Gay Man Beaten at Detroit’s Gay Pride Festival Over the Weekend: VIDEO


  1. David From Canada says

    Where’s the police? I live not far from Detroit, and with all the unrest going on there one would think that the police would be bright enough to have a couple of cops there to make sure that a situation like this doesn’t happen. When it comes to a minority gathering, don’t leave them at the mercy of other people.

  2. Rowan says

    A question: Even if I was straight, WTF would you try to live an alternative life in Detroit?? When I say alternative I’m talking about the GD long hair!

    You don’t live in a really great liberal city or place, so why attract attention to yourself??

    I feel no sympathy for victims like this. There is so much more going on here. We all lived in places of h*ll-for me my race was not just an issue but the fact that I was liberal and wanted to look more creative-and we left! Saved up, kept my head down and left! Only back to see family…

    Seriously now. We’re in 2014, not the 70’s.

  3. Sun says

    @Rowan Uh, maybe because identity from the inside – out – not the outside – in. If you feel like long hair gives you power, grow it and be proud. Life is too short to let ANYTHING define you but you.

  4. AJ says

    It’s also easier said than done to just pick up and move. When you’re born and raised somewhere you have roots there. Detroit would not be my choice, but no one deserves to be ganged up on and beaten because of how they look no matter who they are. I hope beating up a defenseless gay man made them feel real proud.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    OK. I think someone is using Rowan’s posting name to pring mean-spirited comments, and I think that bastard’s positing name also begins with an “R”

    Rick, you are sick.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    OK. I think someone is using Rowan’s posting name to pring mean-spirited comments, and I think that bastard’s positing name also begins with an “R”

    Rick, you are sick.

  7. DaylightSavings says

    When police say the word “investigating”, that’s code for “dismissing”. So this is a more proper rendering of their attitude:
    “Police have yet to make any arrests but are dismissing the case as a hate crime.”

    This 8 against 1 is a manifestation of what is called Male Bonded Coalitionary Violence. You see primates engaging in this behavior. So these attackers ARE no better than a group of male primates on a sadistic bender.

    ROWAN is articulating an example of what is called the Just World Phenomenon. One of the 4 main varieties of anti-gay (including the religious, right-wing, and machismo).

  8. V-8 says

    this is so sad… I was at Motor City Pride, which was a beautiful event, filled with such a diverse group of people, this breaks my heart to think this happened to this young man and that those people tried to take Pride away from him. The cops and EMTs I saw there were very nice and friendly… I wish the people who have never been to Detroit had been there, a beautiful sunny day in the waterfront with a bunch of happy people together… sigh…

  9. Keith says

    A) I applaud him for trying to fight back
    B) Thank goodness for video cams/phones
    C) I hope all this useless garbage is picked up and justice is served.

    R) Rowan/Rick or whomever you are. You have demons.

  10. Randy says

    Unbelievable that things like this happen in the day around other people. On the flip-side this is one reason why I was always nervous going to gay bars at night because eventually you have to go through a dark parking lot to your motorcycle or car, let alone the bars are always in the worst part of town. That said, why is it that these bullies always have to attack with a bunch of their sissy buddies. What a bunch of cowards! I hope this guy can bounce back from this and still feel comfortable mingling in public.

  11. David says

    I don’t generally wish ill on people, and I’m sure these men who attacked this sweet guy have their own problems. But I do feel their problems should be worked through with a combination of prison and psychotherapy. These people should not be free to walk the streets of Detroit. Put them away. Thank you.

  12. tominsf says

    The posting by ROWAN is shocking. Blaming the victim!? I wonder what other people he or she passes judgement on!

    Detroit has a large redneck population that comes in all colors.

  13. Gigi says

    @ROWAN re: “I feel no sympathy for victims like this.” Classic comment. Blame the victim. I feel a GREAT DEAL of sympathy for thoughtless, uncaring troglodytes like you. You’re worse than the punks who attacked him.

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