House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Defeated by Tea Party Challenger in Primary


House Majoriy Leader Eric Cantor has lost the Republican primary for his House seat, the AP reports:

Economics professor Dave Brat won a stunning upset victory against Cantor on Tuesday in the 7th District Republican primary contest, which is in the Richmond area. Cantor is the second-most powerful member of the U.S. House and was seen by some as a possible successor to the House speaker.


The WaPo adds:

Brat’s victory gives the GOP a volatile outlook for the rest of the campaign season, with the party establishment struggling late Tuesday to grapple with the news and tea party conservatives relishing a surprising win.

“This is an earthquake,” said former Minnesota congressman Vin Weber, a friend of Cantor’s. “No one thought he’d lose.” But Brat, tapping into conservative anger over Cantor’s role in supporting efforts to reform federal immigration laws, found a way to combat Cantor’s significant financial edge.


  1. Douggie says

    Bill: Dream on, voters are shooting for right wing extremism, not your regular Republicans nor moderates or lefties.

  2. Bill says

    @Bill : you can hope for it, but chances are the Republican candidate will win given that the district elected a Republican previously and voted 57 percent for Romney in the last presidential election.

    A quick search didn’t turn up the fraction of the district registered as Republicans versus Democrats, and that would be useful to have.

  3. Matzah Cracker says

    Cantor’s voice was always the worst combination of whiny Southern Mama’s Boy and Jewish Mama’s Boy. He was about as authentic as instant grits. Not sorry to see him go.

  4. Philie says

    Kinda scary though that Tea Party is winning over Conservative.

    But then again, Eric Cantor was no conservative, but rather an extreme right wingnut.

    This Gerrymandering is going to drive the elections bonkers. Unfairly bonkers.

  5. Josh says

    Hahahahaha! Republicans are f*cked. Have fun with your toothless House majority while it lasts.

  6. simon says

    The winner is a tea party lunatic. It will be a disaster if he wins the house seat. Not sure how much support he has in VA. At least he is strong enough to beat Canter. The question is whether he can win over moderates which may not exist in VA.

  7. Glen says

    The Republican establishment spent $5 Million on this primary pushing Eric Cantor and their pro-immigration and pro-illegal alien amnesty agenda.

    His tea party challenger spent less than $200,000. And he whooped some GOP ass.

  8. Josh says

    @GLEN Yeah, Cantor supported opportunity for people wanting to fight in our military and those brought here as children. Glen, please learn how to act like an American, not a teanut racist.

  9. simon says

    Next will be John Boner. He will cry again if he loses the house seat. Even better the tea part takes over the GOP. They may win local elections. Not sure if they have any national appeal.

  10. wheelie81 says

    Those of you celebrating this show a clear lack of understanding of politics. This was in an extremely conservative district and the Democratic nominee has next to zero chance of winning this seat. This is just the beginning of the Tea Party wave coming back to power. All Dems should be absolutely terrified about this.

  11. MIke says

    “The winner is a tea party lunatic”

    LMAO. He’s an Economics Professor who’s never been elected to an office before today. What do we need with 50 million on food stamps, huh? More Community Organizers!! More Hah-vahrd!!

  12. SoLeftImRight says

    This dude is dangerous. A too-well educated teahadist, a la Ted Cruz, the last thing we need more of in Congress. And let’s not get too carried away with his professorship — he teaches at illustrious Randolph-Macon College, whatever the hell that is.

    Cantor was a pandering, whiny d-bag of a Congressman, but this guy is worse, and has no one really running against him. He’s in the next Congress.

  13. Rob says

    This is the way politics is supposed to work. You lose touch with and look down on your constituents. You get to big for your britches. You lose come election day. We need to vote all these overpaid bums out of Congress and replace them with new faces.

    Power to the People!

  14. Lucas H says

    Ugh, why does Towleroad censor bad words?!?! Are we or are we not grown ups here??? We see posts on the reality of violence, on sexy nearly-naked men, on political scandals, on gay iconography. But if you use foul language in your comment on a piece in this notoriously nutty comment section, the whole thing gets deleted. What the FUDGE?
    /end rant

  15. Lucas H says

    For the record! The offending word started with an A and ended in a HOLES. LOL. Similar to butthead, jerkface, wanker, d-bag, doodoo head
    cootie queen lint-licker kumquat stink face!

    I need some Orbits gum now.

    My initial comment was on-topic, I swear.

  16. Jim says

    Amazing. Both the Republican and Democratic nominees in this district are faculty at the same small college, Randolph Macon College. The Republican teaches economics; the Democrat teaches sociology. What an interesting fall semester this will be!

  17. Craig says

    Did anyone else see the headline on Huffington Post’s front page that reads, “Lindsey Graham Tops 6 TEA Party Challenges in South Carolina Primary”?

    Funny. I always assumed he wasn’t a top.

  18. Quicksilver says

    This is the clown that wished only the business owners a Happy Labor Day two years ago. See ya, douchewad.

  19. Matt27 says

    It is funny and sad, Cantor got the bad hand, gop is so sad excuse for the party as a whole.

  20. Jack M says

    Wheelie81 is right, this is a very conservative district, so we should be very worried about the Tea Party winning here. As they say, better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.

  21. Keith says

    @ SOLEFTIMRIGHT, Randolph Macon is a small liberal arts college just north of Richmond. It’s a great school. The good people of Virginia just elected a former leader of the Democratic Party as governor and a State Attorney General who, as one of his first acts in office was to refuse to defend the ban on gay marriage. Virginia is not akin to Alabama just because it’s south of New Jersey.

    That being said, the Democrat who will run against Brat and who also teaches at RMC doesn’t have much of a chance as the district is pretty conservative.

  22. Bernie says

    This is a BIG deal because if we thought Cantor was conservative, this guy Brat is so far to the right, he is off the charts and I believe he is almost Ted Cruz crazy in his beliefs and politics…The scariest part is that someone as loony tunes as Ted Cruz has a chance to progress and be a potential leader…if you are a voter, please get out and vote

  23. Gene says

    VA does not register by party so Dem’s were allowed to vote in this primary which I did for Brat. I felt dirty afterwards like I had committed a sin and I hope I don’t regret it come Nov but at least Eric Cantor is NO LONGER my Congressman. He was so arrogant he refused to debate any opponent’s.

  24. Gene says

    The 7th CD is trending purple. R’s have won by increasingly smaller % in each of the previous elections. Chesterfield county is considered a bell weather in that for state wide races if the R does not get 60 % they are considered in trouble.

  25. Long Game says

    @Wheelie: “Those of you celebrating this show a clear lack of understanding of politics.”

    @JackM: “…this is a very conservative district, so we should be very worried about the Tea Party winning here.”

    Yo, Concern Trolls……

    So if it’s a very conservative district which was ALREADY held by a conservative Republican, what’s the loss to Democrats? No Democrat was going to unseat Cantor anyway.

    This represents no loss to Democrats, but a definite loss to mainstream Republicans, which further weakens and divides the party. That is not bad news to Democrats, nor even cause for worry. Tea Party Republicans may succeed in ultra-conservative, already-Republican districts, but that just further amplifies the image of the Republican party as extremist, obstructionist, anti-everyhing party, which damages Republicans in the larger-scale races.

    Cantor’s defeat probably stalls immigration reform, but that doesn’t help Republicans either.

    If the opponent of your opponent is your ally, then the defeat of your opponent is a victory. Cantor’s defeat is at worst a long-game gain for Democrats.