1. tim weiss says

    So what? Either what he said is true or it isn’t. The fact that he engaged in harassment isn’t relevant to that inquiry. This is just trans activists trying to derail.

    Also, it isn’t just an issue of trans predators. It is an issue of non-trans predators who can take advantage of the nutty gender identity laws to claim status as women and to get access to women’s spaces. This happened in Toronto recently and resulted in 3 rapes. Each and every rape is on the heads of trans activists.

  2. Hansel Currywurst says

    The fundies can spin it as “we wanted to understand sexual predation so much we got our own sexual preditor to advise us. It’s for the children. Won’t someone think of the children?”

  3. Craig says

    Tim, care to discuss the number of straight people who have raped vs the number of trans people? You won’t look good. Trust me.

    What part of trans do you not understand? This isn’t cross dressing – that’s straight people stuff, not trans people.

    Trans is being born in one gender’s body but having a brain that is another gender. By the grace of God, you don’t suffer from that. Why on earth look down on people who did not have the same good fortune in life as you enjoy?

    I have known at least a dozen trans people, MTF and FTM, and they have been the kindest, nicest, most caring people I know. I don’t have a clue where you get this level of hate from, because obviously, you don’t know a single trans person. Make the effort. You might just be surprised how kind someone is when you stop hating them because of your own fears and anxieties over who you are. Stop projecting on them. They’ve never done a thing to you. Enough with the hate already.

  4. Tina Towle Tits says

    Oh!! This awful man came up to me and touched my boobies. What nerve!! Give him the heave-ho!

  5. Craig says

    Tina, gay men have been murdered, sometimes in ghastly, inhuman ways, and the defense was “he came on to me, and I panicked.” And juries used to buy that and let them go free.

    Yes, “Tina”, rape is rape, no means no, and it’s not OK. EVER.

  6. Grover Underwood says

    I’m confused-how is he going to be standing next to a 6 year old girl? I haven’t been around too many 6 year old girls, except when I was a 6 year old, but I don’t think any of them stand up to pee. Is he going to go into the same stall as them? I don’t think that’s covered under the new ordinance.

  7. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Tim Weiss – it sounds as if you’ve been drinking the kool-aid. Such activity as you suggested would have been reported in newspapers, so please supply the link.

  8. Joe in Toronto says

    Tim Weiss wrote “This happened in Toronto recently and resulted in 3 rapes. Each and every rape is on the heads of trans activists.”

    Tim, please substantiate this bunch of malarkey. How is it I live in Toronto and missed these horrific acts which surely would have been headline stories had they occurred in some place other than your imagination?

  9. Johnny says

    LOL, will the real predator stand please? Looks like someone really knows all about it from personal experience.

    I love it when these psuedo-religio-wack-jobs get caught with their penis in the cookie jar.

  10. tomkitten says

    Here we go again. I don’t understand why these things are even an issue. I don’t give a flying f@ck what gender, or even what sex, the person pooping or peeing next to me is or wants to be. What difference does it make what sex or gender the person changing their clothes or taking a shower in my vicinity is? This bullsh@t about “but what if a grown man is using the flexibility of these rules to sexually assault six year old girls?” is a completely irrevelant argument – some silly sex/gender based restroom rules are not going to prevent a predator from being a predator… if rules prevented predators from predatorizing, there wouldn’t be predators.

  11. JackFknTwist says

    These self proclaimed moralizers are motivated by their own sex-obsessed imaginings.

    They all seem to think of little else but the physics of sex.
    The injunction to feed the hungry or the poor or cloth the naked etc seems to have gone right over their heads.

  12. Jack M says

    So much for wonderful Pastor Baker. The ones that speak out against supposed sin are always the ones getting themselves dirty.

  13. disgusted merican says

    all thier faux outrage over something that NEVER Happens – only in thier tiny minds

  14. Sean says

    Sexual predator hypochristian. Now we know he was just talking about himself. Pervert.

  15. Tim Weiss says

    Hey “Joe In Toronto”! How is it that you missed a news story about a predator using the city’s transgender law in order to perpetrate triple rape in a women’s shelter? I don’t know how you missed it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you are a smug, ignorant, male-privileged jackass who thinks he is “progressive” because he unthinkingly supports every demand of “transwomen” and ignores the needs and interests of the 99.9% of women. Maybe that’s it.

    Anyway, my male-privileged, rape abettor, here’s some of the coverage – first an excerpt followed by links (dot removed to enable posting):

    “Any man who claims to be a transgender woman has the legal right to use women-only facilities with impunity.

    It’s a right enshrined in law for 15 years and reinforced in 2012 by “Toby’s Law.”
    A man who still has all his male parts, and is not undergoing hormone treatment, can simply say he’s a woman and access women’s facilities.

    It’s championed by Barbara Hall, head of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. In a letter on her website, in response to a Toronto Star article about a transgender “woman” exposing male genitalia to a woman in a gym change room, Hall said such stories are fear mongering.

    We have never seen a documented case of a heterosexual man gaining access to a woman’s change room by posing as transgender. In fact, in washrooms and change rooms, and in society at large, transgender persons are more at risk than anyone else of being harassed, abused, assaulted, or even killed,” Hall said in her letter.

    The shocking case of Christopher Hambrook shows just how wrong Hall is.

    Hambrook was not transgender, but used the law to prey on the most vulnerable women in our midst — the homeless, the disabled and people living in shelters.

    Calling himself “Jessica,” Hambrook was accepted into two women’s shelters in Toronto.

    Imagine the shock of a woman surviving domestic abuse and finding herself sharing a room with a sexual monster.

    In February 2012, one of his victims went to bed wearing tights, a bathing suit and a lightweight shirt in an attempt to cover herself. She awoke to find Hambrook assaulting her.

    “Her tights had been pulled down past her bottom and her bathing suit had been pulled to the side,” court documents reveal. “She yelled at the accused, demanding to know what he was doing. He simply covered his face with his hands, said ‘Oops!’ and started giggling.”

    www sunnewsnetwork ca/sunnews/straighttalk/archives/2014/02/20140216-073442.html

    www torontosun com/2014/02/15/a-sex-predators-sick-deception

  16. Tim Weiss says

    Mike In the Tundra – I agree that if I made a claim about a Toronto triple rape without seeing any actual news coverage, it would be evidence that I had drunk some anti-trans ideological Kool Aid. But please hold yourself to your own standard for Kool Aid drinking. Check out the links above. It is a real story, with real people, including 3 very real, truamatized victims and it has been covered by the mainstream press. You could have found this out by doing a simple google search. Indeed, you can find much more coverage on the Hambrook case beyond the links above by doing a quick search.

    Instead, you came here to deny the whole thing without taking 30 seconds to check it out. Who has drunk the ideological Kool Aid? Me or you? I have read your comments in the past and I know that you are an intelligent, thoughtful person. So don’t let ideology shut down your mind in this case. Don’t allow an ideological urge to show “solidarity” with “our trans sisters” in the name of “LGBT” to turn you into a man who turns his head and refuses to see real-world problems with trans activist demands.

  17. Bill says

    Why are we never surprised when this sort of thing comes up? The louder they piss and moan the more they have to hide.

  18. Bill says

    Why are we never surprised when this sort of thing comes up? The louder they piss and moan the more they have to hide.

  19. says

    I was aware of the Toronto case because Tim/Sharon/Amy has trotted it out in previous threads, using it as an argument against trans civil rights.

    The problem is it’s not a valid argument. The guy who raped women in the Toronto homeless shelter wasn’t trans at all. He was pretending to be trans. Because a fake trans person committed crimes, Tim/Sharon/Amy argue that actual trans people should be prohibited access to shelter. In other words, blame all actual trans people for the behaviors of one fake trans person.

    So, say I pretend to be a homeless person and as such, I’m admitted to a homeless shelter. While I’m in the shelter, I assault several people. Who’s fault would it be? In Tim/Sharon/Amy’s mind, it wouldn’t be me, the lying criminal, it would be all homeless people. By this irrational argument, homeless shelters should be off-limits to homeless people.

    It’s the same kind of irrational argument this Houston pastor is using, fear mongering to distract from the real abusers of women, who are typically straight creeps like him, creeps who spend an inordinate amount of time fantasizing about trans bathroom crimes. Women should indeed feel uncomfortable in the presence of transphobic pastors who seem unnaturally titillated by imaginary trans predators.

  20. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    “The imagery that I have in my mind is a grown man going into a restroom with a 6 year old girl standing beside of her using the restroom.”

    Pastor, I don’t doubt at all that you have that image in your mind – and that you’re rubbing yourself while you do.

  21. TampaZeke says

    @Tim Weiss, I grew up in the South during some of the ugliest integration fights. One of the main arguments we heard against integration was “black men want access to our precious white women”. Once integration was instituted, every time a black man harassed a woman the racists would scream “SEE, WE TOLD YOU SO!” And then, eventually, a black man raped a white woman and the racists screamed, “THIS RAPE IS ON THE HEADS OF CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS!”

    Does that sound familiar? Sadly, just in the last few minutes I’ve seen that very scenario play out. It happened in the second comment of this thread.

    And I want to make one more observation that you might want to consider. I’m not a statistician and I wouldn’t be considered a “trans activist” but it seems pretty clear to me that for every one victim of a straight, fake trans-woman who lied to gain access to and assault women their are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of REAL trans-women who are assaulted in men’s bathrooms that they were FORCED to use in spite of their gender identity and expression.

  22. TampaZeke says

    “The imagery that I have in my mind is a grown man going into a restroom with a 6 year old girl standing beside of her using the restroom.”

    That’s because that’s the imagery that people who have perverted imaginations have in their minds but your perverted imaginations shouldn’t be used to make the lives of transpeople more complicated and difficult than they already are.

  23. MaryBeth Smith says

    Members of the Houston media continue to agitate the ignorant public by referring to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance as an “LGBT non-discrimination bill.” While the LGBT community is included in the ordinance,#HERO prohibits discrimination on the basis of any protected characteristic (sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or pregnancy) in city employment, city contracting, housing, places of public accommodation, and most private-sector employment.
    The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is for EVERYONE. Indeed, the women who were subjected to “Pastor” Baker’s gross behavior would have been protected under such an ordinance, with local recourse. While the LGBT community is perhaps most vulnerable to ignorant discrimination, and in need of the protections offered, they are not the only ones. You, or someone you care about, is protected by #HERO.
    Please make your coverage more accurate by educating the public that #HERO protects us all, making Houston a better place to live.

  24. Ted says


    If you are old enough to remember the integration battles, then you are also old enough to remember how cavalier the patriarchy treated women’s concerns about rape and sexual assault. How about not perpetuating that same cavalier attitude under the guise of faux-progressive trans activism?

    The differences b/t white racists use of rape and the present situation? Gender segregated bathrooms are not the equivalent of race segregated schools. And no one is claiming that trans people are rapists.

    What women are saying is that we have gender segregated facilities for a reason. They protect women from men, who perpetrate the vast majority of sexual predation cases. If we take away any objective standard for who is male and female, and vest all power in any individual to declare an identity, even if it contradicts all observable evidence, then we destroy the ability of any facility to keep genders apart in private settings and are putting women at risk. You can belittle it all you want, you can snarl and call names and wave the banner of trans activism, but that’s what you are doing. It is male privilege on display.

    Would it be possible to craft policies which could accommodate trans people while providing some protection for women? Sure. You could give the facility some power to use its discretion. Or if you don’t like vesting discretion, you could set up a process by which trans access is required but only after some form of proof for a transgender identity claim is provided, perhaps list a number of forms of acceptable evidence and let the trans person pick the most convenient form.

    There are many possible ways to craft a policy like this, but the trans activists will have none of it. Instead, they co-opt the LGB movement and then use OUR political capital – which we built over the course of decades in the service of gay civil rights and equality – to push absolutist policies on cities like Toronto, with devastating results. As a gay man, I am tired of being used as someone’s tool in a battle that has nothing to do with gay civil rights and which harms women.

    Also, your last point about assaults against transwomen is a) irrelevant and b) based on data that you admit you made up in your head, based on your feelings. This is not how rational people think about public policy; it is how a cult member thinks.

  25. Tim Weiss says


    Was gonna answer u, but Ted beat me to it. Ditto what he said. Nothing to add except shame on you.


    So here’s how a pro-trans sexist like yourself, along with your fellow misogynist Towleroad commenters, process information:

    Ernie and his ilk: “Trans access to all bathrooms and locker rooms now!”

    Real World: What about the risk to women?

    Ernie: “Lies! All lies! One guy who said that turned out to be a harasser. Using the rules of logic, that means the claim must be false! There is no risk! Give me one example!”

    Real World: How about the Toronto Women’s Shelter? 4 horrific rapes suffered by women who were already traumatized and who thought they had reached a safe place, now traumatized again, thanks to “Toby’s Law.”

    Ernie: “What? That never happened? I have never heard of such a thing? It would have been covered by the media! Lies!”

    Real World: It did happen. Here’s links to the press coverage.

    Ernie: “Oh that! I knew all about that! Who cares? Why keep bringing that up? It’s just one case! Well, 4 rapes but in one fell swoop, so really it just counts as one case. Why are women always whining? Trans rights now!!! LGBT!!”

    F-you, Ern. F-you and your arrogant, male privilege and your vile belittling of women’s concerns.

  26. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Instead, they co-opt the LGB movement and then use OUR political capital – which we built over the course of decades in the service of gay civil rights and equality -…”

    Oh, God. Ted, do you have another posting name that begins with the letter R?

    @ “Also, your last point about assaults against transwomen is a) irrelevant and b) based on data that you admit you made up in your head, based on your feelings.”

    How many Transwomen have you talked to? Or how many Transwomen’s biographies have you read? Many many Transwomen have been violently assaulted and many sexually assaulted. And some MURDERED over the years just for being a Transwoman or a Transman.

    Oh, well (deep sigh)

  27. Daniel says

    Most women’s restrooms have stalls with doors that close. They don’t have open toilets like men’s rooms urinals.

  28. says

    @Tim: The dialogue you’ve created in your head, while vivid fiction, has nothing to do with what I actually said. But if you feel the need to keep arguing with your own imagination, be my guest.

  29. Kurtis Edwards says

    #ignoranturinals Ignorant ass. Girls restrooms do not have urinals… A transman will not be ‘standing’ next to a 6 year old girl. He’ll be sitting next to her with the comfort of partitions like every other girls bathroom.

  30. Kurtis Edwards says

    Furthermore, this is simpleminded, but that ‘man’ doesn’t want to standup to pee anymore. Duh. They have always felt that they are women, so it would be safe to assume they would want to do what women do…. sit down. Simpleminded, I know, but sometimes you have to fight stupid with stupid.

  31. Mousie says

    Why would a transwoman STAND next to a 6 year old girl? AKAIK, there are no urinals in women’s rooms. What, is it terrifying to wash your hands next to someone?

    I think this dude is a sneak-peeker, and got confused about architecture.

  32. Joe in Toronto says

    Tim, the links you provided are to the ‘Toronto Sun’ – hardly the journal or record LOL! That’s like getting your ‘news’ from the National Enquirer. But even the inflammatory and notoriously anti-LGBTQ*** Sun doesn’t mention 4 rapes. Or even 1 for that mater.

    Puhleeze. And when you resort to name calling, your fictional argument crumbles.

  33. Meat says

    Tim are you worried that you might be draining the hose and a woman sees how tiny it is?

    Or are you just afraid of women in general?

    Even though others have human rights, you can still go into the stall and pee. Your secret will be safe.

  34. Truther says

    TIM W: Real World: How about the Toronto Women’s Shelter? 4 horrific rapes suffered by women who were already traumatized and who thought they had reached a safe place, now traumatized again, thanks to “Toby’s Law.”

    I read the article twice – where does it mention ‘4 horrific rapes’? or even one rape?

  35. Juanita Alvarez says

    I think gays using our public womans restrooms is wrong because it’s not safe for our children. It’s going to creat several problems there will be more children being raped at the hands of these homosexuals and our restrooms will be so filthy from the smell it will be labeled unsanitary for all women to use. The magority of men urinate all on the toilet they have no respect for other’s and they urinate on the floor. Us women will longer have a restoom in case of emergency. I don’t care i think this is so unfair i think they make a separate restroom only for transgender so they will be the only ones to smell their filth. I will make them get out when i’m in there . I will not hold it while they go to the restroom . I will go in there and anounce it get if your gay i need to go to . Sorry but that’s what i feel.

  36. Juanita Alvarez says

    PS. nobody needs to look at homopsexual privates anyway disgusting yuck. I’m straight anyway. Especially children.