1. Screen Name says

    Wow. So much for being Holy, huh?

    Amazing how many Atheists can know that it’s wrong to sexually abuse a child and yet this “Holy man” didn’t.

    he just became the poster for “Why Religion Messes You Up”

  2. Anonymous says

    I guess it technically doesn’t break the 10 commandments to bear false witness about yourself…? Only your neighbor. Why hasn’t he been fired yet? I never thought the clergy abuse thing would get to the point where they just said “Well, I didn’t know that was a crime!”

  3. Kieran says

    Well, when one’s “holy book” basically equates children with property that are object to own and to do with whatever you want, this is the logical outcome.

  4. says

    The Catholic Church and all who promote it are straight out criminals. Every one of them should be put in jail for either engaging in illegal sexual acts or turning a blind eye to them. It makes me sick to even think about it.

  5. Will says

    And the very some people who blindly listen to these disgusting humans claim gays what to molest children. These people are truly the bottom of society yet are held up by those religious fanatics on a pedistol and said to be the moral leaders of society. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!

  6. Troy says

    Sick and sad. Wait a minute isn’t the act of sex first and foremost the breaking of sacraments that you swear upon to be man of the cloth? And these children who he victimized can they have lapses of memory when this troll touched them over and over again? Can the people get back the tons of money wasted in hearings, church donations and this guys holy salary??

  7. jtramon says

    C’mon everyone. Give the Catholic Church a break! All this bashing, and for what? It goes on everywhere in society. Why is the church being targeted?

    And, let’s not forget: They’re Catholic Priests and bishops, sworn to God. They don’t lie.
    *i guess this is how it feels to lie*

  8. Dan says

    Does it get more disgusting than this?????

    If he knew, then punitive damages would apply… so he just lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied.
    Classic. So typical of the Catholic church.
    There is nothing on earth more disgusting.

  9. edude says

    I don’t remember the Roman Catholic Church myself. Thank God!

    Seriously though, he doesn’t even use the standard denial language for such proceedings (usually said in as deadpan a voice as possible): “I do not recall.”

    Scary, ridiculous and evil are the adjectives that come to mind. Not to mention sad – for the victims. Sigh.

  10. Bill says

    Another reason he is not being fired is that the shock of being fired might jog his memory and result in testimony that could result in higher damages being paid by his church.

  11. Ricco says

    When an Archbishop, or any representative of the Unholy Catholic church, says that he/she does not know if raping, or taking sexual advantage of children is a crime, than it is loooong past due that we tore every unholy Catholic edifice down with our bare hands, close down their hospitals and other services, remove their tax exempt status in our country, and desist recognizing the Pope as a head of state and instead of giving him diplomatic immunity in form him that if he styeps foot in America he will be arrested, tried and hanged on the same gallows they hing Saddam Hussein from.

    The crimes of this evil church are many, so many they make Hitler look like a Sunday school teacher in comparison.

  12. Bob K says



    WILL SOMEONE CATHOLIC IN THE AREA please send this article to the major TV stations in the area to try to get the story aired, then start a petition for him to resign?

  13. Randy says

    What do you expect when you separate church and state to such a degree that the laws don’t even apply (for example, forcing parents’ religion onto children they are raising, or refusing medical treatment for children based on parents’ religion)?

    This is a direct result of religious exemptions to the regular laws.

    There should be NO exemption to the laws, based on religious belief, no matter how “fervent” or “sincere”.

    Then there’ll be no question as to what is a crime, and what isn’t.

  14. Steve H says

    So are you guys telling me that the Blessing of the Genital ceremony I went through back then was all just a lie to cop a feel. What about all that Holy Oil they rubbed all over me?. What about all those practice sessions? Did I get screwed are what?

  15. Will says

    Is this even a real interview? Because…words can’t even…wtf is wrong with these people?! How the hell do you not know sex with a god damn child is wrong?!

  16. tim says

    It’s a moot point. If a person is breaking the law, it doesn’t matter if they knew they were doing so…”oh yeah I raped the guy but i didn’t know that was illegal.”

  17. David says

    Where are the catholic bloggers who jump down our throats for wanting to solidify through marriage the love of our life partners? They are quietly avoiding this issue of moral ineptitude. I should think someone would run to this religous role models defense, no?

  18. Jack M says

    They need to give this guy a lethal injection. What priest doesn’t know right from wrong? They may not do right, but they darn well know what it is.

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