1. Chris L. says

    Fifty years ago, these parents would be infuriated by the fact that the “other side” of the civil rights debate wasn’t included in anti-racism lessons. They’d probably send their kids to school with miniature crosses which you could light with a tiny BIC lighter.

  2. mike/ says

    three? three? and the religious wingers say that we are pushing an agenda? all it took was three letters to evince a response?

    the film was shown as part of Day of Silence activities. why would there need to be a ‘balanced’ message shown?

    can i at Christmas scream that there needs to be a film about atheism in order to show a ‘balance’ viewpoint? you can bet your ass there would b more than three letters on that one…

  3. johnny says

    OK, let’s see…

    Pro-gay marriage side shows film with cute kids reacting in various ways to controversial subject, and objects to bullying. Can’t go wrong here.

    3 idiots on the Anti-gay side says they aren’t happy because fairness, God, etc.

    Seriously, there ISN’T another viewpoint that is correct, so why would they show it???

  4. johnny says

    Teachable moment = “Yes, kids, there are still bigots and religious zealots who are going to complain about things, just stand tall and know that you are on the side of right and they are bigots.”

    That’s how I’d handle it.

  5. gregorybrown says

    I knew some folks from Janesville when I was in college long ago. They were all Calvinist conservatives and probably representative of the general population. I would NOT be surprised to hear that woman suffrage, civil rights and flouridation of water are still issues there, just beneath the surface.

  6. TampaZeke says

    Shame on the school for not giving the pro-bullying, anti-equality side equal time! Oh the OPPRESSION! This sounds like an outrage for Andrew Sullivan to tackle.

  7. says

    As usual the objections being raised boil down to “Because Jesus”.

    What this teachable moment should convey to these students is that their is a strong correlation between religion and bigotry.

  8. steve talbert says

    It’s not because Jesus. It’s because leviticus and the misinterpretation of the sodom parable.

    They ignore the part about leviticus is only giving rules for men wishing to be rabbi/priests. And they omit the equal sins of eating shrimp (Red Lobster), wearing fabric blends (WalMart), and wives taking ritual baths during their periods (probably most of their marriages).

    The sodom parable talks about rape.

  9. steve talbert says

    Oh, and they forget the family values lesson about Lot offering to make his daughters for then to take ibstead, since women are property and serve to satisfy men’s primal urges. Also, women who don’t do as they are told will turn into pillars of salt.

  10. steve talbert says

    Sorry. Make his daughters get raped by the men instead of the visiting angels.

  11. Janesville says

    Greetings from Janesville. I don’t know when or where you were in college GregoryBrown, but its time to let your stories rest. We aren’t bigots, women vote, the water is good and our district is as blue as can be. In fact, the majority is repulsed and embarrassed by this action.

  12. Jim says

    Of course, these same people would never once think of inviting an atheist to deliver the Sunday morning sermon at their church so they could hear the other side and another point of view.

  13. NotThatConfusing says

    @ the three anti-gay activist parents:

    We do not need or want our lives counterbalanced.

    Stop taking on the role of your own biblical Satan (the accuser, the adversary).

    Let your religious crusade die already!