1. Dan Cobb says

    Excuse me, but you have to be a moron to be running through woods new Fort McMurray Alberta and NOT have some sort of weapon… even a can of mace spray or SOMETHING!

    That’s not people territory… it’s bear country!

  2. B. Wilson says

    I liked when they noticed the sign that said ‘danger wild animals, use at own risk’. Those signs are everywhere in Canada you almost stop seeing them.

  3. Jonnycakes says

    I find bears are most aggressive after 1 a.m. Usually around last call. I’ve learned never to flee from them. Just stand your ground and say your primarily into Jocks.

  4. says

    the bear thing has actually been increasing of late, or just the reportage of it. they used to recommend that people, when walking in the woods, wear a bell or metallic-jangly thing to aurally *alert* bears of a human presence – as the bears don’t want contact with humans…..well, turns out those bells acted more as a “Hi, come eat this elderly couple!” invitation.

  5. KJ says

    Carry spray! This appeared to be a young, curious bear (Which did not make the situation any less dangerous.). Future hiker/runners would have benefited from his learning that people stink bad.

  6. bambinoitaliano says

    Damn bear was looking for a hookup . As usual he just can’t take no for an answer. This is why we can’t get equality! Stop hitting on the straights!!

  7. Kieran says

    You can find black bears like this one in rural New Jersey, just a few miles outside New York City. Black bears have a natural fear of humans (for good reason) and are not considered to be dangerous predatory animals if you leave them alone and don’t threaten them, especially if they are with cubs. This particular bear looks like he is used to being fed hand-outs by friendly Canadian hikers.

  8. Sean Maloney says

    That bear is fairly young and has no fear of humans because he’s been fed on the trail by humans before and was looking for a handout. There are loud alarm apps one can get for their smartphone to ward off such animals – human or otherwise. The fact that these two “runners” had the temerity to video the bear for two minutes proves the animal was not much of a threat.

  9. Quicksilver says

    If you didn’t notice, the bear stops right when they get to the sign that basically says “you’re an idiot if you come into these woods and don’t expect to run into wild animals that may menace and eat you.” He was just escorting these dumb ‘nucks out. They should seriously stick to the gym where they can safely text their nonsense from a metric treadmill before they reload their arteries with toxic poutine.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    I just don’t like bears–I mean, the ones in the animal kingdom.

    I know we’re supposed to love all of God’s creatures, but I don’t like bears.

    They are big and clumsy, and they have no grace or charm whatsover. They are so UN-Gay (just like mice and rats, opossums and mosquitos).

    I like snakes more than I do bears.

  11. Paul R says

    Based on their comments, that bear was a lot brighter—and was certainly more interesting to watch—than the two guys. Yelling commands at the bear like he (or she?) is a misbehaving dog is inane, especially given that the bear wasn’t acting threatening and their comments weren’t either.

  12. pr says

    Um, maybe is the runners didn’t video the bear and give it attention so they could post on social media their terrifying video could have been a brief encounter.

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