Guy Captures Terrifying Close Encounter With Great White Shark on GoPro Camera: VIDEO


So some online are saying that this video of a guy in Sydney Harbour capturing a close encounter with a Great White shark on his GoPro camera is fake – but you be the judge.

Fake or not, I still found the video horrifying in a “scream holy sh*t at your computer screen” kind of way.


Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 4.13.12 PM


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  1. It aint safe to go into the water! Looked real to me.

    Posted by: KevInPDX | Jun 12, 2014 7:29:29 PM

  2. Hmmm, every scene with the shark is slow and steady and all the others are whack.

    Posted by: mikeydallas | Jun 12, 2014 7:29:35 PM

  3. Sydney, not "Sidney". It's one of the largest, most prominent cities and metro areas on the planet. Come on.

    Posted by: Fred94621 | Jun 12, 2014 7:36:33 PM

  4. Ha ha ha, who's 'Sidney' ?

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Jun 12, 2014 7:41:34 PM

  5. fake

    Posted by: thrutch | Jun 12, 2014 7:47:41 PM

  6. Fake or not...I think I just sh*t my pants!

    Posted by: Frank | Jun 12, 2014 7:53:18 PM

  7. Fake. How convenient that as soon as he hits the water his pal on the cliff screams out, "Shark!" Because, you know, the shark wasn't at all visible before the swimmer jumped off the cliff. And further, the guy swimming really does not exactly swim a beeline to land, now, does he? #poser

    Posted by: Sean Maloney | Jun 12, 2014 7:53:23 PM

  8. Nothing scary about that. Just made me seasick.

    Posted by: Rich | Jun 12, 2014 7:58:29 PM

  9. Sidney? Is that near Melbin or Pirth?

    Posted by: Tristram | Jun 12, 2014 8:13:34 PM

  10. Yeah...splashing around like a wounded animal in distress is just what you should do when you see a shark a few feet away. Bleeding a little would also help.

    My vote is its fake but its interesting to watch.

    Posted by: Turing's Ghost | Jun 12, 2014 8:43:22 PM

  11. Fake

    Posted by: Robert M. | Jun 12, 2014 9:59:10 PM

  12. Also it's Sydney 'Harbour' not 'Harbor'. Jeez Louise.

    Posted by: Tristram | Jun 12, 2014 10:57:44 PM

  13. No Australian in their right might would swim TOWARDS a shark, or spend that long in the water with one. I'm almost certain this is fake. Still, both the guy and the shark are pretty (in different ways!)

    Posted by: Wirrrn | Jun 12, 2014 11:22:23 PM

  14. Who yells "shark..." when their friend is near a shark. And are these dudes gay? Why is this happening to us?

    Posted by: Kissyfur | Jun 13, 2014 1:35:51 AM

  15. Totally fake. How is that not obvious?

    Posted by: Marlon Manroe | Jun 13, 2014 7:41:37 AM

  16. This shark hysteria is a sign of crazy...they keep the oceans clean....

    Posted by: styler | Jun 13, 2014 12:10:10 PM

  17. Nice bulge though.

    Posted by: JoshG | Jun 14, 2014 1:06:36 AM

  18. This has a very "Blair Witch Project" feel. Complete with wet face at the end. (Seawater this time though, not boogers.)

    Posted by: PlaidCat | Jun 14, 2014 7:51:13 AM

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