1. gr8guyca says

    Great story, but I hate that the Westboro hate squad is able to squeeze itself into the news. The best thing to do with them is to totally ignore them. They feed on the media attention.

  2. Hughes says

    This video is so powerful and moving. Everyone please share it on your social media. This principal has soooo much courage. He’s helping save lives by living his truth

  3. MIke says

    Great story, and kudos to the Principal for stepping out of the shadows – hopefully we each get to do it at the time that is right for us.

    I agree that the WBC is a clown car of hate, but there is something positive that comes from all of their venom. In location after location, the community at large, including many who dont see eye to eye on every issue, can come together to condemn their hateful rhetoric. WBC’s intention of dividing people into “believer and non-believer” backfires every time and results in community cooperation.

  4. John says

    Not here in DC Michael, we have workplace protections. Our DC Residents may be taxed without representation in the US Congress, but we residents treat each other in a civilized manner.

  5. says

    Inspiring all around!

    @Michael: The parents won’t be freaking out; they send their kids to a school that holds Pride events. Even if they were, you can’t fire someone for coming out in DC. The archdiocese ain’t in control.

  6. jeff says

    He will not be fired by his school district. This is D.C. Same Sex Marriage is legal in the District. Parents are, by and large, educated left leaning moderates. Kids don’t give a crap about their principals bed partners. They just care if he is a good principal or not.

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