1. Brad says

    Heartening. But I can’t help but be a little annoyed that none of these people can show any empathy until it personally affects them. Why can’t they see the damage they are causing until it harms their own children?

  2. Kit says

    @Brad — I completely agree with you! I don’t want to dis them, but it would be nice if people could learn and grow even before it becomes a personal family matter. But I guess this is why it is so important for everyone to come out — every LGBT person is personal to somebody…

  3. Ed P. says

    This is indeed huge for a Southern Baptist Church. Although they may face consequences for this stand, it does get the ball rolling. As a 59 y.o. Mississippian, I quit attending the Southern Baptist Church I grew up in after high school. I could not believe a God and savior teaching so much love for one another has so much hate just for who I really am.

  4. says

    Democracy and the Abrahamic religions are incompatible. There’s no two ways about it. To embrace true equality, one must reject Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Well, actually, with the advent of modern democracy, religion itself is an idea whose time has come, and gone. Homophobia and mysoginy is rampant even in Hinduism and Buddhism.

  5. Icebloo says

    Wake up gay people ! Why are you still seeking validation from religions ? Who cares what they think – they are ALL just a profit making business like every other business. They don’t have a secret to life or anything else – they are run for PROFIT. They want your money.

    Stop giving them power over you. They are nobodies who are making hundreds of millions of dollars every year and they don’t pay a penny in tax !


  6. Merv says

    Religion needs to be challenged on every front. The only reason it has been able to gain the power it has been placed in a position where it’s immune from criticism. Fortunately, that’s starting to change. When the criticism becomes commonplace, then religion will crumble. There is no there there.

  7. simon says

    Why such as a long sermon?
    Lady Gaga summed it up in a few sentences.
    “I’m beautiful in my way ‘Cause God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track, baby. I was born this way.”
    That only proves that man made God in his own image.

  8. Ryan says

    Personally, I think one of the worst things in society is the broad-based acceptance that it’s okay to indoctrinate any kid into any faith before they’re old enough and mature enough to understand what they’re getting themselves into.

    Of course, if that became the norm, it would only take one or two generations of kids before society at large was able to acknowledge the fact that there is no real difference between the Olympic Pantheon and the Holy Trinity. I think, at their organizational hearts, religions understand that it’s all a bunch of mythology — and that’s why they fight so hard to ‘get em while they’re young.’

  9. simon says

    Manny Espinola:
    I don’t get the Buddhism also homophobic part. Buddhism says nothing about this world, They don’t have a personal God. They emphasize anything including sexuality gay or straight is just an illusion. That doesn’t mean they are homophobic.

  10. John says

    Simon: Buddhists think gay sex is unnatural or immoral because it considered to be ‘sexual misconduct’, which is one of The Five Precepts (aka the Buddhist version of The Ten Commandments). Meanwhile, heterosexual sex is not unnatural. So basically they’re like Christians: it’s okay to have the attraction, but don’t ever act on it.

  11. simon says

    I don’t know which “Buddhist Bible” you are referring to. I never heard of “the Five Percepts”. It may be the invention of some minor sect of Buddhism. We all know Buddhism originated in India.Then It spread eastward to China and from China to Japan. It also spread to South East Asia. Of course many sects arose in different regions. You can even find it in the US whose teachings are no longer the same as the mainstream sects in China and Japan. I suspect that in the US, they may have borrowed some teachings from Christianity.

  12. simon says

    I also have to emphasize that Buddhism, like Chinese cuisine, was completely modified in the US to fit the American taste. Chinese don’t really have chop suey. They may even cringe seeing something like that.

  13. simon says

    The mainstream Buddhism, instead of five percepts, has “four empties”. One of them is sex. It is an illusion. It doesn’t say it is gay or straight.

  14. Merv says

    Buddhism is a problem, too. Check out the rise of Buddhist fundamentalism in Sri Lanka. They’re just as violent and oppressive as the Muslims and Christians.

  15. simon says

    Every religion can be twisted to serve a certain political end. But that doesn’t change the fact that Buddhism and Christianity are very different, at least in the theological sense.
    Since Christianity advocates a personal God who watches over us, their God is quite judgmental. Buddhism on the other hand has no God in its pure form. That doesn’t mean it can’t be twisted for political purpose. But it has to be totally changed to become totally corrupted theologically.

  16. simon says

    In addition, if you read the Bible, God is present almost in every page. In the ancient Buddhist texts, you can hardly find the presence of God who is at the same time a judgmental God.

  17. Thomasina says

    @Brad: I tend to agree with you, and furthermore think it reveals those types of people as fundamentally selfish, since they can’t understand the idea of treating gay people as basic humans until it benefits them personally. HOWEVER–what is even worse than people who are against gay rights until their own kids come out to them is people who are against gay rights and are still against gay rights AFTER their kids came out to them. I find THAT even more mystifying–how does Phyllis Schlafly, for example, live with herself? How could Charles Socarides keep trying to “cure” gay people after he knew his own son was gay?

  18. simon says

    As a matter of fact, in some Asian countries, anti-gay organizations like NOM are mostly related to the Christian Churches. They as a group are often more vocal than the Buddhists.
    They don’t have to twist it too much to conform to the Christian teachings in other countries.

  19. Jay says

    It’s not unprecedented for an SBC member church to be accepting of LGBT people, it’s just that they don’t stay SBC churches very long once they do. Two different congregations in metro Atlanta went through this over a decade ago. These churches reflected the community to which they ministered and for that, they were ‘incompatible’ with Southern Baptist doctrine. How dare they practice love and acceptance? But what else do you expect of a denomination which was born to protect the institution of slavery?

  20. J.J. in the Navy says

    @ Simon.
    You also have to take into account that Asian cultures remain to have a Confucianist point of view and it permeates attitudes about homosexuality, no matter how Hindu or Buddhist their societies are. As someone born and raised in Asia, I think that the only way the lives of LGBT can improve is for everyone to move on from traditional ways of thinking. They didn’t need abrahamic religions to develop homophic ways of thinking.

  21. DB says

    Hallelujah! Great news for the members of this church and the community they server. Slowly the denominations with homophobic policies will gradually learn to follow the teachings of Christ: love for all, radical inclusion, non-judgmentalism, and equal treatment of all people without regard for race, sex, or sexual orientation. The Southern Baptist Church has long opposed the pro-marriage policies of Mainline Christian churches such as the United Church of Christ, Episcopalians, and American Baptists. I am praying that the SBC will soon see the light and follow God’s will, not the own sinful homophobic will of man.

  22. DB says

    The Bible is clear: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is no male or female, there is no longer slave or free, we are all one in Christ.” To God, men and women are the same and same-sex marriage and different-sex marriage are not just equal, but identical. Any organization that treats gay married couples different than heterosexual married couples is not really Christian.

  23. simon says

    I agree that the main roadblock to equality in Asian societies, especially in those regions in Greater China and other countries dominated by Confucianism, is Confucianism. The public opinion in those places is largely anti-gay. Since they don’t have a Confucian Church, the most vocal and well organized groups are christian groups. Since most of these countries are susceptible to influence of Western culture, it is a matter of time their attitudes will change like the West especially for the younger generation.

  24. simon says

    I am not so sure about that. There are passages in the Bible endorsing slavery. It is not that surprising. Different Gospels and even different parts of the same Gospel seem to contradict one another.

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