British Rugby Player Banned Five Matches for Homophobic Slur


British rugby player Zak Hardaker was punished with a five-match ban for calling a player a "f–king fag" in late May, the Daily Mail reports:

The 22-year-old England international was also fined £300 by a Rugby Football League independent disciplinary tribunal which sat for almost four hours in Leeds.

Hardaker, who was represented by his club's legal team, was charged with a grade E offence, which carries a suspension of between four and eight matches, after his offensive comments were spotted on television during Leeds' 24-6 defeat by Warrington 11 days ago.

Hardaker last week issued an apology for his comments, admitting he used inappropriate language and insisted they were aimed at Warrington captain Michael Monaghan, rather than referee James Child, which appeared to be the case.

Following the punishment, Hardaker tweeted:


  1. Rowan says

    Yep, that’s going to stop him being homophobic.

    No one hates themselves more then gay people. Except blacks. Yep, two groups constantly competing for which has the most selected morals to love/worship of people who hate them-bbbut they’re cute!?

  2. Kevin says

    Perry –

    Cigarette is probably a 1 degree separation to the word,”Poof” in Britain.

    People seem to learn lessons faster when you hit them in the wallet.

  3. Kevin says

    Actually – after looking at some photos and footage, he might have a special announcement coming in a few years that may surprise all of us.

    There are no nastier homophobes than ones who stand in the closet. I’ll see if I can find him in The Village in Manchester… teehee

  4. woodroad34 says

    Calling someone a “fag” in the heat of an argument is hard for me to get angry about especially when the other person may have caused the initial hurt and the responding party just wants to hurt them back…however, someone, on the other hand, who demeans for the sake of demeaning are true homophobes, sociopaths, and errant religionistas. I have a hard time thinking Zak is a true homophobe…especially looking like this:

  5. Dan says

    It makes me sad that we live in a world where people can’t make mistakes. They guy said something he shouldn’t have.. yes. It was pointed out to him and he took the reprimand like a grownup and says he learned from the whole thing.

    I know that when I screw up I want the people around me to let me know and give me a chance to apologize and grow from it. I feel bad for those of you that are perfect all the time… must be exhausting.

  6. Frozen North says

    The point isn’t that he made a mistake (yes) or even if he’s really homophobic (I don’t think so or at least not actively so.)

    If you are running a league and you are intent on eliminating damaging language and behaviour in the stands, then you have to stomp it out wherever it may occur. The league had to do this, otherwise, they wouldn’t have a lot of moral authority to stop homophobic chanting or to eject homophobic spectators.

  7. Henry says

    SO, so, so hot. He could call me whatever he wanted, then do whatever he wanted to me. Too bad more people in the world looked like him, ignorant or not.

  8. EchtKultig says

    “Classic English gay face” I dunno, I’ve seen gayer. Maybe, maybe not. He sure is cute though.

    “Actually – after looking at some photos and footage”
    Hmmm well the photos I found just show him to be a handsome English guy. As for the way he speaks, he has a thick northern accent so unless you are familiar with how such accents can dissemble sexuality, I wouldn’t be sure. I’d wait for someone from that part of the world to chime in. I think you have to be a native American English to know, for example, that Tim Tebow sounds slightly gay.

  9. Tyler says

    Because feminists are bad, styler? You know how I know you’re Rick? Because you rant about feminists. He’s the only person they does.

    Thanks for your fake input Styler/Rick.

    And apparently being hot absolves you of blame for using slurs against people. Or at least that’s what most of the commenters seem to believe.

  10. Jack M says

    Even if it was said in the heat of the moment, what’s important is good sportsmanship, and this was not an example of that. That seems to be more on target here, rather than homophobia.

  11. Kirk says

    The dumb twit probably has hideous multi-colored tattoos up and down his arms and all over his chest and legs.

    Can you say “trailer trash”?

  12. JIMMY WOO says

    He is so butch and cute. I can’t wait until he accepts his sexuality and comes out. I want him and I don’t do T-Rooms and Cottaging.


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