Honey Maid Celebrates Pride: Equality is Wholesome


From the folks who brought you the "wholesome" gay family and the more brilliant follow-up to the hate mail they received comes this tweet in honor of LGBT Pride.


(via jmg)


  1. echoes says

    Almost makes me wish I ate overly -processed, heavily artificial, high-dosed preservative type crap “food”. But I don’t. Sorry, Honey.

  2. echoes says

    Thank you for the link, Jay. But it’s not just a question of calories for me. It’s a question of preservatives, freshness, additives, nutrition. I do regret calling it ‘crap’ food…. but it doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of nutrition.

  3. emjayay says

    Where are their very cool and clever commercials seen other than their website? Just curious. Doesn’t seem like a national campaign for this kind of product, given, you know, a lot of the customers in the US. Just wondering where they are going with this.

    The first ingredient is white flour, then graham (whole wheat) then sugar then fat. So not really health food. Not saltines or Oreos either. But then once you melt on the Hershey bar and marshmallows (entirely sugar), well…. For everyday use, maybe 100% apple apple butter!

  4. Jay says

    @ECHOES Fooducate lists everything, even those ingredients that don’t make it to the nutrition table. All the information is there.

    Anyhow I’m also into raw whole foods and follow 80/10/1o, but that doesn’t make good products like Honey Maid bad.

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