Friday Speed Read: Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton, Lauren Scott, Jack Phillips

BY LISA KEEN / Keen News Service


U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Crabb will hold a hearing this afternoon to determine how to word her final injunction against Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex couples marrying. Crabb could issue a stay on her decision, as could the Seventh Circuit federal appeals court. Currently, clerks in about half of Wisconsin’s counties are issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.


National Public Radio host Terry Gross tried to get presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to admit she waited until the public supported same-sex marriage before acknowledging that she supports it, too. In the interview, aired Thursday on Gross’ Fresh Air, Gross said “a lot of people still oppose gay rights” and asked whether Clinton was influenced by that opposition to delay her own public support for marriage equality. “I think you’re trying to say that I used to be opposed and now I am in favor and that I did it for political reasons,” said Clinton. “That’s just flat wrong.” “No,” said Gross, “I was saying that you maybe really … believed in gay marriage all along but felt for political reasons America wasn’t ready yet and you couldn’t say it.” “No, that’s not true,” said Clinton. “I did not grow up even imagining gay marriage and I don’t think you did either. This was an incredible new and important idea that people on the front lines of the gay rights movement began to talk about and slowly but surely convinced others about the rightness of that position. When I was ready to say what I said, I said it.”


Terry Gross also said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did what many might consider a “radical” thing when she included mention of transgendered people in a speech about respecting human rights. Gross questioned Clinton’s decision to add gender identity to the State Department employment policy and to make it “easier for Americans to change their sex on their passport.” “Did you have to sneak that in?” asked Gross. “I have a feeling that if a lot of people had known that, you would have gotten a lot of pushback for that.” “I don’t think it was any big secret,” said Clinton. “I think it was part of the overall efforts to try to treat people with dignity and equality.”


Here’s something genuinely radical: a transgender candidate won a Republican primary for a Nevada assembly seat Tuesday. Lauren Scott, who was a Democrat until three years ago, won 58 percent of the vote over one other candidate for the nomination to represent the district that includes parts of Reno and Sparks. Republican Governor Brian Sandoval endorsed Scott in the June 10 primary. She’ll now run against incumbent Democrat Michael Sprinkle. This was Scott’s second run for the seat. She is a business consultant, a veteran of the Air Force, a lobbyist for Equality Nevada, and a member of the state Equal Rights Commission. If she wins the seat, she will become the first openly transgender person to serve in a state legislature.


A bakery in Lakewood, Colorado lost its second round in an effort to refuse service same-sex couples by claiming the owner’s religious beliefs prevent him from selling them a wedding cake. The Colorado Commission on Civil Rights May 30 upheld the decision of an administrative law judge who ruled Jack Phillips violated the state law against discrimination in public accommodations when he refused to sell a same-sex couple a cake for their wedding celebration in 2012.

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  1. Moniker says

    I am too lazy to google if Lauren Scott still believe in marriage equality, supports trans in military, or endorse gay therapy…

  2. Grover Underwood says

    I never liked Terry Gross or Fresh Air. She comes across as condescending. Glad Hillary put her in her place.

  3. robroy says

    I’ve got to go with Terry Gross on this one. The Clintons never supported gay rights in policy until it was basically a done deal politically. I have no doubt that they are sincere in there support BUT like many issues they seem to thread a needle instead of leading the way.

  4. Moniker says

    Since Hillary is to cunning and calculative, let’s us all vote Republican. I can’t wait until they are free to stone us to death!!!

  5. anon says

    Who knew that NPR was part of the vast right wing conspiracy to keep the Clintons down? They expect 100% loyalty.

  6. simon says

    Moniker you are right. The GOProuders preferred Mitt Romney over Obama. They are such a masochistic bunch.

  7. TheDrDonna says

    @Moniker: She’s the Executive Director of Equality Nevada, so I’d be pretty surprised if she wasn’t socially liberal. It looks like she’s running on the “not a fringe from either side” platform…we shall see how much the electorate still cares about real moderates.

  8. Fresh Err says

    I like the concept of Hillary more than the actual Hillary. Here again, by trying too hard she ends up over-reacting when Gross was really trying to serve up a softball. I’m pretty sure that the last person in public radio to play “Gotcha!” with Hillary Clinton would be Terry Gross.

    @GrooverPeckerwood: Terry Gross isn’t condescending, she just knows more than you. A lot more.

  9. Ian says

    I’m surprised Towleroad is pursuing the Terry-Hillary fight meme, given the general consensus on the previous post that this is a disservice to both Hillary and the gay community. I’m getting the sense that the Towleroad staff—and the commenters defending Gross—haven’t actually listened to the interview so much as the media talking points about it. In fact, Hillary comes across as staggeringly pro-LGBT and an excellent debater (neither of which is any surprise).

  10. Fresh Err says

    @Ian: “In fact, Hillary comes across as staggeringly pro-LGBT…”

    Key word “staggeringly”. It’s like she’s overcompensating. In all probability, I will support Hillary Clinton if she runs for POTUS in 2016, but let’s face it….she has a record of exaggerating her record. She has tendency to “lean in” too far and tump over.

    Anyone who thinks Terry Gross was trying to put the burn on Hillary is grossly misreading that interview. It’s clear that Gross was trying to paint Clinton in the best possible light, and Hillary got all defensive and evasive, and over-reacted.

    HC is very accomplished as a person and as a politician, and I think would make as good a president as Obama has been. But she needs to tone it down a good bit, stop with the lurching and jerking around anytime anyone presses her on a point. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time, but if she’s this awkward with a FRIENDLY journalist like Terry Gross, imagine her the next time she gets called before a House hearing.

    If Terry Gross can be faulted for anything, it’s for having been TOO accommodating to HC.

  11. derekwashington says

    Lauren is a long time friend. We’re on opposite sides of the political fence but I’m very proud of her.

  12. derekwashington says

    Lauren is a long time friend. We’re on opposite sides of the political fence but I’m very proud of her.

  13. J Ascher says

    The Clintons (and Hillary in particular) are deceptive? Say it ain’t so!

    I’m no fan of hers, but she’s better than whomever the Republicans put up so I’ll hold my nose and vote for her if she ends up as the Democratic nominee in 2016.