Efforts to Repeal Maryland Transgender Rights Bill Fail

An effort to repeal Maryland's transgender rights bill has failed to collect enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, All Voices reports:

ParrottState Del. Neil Parrott (R-Hagerstown) began a petition drive in an attempt to block the Fairness for All Marylanders Act from taking effect. Parrott needed to collect a total of 55,737 signatures by June 30 in order for the measure to appear on the ballot in November. Opponents needed at least 18,579 signatures by May 31 for their campaign to continue.

Instead of using the formal name for the bill, Parrott chose to play to the fears of transphobic people by calling it “the Bathroom Bill.”

“As a parent, you should be able to send your children, your little girl, into the women’s bathroom and have the expectation that there will only be women or girls in that bathroom,” Parrott said April 29 when he announced his plans to launch the petition. “It opens the door for predators to take advantage of this bill. Predators will be able to go into the opposite gender bathroom, and proprietors would not be able to deny them access to that bathroom.”

Equality Maryland spread the good news last night:


  1. Tyler says

    Sad to hear about this. I guess that is a win for the anti-gay trans bigots. But it is a pyrrhic victory. Trans activists will now be held fully accountable for every rape and sexual assault of real women which occurs as a result of men gaining access to women’s facilities.

    With the enactment of this law, the trans unemployment rate will increase (as demonstrated by the recent NGLTF study on trans unemployment). This, in turn, will help to increase their already stratospheric suicide rate. You see, you can’t legislate away mental illness.

  2. Tyler Albertario says

    Normally it’s entertaining to see the tears of unfathomable sadness from the stupid old queens on Towleroad, but the hatred on display in this thread is actually kind of enraging. You bigoted old queens need to just drop dead.

  3. Anon says

    Ok so one troll is in FULL FORCE today. They seem to think trolling is some kind of performance art?

  4. says

    Good. Irrational fear mongering and transphobia didn’t win this time.

    Back to the underside of your bridge, troll.

  5. Tyler says

    OK, let’s be clear: My real name is Tyler. My views are my own. I do not post under any other name. There appear to be 2 other Tylers on this thread, Mr. Tyler Albertario and the Tyler who is actually a sock puppet of Little Kiwi.

    Now, if anyone wants to comment on the news item itself, that would be great. As I said above, I don’t think this “victory” will help trans activists at all. And I think that the LGBs who get invested in trans activism are being used. Trans activists see you as dupes to be played and exploited. I encourage all of you to seek out and visit trans activist blogs and read what they really think about you and all LGBs. It will blow your mind.

  6. says

    or “I Usually Use Rick, but I Use Tyler a Lot too” – what a cowardly troll.

    This is great news. And only a worthless closet case would say otherwise.

    On that note, off to walk the dog, see friends, and grab me some BBQ.

    While Troll Rick and his many names will pound hatred on his keyboard, because he has nothing of worth in his own life.

    Happy sunday! and CONGRATS MARYLAND! this is grand news.

  7. Tyler Albertario says

    @Tyler: NO I’M NOT!!! Do you want to see my Twitter account? Here it is:


    I understand Rick’s made you paranoid, but stop taking it out on me because I’m new and share the same first name as you.