1. Richard Lewis says

    I am very proud of the way that Ambassador Brewster & his husband represent our great nation.

  2. pete n sfo says

    Well… yes, I’m proud and happy to have an openly gay ambassador, but really… how difficult is it to find a representative that speaks English & Spanish easily?

    If they can do it at SubWay, they ought to be able to do it for a position as prominent at this.

  3. bandanajack says

    you have to have some cojones to take this assignment, and it would seem that this couple is fully equipped. orgullo !

  4. jamal49 says

    The Dominican Republic has been completely ruined by evangelicals. It’s very sad. The ambassador has received death threats.

  5. DavidR says

    This is great, it shows the jerks that these men will not be cowed by craven threats.

    As for bi-lingual, I’m sure they speak a little Spanish, but doing a video in a second language is tough. I think diplomatic skills are more important than lingual if one must choose. When I travel, I make sure I know some key words and phrases in the local language(s) and I’m sure these guys have done more than that.

  6. simon says

    A nice video. The only part I don’t agree is how to deal with hatemongers. Instead of finding a way around them, we should headbutt them directly. As for Timmy Dolan or Brian Brown, they are too incalcitrant and too big an object to embrace.