1. Chrislam says

    The more this nutter speaks on Fox News….the less credibility Fox News has. They should just change the name of the station to Feaux News Entertainment….the right wing’s answer to the Daily Show.

  2. GreenLight says

    So let me get this ‘straight’, the way to ensure unity is through anti-gay segregation, and the way to protect families is to confiscate the humanity of families with LGBT members and deny they are families.

    GOT IT. :-/

  3. Anonymous says

    Damn guys. They caught us. Also, New World Order is a communist plot, which is why it is printed on American money? I write absurdist fiction, these fools are making it harder all the time to come up with crazy things that actually haven’t happened. Gay marriage is a communist plot to destroy America’s Judeo Christian faith (nice of him to work the Jews in, I once heard someone once talk about the “Judeo-Christian faith” of the founders)and strong family values(?). Oh yeah, and Neo-Marxist. If I was as dumb as Ben Carson maybe I’d have better ideas for absurd fiction.

  4. Anonymous says

    Seriously these people are dumb. You can’t make this stuff up, what an utter cretin this fool is, and he’s rich! Maybe that is a problem with America, idiots striking gold, and he should wonder more at how fabulously stupid his ilk on TV news are trying to make everyone than about gay people’s families.

  5. jamal49 says

    Gee, Ben, I kinda hate to break it to ya, but see, it’s christian evangelical effluvia and christian fundamentalist filth and the GOP and the Tea Battys who are destroying America. It is you whiny-con reprobates who wish to establish a New World Order of a corporate theocracy where your side gets to impose its christian dominionist ideology backed up by a corporate tyranny supported by your friendly local police (now intentionally being armed to the teeth for such an event).

    No, Ben, really. You’ve got it ALL wrong. Sit down and shut the f*ck up.

  6. Merv says

    By unity, he means conformity, and not voluntary, but enforced. It’s funny that he complains about Marxism when his politics contain similar appeals to authoritarianism and even totalitarianism.

  7. Bart says

    I’ve never much listened to Ben, I’ve always found him simply another wacko (and nothing he says here disproves that.) But if he wants to talk about “neo-Marxism” bringing down this country without laying the blame squarely on economic inequality, he’s a willful liar.

    Gays aren’t bringing down this country, in fact if you look at his words — family is what keeps this country strong — that’s exactly what gay men and women are asking to have. So Ben blows his whole argument. What is killing this country is that the uber rich are sucking up everything and expect the rest of the country to get by — using their money to demonize the poor and scare the ever-dwindling white middle class that wants to suck on their tit by telling them the poor are getting something they aren’t.

    Time to eat the neo-Marxist (the rich.) And yes, I’m being saracastic.

  8. emjayay says

    What’s wrong with this guy? Who exactly are the leaders of neo-Marxism? Russia, a right wing capitalist kleptocracy? China, an authoritarian capitalist country? Cuba, a poor little Hispanic mini-Soviet Union style relic that only makes any money with introduced capitalist tourism?

    His fantasies would be fairly ridiculous in 1956. Today they are totally in la-la land.
    And brain dead Republicans are all about thinking he would be an ideal president.

    It’s really beyond imagination. But it’s interesting that when he was interviewed on msnbc by Chris Hayes, he managed to seem fairly sane. The guy isn’t really nuts. He knows his audience. Calling armchair shrinks: WTF is going on here?

  9. Robert M. says

    Dr. Ben Carson is coming further unhinged. Seriously, when does this guy go from being just a loon to being a danger to himself. Personally, I think he’s already there…

  10. Gregor says

    Wait a minute … G.H.W.Bush was always talking about the New World Order as a post-Soviet construct. Was Bush1 a neo-Marxist? Didn’t St. Reagan have him as VP? Was Ronnie a neo-Marxist? I’m confused.

  11. Charles says

    Sixty year old John Birch Society garbage, still hanging around after over half a century. Homosexuality as Communist plot to undermine clean living American patriots.

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