags.

  5. peterparker says

    Given that Sarah Jessica Parker has campaigned for marriage equality and discussed the fact that one of her best friends died of AIDS, it’s really charitable that you trolls come here to call her ‘horseface’, ‘hag’ and other kindnesses. You all suck.

  6. BrokebackBob says

    I give Anna some points for at least trying to be human-like. Meryl Streep really nailed Anna’s zeitgeist though. Sarah is funny and seems nice but I can hear her talk through all the whinnying. My bad.

  7. cdubois says

    I am obsessed with these two! I love fashion and they both look great! They are incredibly poised and elegant! I love that SJP has been able to parlay her role as a fashion character into an actual legit fashion career…

  8. D.R.H. says

    David, the fact that you refer to her DRESS and her CARDIGAN as a “skirt” and a “sweater” automatically disqualifies you from making fashion commentary on anyone.

  9. David From Canada says

    You may have a point about technicalities, but if these celebrities could understand how other people see them, they would cringe. Anna looks like she is wearing cheap paste jewelry out of a dimestore.

  10. Alex N says

    It isn’t because of her discussing her friend dying of AIDS and her support for marriage equality that people should ignore that both of these woman are way out of their league at this point and the static vapidity of their mutual sycophancy is repulsive. If Wintour had wanted to maintain the elitist and nonsensical value of her publication she wouldn’t have latched onto a former TV character as her co-chair. The only reason anyone thinks SJP is fashion-minded is because they think she’s Carrie Bradshaw with bad lighting. And all of those men looked poorly fitted with the exception of Kanye West, but his face is so miserable-looking that it only serves to further prove that the clothes do not make the man.

  11. iban4yesu says

    You fake Spiderman,
    Wicked witches like w’s wifey and Lynn Chenny also have supported SMM at one point or another. And, yes, that impressed me a lot! LOL

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