1. John M. says

    Moral suasion in light of the Archbishop of St. Louis’s recent remarks about child rape seems hardly willing to move this drunk-driving priest away from his unnatural allies.

    Look at the list of signatories; not easy to match it against NOM’s membership and brain trust. Alas.

    I leave it to Francis to call this guy and the Archbishop of St. Louis back to Rome for consultations – and the equivalent of defrocking for St. Louis.

  2. anon says

    It’s bad form for state officials to attempt to influence who marches in what parade. They really have “no say” in the matter. The parishioners, on the other hand, do have a right to complain.

  3. Rowan says

    Anon, they are only doing it because they were pressured by the LGBTQ brigade; which is all about huff and puff most of the time.

    They have no right to write this letter, plus it makes them look bad politically.

    Let him go. It’s his choice.

  4. simon says

    Don’t be ridiculous. State officials are perfectly within their rights to cosign this letter. If it is seen as a “pressure” on the Bishop, so be it.
    Religious groups pressure politicians all the time. In 1862, the Chicago Committee of United Religious Denominations sent a letter to Lincoln, pressuring him on the question of emancipation. Most recently, the Baltimore Archbishop sent a letter to the governor of Maryland to pressure him on the question of “homosexual marriage”.
    All is fair game. If that hurts your feeling, just don’t vote for them. It is just that simple.

  5. pete n sfo says

    I understand their desire to be on record for their constituencies but they do understand that NOM is a front for the Katholic Khurch Kulture itself, yes?

    And that this clown had a lot to do with Prop 8 happening in the first place??

    That ANYONE continues to walk through the doors of this “church” is beyond my understanding… especially in SFO, but Most Holy Redeemer in the Castro has plenty of gays believing somehow it’s different for them. Fools, all of them.

  6. simon says

    Didn’t know that Francis going to convene a council on issues of gay marriage and other matters. Assuming the brigade of homophobic American bishops and other homophobic bishops around the world are going to attend, one can’t be too optimistic about the outcome.
    At least it is a step in the right direction.

  7. SFshawn says

    Since the archbishop is the godfather to one of Brian Brown’s son’s and probably sleeps with Brian Brown I doubt he will be swayed by the logic of this letter since he’s already invested in NOM’s agenda.

  8. NoCaDrummer says

    I wonder if he’ll bring the young man (who he was in the Southern California car accident with, and who seems to have disappeared immediately afterwards) to the rally? Perhaps he needs some help handling his baggage.

  9. Bill says

    @simon : Harry Truman expressed a similar opinion more bluntly: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

    If Cordileone goes to NOM’s march, he will not only be in the kitchen but will be in the oven – the idea of a representative of a religious organization with a child-abuse problem getting into bed with a group of liars who falsely accuse gays of “recruiting” under-aged boys is the sort of hypocrisy that should get Cordileone figuratively crucified.

    He should read his Bible and note that the people Jesus (whether you think he was a real person or a fictional charater) had the least patience for were religious hypocrites.

    My prediction: with one exception, if he goes to NOM’s event he will find himself in a firestorm in the “blogosphere” with one over-the-top post after another from people who, unlike politicians, don’t have to worry about offending someone.

    The one exception: if he does to NOM’s event and plainly states that demonizing gays or any other group as a tactic is reprehensible and has been a contributing cause to some of the worst events in human history.

    Of course, if he starts to do that, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was an unanticipated hardware problem with the microphone or amplifier.

  10. Steve says

    The bishop needs to be very careful of involvement with “political” organizations like NOM. The Church could lose its Tax Exemption.

    If the Church gave any substantial amount of money to NOM, that would be a violation.

  11. says

    “It’s bad form for state officials to attempt to influence who marches in what parade. They really have “no say” in the matter. The parishioners, on the other hand, do have a right to complain”, I will point out that parishioners also are without power in the Catholic church save for stopping donations, the hierarchy does what it wants with no regard for the thoughts of the parishioners.

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