1. Johnnybegood says

    It’s clear that Rick Perry has once again chosen willful ignorance since his last run for the WH. If only he spent as much time reading science journals as he does on beauty treatments, sunbathing & hair coloring…or maybe he could just read while he’s obtaining beauty…as in multi-tasking. Forget it…to complicated.

  2. woodroad34 says

    so, how much of what Christie the Crook said is truth? His views on gays with the wind. He’s ultimately political–NPR should ask the same questions they asked Hillary to Chris. He’s not to be trusted now matter how flattering the sound byte.

  3. simon says

    To be fair, though he vetoed the bill for political purpose, he did withdraw his appeal to the appeal court once he saw he had no way to win. At least we should give him points for rational thinking, which is a rare commodity in the Republican party.

  4. says

    Christie is a step ahead of Neanderthal morons like Rick Perry, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that, to maintain his national Republican anti-gay credibility, he single-handedly blocked NJ gay couples from having the freedom to marry after the legislature had passed a marriage bill and after it was crystal clear after Windsor that NJ CUs were in violation of NJ’s own 2006 Supreme Court ruling.

    His inevitable loss before the state court would have been humiliating for him, so he finally threw in the towel–the politically wise thing to do in an equality-supportive state.

  5. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Chris Christie has no chance of winning the GOP nomination for President given the extreme politics of the party’s base, the cloud of bridgegate hanging over his head, and the growing problems for the State of NJ under his leadership.

    If he thinks dancing with Jimmy Fallon will make him lovable, his judgment is also at issue.

  6. Mike says

    I believe him. He withdrew his veto two weeks before his re-election, so he’s not worried about the Republican base, or at least not the one in NJ. He’s no idiot, he sees the polls, which are on our side. I just hope he doesn’t take this all back when it’s time for Republican primaries…if he makes it that far.

  7. jjose712 says

    He is probably the only high profile republican who has a chance to win on national election, but i don’t think he has a chance on the republican election.

    The tea party will cost Republicans a lot of elections. Maybe they will score small wins that will be celebrated like a second comming but in the end, nothing movilize democrat voters like an extreme candidate. Even moderate republican will vote for a democrat before a tea party candidate.

    And even if a more or less moderate is chosen, that candidate, like Rommey, will be damaged by the image and his words, that will go to the extreme to be elected

  8. thom says

    ..As a relocated Texan (let’s hear it for Maine!) I have limited interest in what Chris Christie has to say, but this “issue” with Rick Perry’s comment is sort of hilarious (if it wasn’t so tragic) because It illustrates, once again that one “can’t fix stupid”…Perry=Stupid…easy equation to understand.

  9. NY2.0 says

    This statement will surely excite the gay republican. By today’s standards, Christie is the best the GOP has to offer and that’s not saying much.

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